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11-06-18 Man Burns Self To Death At Courthouse In Protest // Ser hombre quema a la muerte en Palacio de Justicia en protesta // 男子死在伯恩斯自法院大楼抗议

Man Burns Self To Death At Courthouse In Protest
By Jim Quinn

June 18, 2011 "
The Burning Platform" -- A New Hampshire man burned himself to death today in front of a courthouse. The specific reasons are individual to him, regarding a domestic violence arrest and prosecution. But the larger reason he killed himself is that he says the system no longer follows the Rule of Law. Once you read past the details, he gives a fascinating analysis of the system. He argues for a complete takedown of the Federal Government and starting over from scratch.

He may be an example of what is to come - people throwing themselves violently up against the system in order to bring it down.

It's fifteen pages. Longer than Joe Stack's. But much shorter than the Obamacare bill.

Here is the link

Editor’s note: On Thursday morning, June 16, The Sentinel received a “last statement” via mail from a man who insinuated that he planned to set himself on fire in front of the Cheshire County Court House, and an explanation of why he intended to do so. Through further reporting, The Sentinel is confident this is from the victim of Wednesday afternoon’s fire, although police have not yet received confirmation of his identity. The 15-page statement is printed in full, except for two redacted items: The names of the man’s mother and his three children. Details will be posted as they become available.


11-05-13 Clinton proposes Ministry of Truth for the Internet // Clinton propone Ministerio de la Verdad de la Internet // 克林顿提出了互联网的真理部

Bill Clinton: Create Internet agency

Bill Clinton speaks at an event. | AP Photo
Bill Clinton doesn’t like all the misinformation and rumors floating on the Internet. And he thinks the United Nations or the U.S. government should create an agency to do something about it.
“It would be a legitimate thing to do,” Clinton said in an interview airing Friday on CNBC.
The agency, Clinton said, would “have to be totally transparent about where the money came from” and would have to be “independent” because “if it’s a government agency in a traditional sense, it would have no credibility whatever, particularly with a lot of the people who are most active on the internet.”
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11-06-18 Welcome Austria! // Bienvenido Austria! // 欢迎奥地利!

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