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11-11-15 Welcome Germany! // Bienvenido Alemania! // 欢迎德国!

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11-11-14 Police attack Occupy camps //La policía atacar a los campamentos de Ocupar // 警方攻击占据营地

At Least 6 Occupy Encampments Attacked Across America, But Protesters Willing to Fight

Over the weekend, police evicted and/or attacked several Occupy encampments across America, sending a clear message: the cops, and the corporate banks, have apparently imposed a time limit on citizens' first amendment rights. There was, of course, the cop raid in Oakland last night, which had protesters kettled until the wee hours in the morning (stay tuned for a full report from AlterNet's Joshua Holland). And protesters in Chapel Hill, NC, who were occupying an abandoned building before they were removed by rifle. Here are six more cities where local governments are trying to suppress the protests:



Salt Lake...





Wielding Assault Rifles, Police Arrest Chapel Hill Occupiers Of Building Left Derelict By Developer
 A special ThinkProgress breaking news report from Chapel Hill, NC.

Wielding assault rifles, about 20 police in riot gear stormed a derelict commercial property in the heart of Chapel Hill, NC, on Sunday afternoon, arresting activists who had taken over the space the night before. According to the Raleigh News & Observer, dozens shouted, �Shame! Shame! Shame!� as the arrests were made. The Chapel Hill Transit bus used to transport the arrestees had a Wells Fargo ad, prompting the chant, �Who do they serve? Wells Fargo! Who do they protect? Wells Fargo!�

500-700 Police Raid Occupy Oakland, While Unions Defend
 Police are amassing somewhere in Oakland now to clear the plaza.

(Will post images as they come in)

The Occupy Oakland text alert (that used reports from law enforcement family members to correctly predict the first raid) has sent this message out tonight.


Occupy Oakland Raid Underway; Watch Live!

 AlterNet's Josh Holland is on the scene as riot police move in and box off the Occupy Oakland activists at Oscar Grant Plaza. We'll have a full report later, but for now, you can watch the livestream now as protesters face off with heavily armed officers.


Occupy Livestream Videos:
All Occupy location videos and tweets in one site:


11-11-14 Welcome the Netherlands! // Bienvenidos los Países Bajos! // 欢迎荷兰!

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11-11-14 MERS is sued! //MERS es demandado! // MERS被起诉!

The king of simulated real estate records in the current crisis is finally being sued... Not that one can expect remedy from the courts...

Mortgage Registry MERS Sued by Delaware Attorney General

By David McLaughlin, Margaret Cronin Fisk and Phil Milford

(Updates with Biden comments in 16th paragraph.)

Oct. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Merscorp Inc., the operator of a national mortgage registry used by banks, was sued by Delaware's attorney general for allegedly using deceptive practices that hide information from borrowers.

The MERS database, which tracks ownership interests in mortgages, impeded the ability of homeowners to fight foreclosures and obscures its data, Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden said in a complaint filed today.

'MERS engaged and continues to engage in a range of deceptive trade practices that sow confusion among consumers, investors and other stakeholders in the mortgage finance system, damage the integrity of Delaware's land records, and lead to unlawful foreclosure practices,' Biden said.


11-11-14 the Limits of Free Speech on the Web - Information Pertaining to Corruption of the US Justice System // La censura en la web // 网页上的检查

Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Assembly, the Right to Access Court Records, and the Right to File Petitions are all under attack...

Los Angeles, November 14 - "I have been posting reports about corruption of the US justice system on the UK-based site for some two years, and I've never seen anything like this," says Joseph Zernik, PhD, of Human Rights Alert .
Dr Zernik has well over half a million readers on that site alone.  He selected the UK-based site, since it became apparent awhile ago that most US-based sites would not publish such reports.

On November 13, 2011, he posted two stories, both related to conditions of the criminal justice system in the United States:

1) "What goes on there is more like gulags of centuries ago"  - pertaining to conditions in Monroe County, Tennessee, [vi] based on an authentic ACLU report, and

2) Glynn County, Georgia: Kids for cash redux? - pertaining to conditions in Glynn County, Georgia, [vii]  based on an authentic court filing. 

Both items provided links to the records that substantiated the stories.

Both items were first approved, then rejected; in the first case, after almost 200 reads in its first couple of hours.

The current civil unrest in the United States is increasingly marked by restriction of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Assembly, not only in the United States, but in other "western democracies" as well. [i,ii]  And given the blackout by western media of the relevant news, Freedom of Speech on the web has increasingly become the focus of the struggle.

In what is a sign of the times, Russia Today has become a central source for news and authentic video reports regarding the civil unrest in the United States.  The Russia Today reports are also increasingly censored on the web by Google, in response to requests by US agencies. [iii]

"Suppression/ of the fundamental First Amendment rights highlights the ongoing constitutional crisis in the United States," concludes Dr Zernik, [iii, iv, v] "Establishing reliable free speech networks must be one of the highest priorities today". [vi,vii]

LINKS:[i] 1-11-10 Eventually, Much of the Abuse Boils Down to the First Amendment and Related Rights - Oakland Police Denies ACLU Access to Public Records of Police Violence[ii] 10-10-20 The US Courts Established a Policy Excluding Any Papers Pertaining to Judicial Corruption from the First Amendment Right to File Petitions[iii] 11-11-10 Occupy on Russia Today – increasingly censored by Google at US agencies request...
[iii] 11-06-14 Corruption of the Courts and Failing Banking Regulation in the United States: Dred Scott redux?[iv] 11-06-24 Time Magazine - 4th of July Issue: Does the Constitution Still Matter?[v] 11-10-03 Execution of US Citizens by Presidential Directives With No Due Process of Law

[vi] 11-11-13 Glynn County, Georgia - Kids for Cash Redux
[vii] 11-11-13 In re Imprisonment of Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick, III, in Monroe County, Tennessee - “What goes on there is more like gulags of centuries ago.”