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12-01-07 Crippled US cities... // Paralizado ciudades de EE.UU. ... // 瘸腿的美国城市... // Калеки американских городов ...

If the numbers below are true, and the writer seems credible, one must wonder, where these People are all going?

Paul Craig Roberts: Murder of The Constitution in Full Public View

Columnist and former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration, Paul Craig Roberts....

In the first decade of the 21st century, Detroit, Michigan, lost 25% of its population. Gary, Indiana, lost 22%. Flint, Michigan, lost 18%. Cleveland, Ohio, lost 17%. In St. Louis, Missouri, 19% of the housing is vacant. 


12-01-07 Assassination of US citizens by CIA in 1973... //Asesinato de ciudadanos de EE.UU. por la CIA en 1973 ... // Убийство граждан США ЦРУ в 1973 году ... // 中央情报局的美国公民在1973年遇刺...

National-Security Assassination of Americans in 1973

By Jacob G. Hornberger

January 06, 2012 "fff" -- A Chilean judge has indicted a retired U.S. Naval officer, Capt. Ray E. Davis, in the murder of two American citizens in Chile during the U.S.-supported Pinochet coup in 1973. The indictment indicates that the U.S. military and the CIA may have been responsible for the national-security assassination of two Americans several decades before the start of the war on terrorism.

The two Americans were journalists � 31-year-old Charles Horman and 24-year-old Frank Teruggi. During the Pinochet coup in 1973, both men were taken captive and executed in cold blood.

For decades, the CIA, playing the innocent, denied any involvement in the murders.

Then, in 1999 a declassified State Department document revealed that the CIA had, in fact, played some unidentified role in at least Horman�s murder.
What did Horman and Teruggi supposedly do to justify being taken out? The allegation is that during the coup, Horman acquired evidence documenting the U.S. government�s complicity in the coup. Therefore, the argument goes, by acquiring such information Horman became an immediate threat to the national security of the United States.

There is no statue of limitations on murder. The U.S. government, including the Justice Department and the Congress, owe it to the American people, including the families of Charles Horman and Frank Teruggi, to open official investigations into the murders of these two young men and to bring to justice every U.S. official who participated in such murders.

If Chileans aren�t scared to confront the truth, why should Americans be?


12-01-06 Welcome Bolivia! // Bienvenido Bolivia! // 欢迎玻利维亚!// Добро пожаловать Боливии!

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12-01-06 Stolen Elections in the United States // Las elecciones robadas en los Estados Unidos// 在美国被盗的选举 // Похищенные Выборы в США

The paper below considers only two US presidential elections "stolen".  However, counting the 2000 Supreme Court's conduct in Bush v Gore, I count three US presidential elections "stolen".
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[2] 12-01-02 a Fraudster or a Bankster - Your Choice in the 2012 Election!
[3] 11-12-08 US Accuses Russia of Election Fraud - Look Who is Talking...

Has America's stolen election process finally hit prime time?
By Bob Fitrakis (about the author)

December 29, 2011

It took two stolen US Presidential elections and the prospect of another one coming up in 2012. 
For years the Democratic Party and even much of the left press has reacted with scorn for those who've reported on it.
But the imperial fraud that has utterly corrupted our electoral process seems finally to be dawning on a broadening core of the American electorate---if it can still be called that.


Boycott the vote! It only legitimizes the illegitimate...
11-12-10 Where Should #Occupy Go Next? Civil Disobedience in the Footsteps of Thoreau and Gandhi!
Secede! The US in its current form is simply unmanageable...
12-01-01 Secession - A Smart Business Move!

12-01-06 Welcome France! // Bienvenue en France! // Bienvenido Francia! // 欢迎法国!

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12-01-06 Welcome Malta! // Bienvenido Malta! // 欢迎马耳他!

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