Wednesday, November 30, 2011

11-12-01 Welcome Australia! // Bienvenido Australia! // 欢迎澳大利亚!

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11-11-30 #Occupy Philly, LA Evicted by Hundreds of Police // Ocupan Filadelfia, Los Angeles desalojado por cientos de policías// 占据费城,洛杉矶数百名警察驱逐

You can't evict an idea!

Breaking: Occupy Philly Cleared By 100s of Police. Occupy LA Cleared by 1200 Police

Update: 200 arrested at Occupy LA, 40-50 arrested in Philly. 
No serious injuries or violence was reported in either city. In Philly the arrests occurred off the Occupy Philly site, when protesters marched to another location and refused to move when ordered by police.

11-11-30 Welcome Switzerland! // La bienvenida a Suiza! // 欢迎瑞士!

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11-11-30 Welcome India! // Bienvenido India! // 欢迎印度

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