Monday, November 30, 2009

09-11-30 Principled Editorial Policies

Principled- - - - - - - - -- -- editorial policies
Recently I went through some of the very first postings, from late 2007. I find them eerily insightful. It was at times difficult for me to assess what I knew when. But reading back those blog postings, it became clear that I knew even then that the litigation I was trapped at by the LA Superior Court was a hoax by criminal judges. However, I did not have the confidence to state so openly. I posed it as questions, based on statistical improbabilities... such as:

  • What are the odds of a civil unlimited litigation going through 5 judges in two years... (Neidorff, Connor, Goodman, Biderman, of that time)

No doubt it was multi-factorial - I filed routinely disqualifications for a cause, which basically stated that such judges were dishonestly engaged in a real-estate fraud... The clear excetion was Joseph Biderman, who recused within 24 hours from having the file dumped on him, and refused to act in the case in any way shape or form...
He was the only one out of about 12 judges who were directly involved so far in the case who acted that way. Therefore, I considered the statement by the Blue Ribbon Review Panel (2006), that the justice system in LA County had "a subcult of criminality tolerated in the ranks" a vast understatement. Joseph Biderman was possibly the subcult at the LA Superior Court, otherwise - it was "the dominant denomination of criminality from the deck hands to the helm"...

Sometimes in reading these old posts, I feel like editing a word here or there. However, to maintain the authenticity of this blog, let me state a clear and principled editorial policy on this issue:
  1. I would not change a word in the body of any posting older than 60 days.
  2. In cases that are not older than 60 days, I would introduce only the following editing in the body of the postings: (a) complete postings that were left as drafts; (b) Add links in cases where I left links marked, but incomplete.
  3. In cases that were older than 60 days, only the following editing might be introduced: (a) Titles would be made consistent by adding dates, adjusting upper/lower case; (b) Titles would be made more informative, in necessary, but only through additions, in parenthesis, at the end of the old title e.g. BRIEF UPDATE was converted into: 07-10-13 Brief update (false referee - retired judge Gregory O'Brien); (c) No old images would be removed, but if no images were included, images might be added, with date of addition in parenthesis in the caption.
  4. Voice, or music, might be added - again, date of addition would be marked.

09-11-30 Note left on US Congress site - in re: Fraud Enforcement & Recovery Act (2009)

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (2002), Emergency Economic Stabilization Act (2008) & Fraud Enforcement & Recovery Act (2009) would make no difference whatsoever, as long as FBI, banking regulators, and U.S. courts refuse to enforce the law on major financial institutions. [1]

This note is forwarded from Los Angeles County, California, the "epicenter of the epidemic of real estate and mortgage fraud", and home to a justice system, which "tolerated a subcult of criminality in its ranks".[2] In short - we need U.S. Congress to focus its efforts on more oversight, less legislation.

[1] Responses by Kenneth Kaiser (FBI) and Kenneth Melson (USDOJ) to U.S. Congress (2008), deemed fraud and deceit:
[2] Blue Ribbon Review Panel Report (2006);

09-11-30 Site counts - page views exceeded 10,000

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The digital counter display, and more so the cluster map, were recent additions. Even the Site Meter, cited below, was not installed for many months.

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Visits Total ........................ 6,220
Average per Day ................. 36
Average Visit Length .......... 4:42
This Week ...................... 251
Page Views Total ....................... 10,573
Average per Day ................. 75
Average per Visit .............. 2.1
This Week ...................... 523
What I considered deficient was readers' responses - but then again - most people, especially lawyers, would never go on the record on the subjects covered in this blog, not even anonymously. Let me encourage any reader, particularly those red dots outside the U.S. to leave their comments.
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The interest found in this site outside the U.S. is encouraging. It still shows a gap around Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran... to form a nice belt around the globe. Let's hope that some surfers find interest this blog in these countries as well. At least in Iraq - where the U.S. Government is claiming to restore justice and the court system... Buyer beware...