Thursday, July 11, 2013

13-07-11 Time to wake up...

Photo: ‎הוקם חדר מצב לאירגון ההפגנה בשבת, מוזמים להצטרף אלינו‎
This pic was uploaded last night on Facebook. It shows people working (yours truly at the far end of the table) on Saturday night's (July 14th) Occupy Tel Aviv demonstration. We hope for 10's of thousands, if more - than we will be delighted. Enormous amount of work goes into mobilizing and organizing people all over Israel.
One of the banners of the demonstration is "time to wake up", after a hit, recorded for the Occupy movement by a leading Israeli rock group.
The point is: The pic was uploaded, and each and every one of the people was tagged by name. When it was discovered, the only issue was that the person, who uploaded it called it "The War Room", or "Command and Control Center", and we oppose military terminology... Nobody objected to the fact that the pic was uploaded without asking permission.
Could you imagine the equivalent in the United States?
People would be scared shitless, and no such situation would have happened in the first place, people would not sit like that, openly, together, panning a major anti government demonstration...
Time to wake up!

13-07-11 Hello world!

7/11 @ 7:58 : Thornhill, CA
7/11 @ 6:55 : United States, US
7/11 @ 5:54 : Israel, IL
7/11 @ 5:18 : Potomac, Maryland, US
7/11 @ 3:14 : New Delhi, IN
7/11 @ 2:51 : Amsterdam, NL
7/11 @ 2:49 : Daraga, PH
7/11 @ 12:25 : Miami, Florida, US
7/11 @ 6:00 : West Linn, Oregon, US
7/11 @ 5:41 : Los Angeles, California, US

13-07-11 The new Omnipotent Nominee - James Comey

FBI Director nominee, James Comey - former Bush II Deputy AG - one of the War Crimes Gang

The Puppet - President Obama
A fraudster, serving at the discretion of the Omnipotent.

Senate Set to Confirm New FBI Head Who OK’d Waterboarding, Defends Mass Spying, Indefinite Detention

And, the reaction from former special FBI agent and whistleblower Coleen Rowley.
The following transcript originally appeared on Democracy Now!:
At his confirmation hearing to head the FBI, former Bush administration Deputy Attorney General James Comey refused to criticize the broad, ongoing collection of the phone records of Americans and defended the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens deemed to be enemy combatants. Comey also explained why he signed off on a memo authorizing waterboarding while serving under Attorney General John Ashcroft. We get reaction from former special FBI agent Coleen Rowley, who served with the Bureau from 1981 to 2004. The New York Times just published her op-ed titled "Questions for the FBI Nominee." In 2002, Timemagazine named her and two other female whistleblowers as Time’s "Person of the Year," for warning about the FBI’s failure to help prevent the 9/11 attacks.
This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form.