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Urgent request for human rights monitoring in Los Angeles

Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 14:17:39 -0700

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April 24, 2009

To U.S. Congress Senior Legislative Staff and international human rights

RE: LA County Superior Court-   ongoing indefinite incarceration
of Att Richard Fine - a political prisoner - and numerous violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

A. Att Fine led efforts to expose payments, in lay language -
"bribes", to LA Superior Court judges

Att Richard Fine, former Federal Prosecutor, was one of the leaders of the
efforts to expose payments by LA County to LA Superior Court judges of about
$45,000 per judge per year.  Such payments were ruled by court "not
permitted" (Oct 2008).  Judges of the LA Superior Court never disclosed to parties in cases involving LA County of such payments, but for some years where data were analyzed - they never issued judgment by court against LA County.  In lay person's  language  - bribes - organized, systemic, long-term.

B. LA Superior Court is in the midst of retaliation, harassment and intimidation of a victim, informant & witness

To this date, Att  Richard Fine continues to be the target of severe retaliation. He was disbared on charged of "moral turpitude" through a dubious administrative procedure of the California State Bar Association.  The substance of the "Moral Turpitude" in this case was filing complaints on behalf of his clients against judges of the LA Superior Court.

On March 4, 2009, Attorney Fine was indefinitely incarcerated for contempt.  Attached is his Inmate Information from the LA Sheriff's Department:

Booking #1824367; Charge Level: 0 (other); Visitor Status: N; Facility: Men's
Central Jail; Total Bail Amount: NO BAIL; Next Court Code:
[left blank-jz]; Next Court Date: [left blank-jz];
"RELEASE: No Information On Release Date" 

I also believe the following information to be true and correct:

·        It appears confirmed that the court tried to coerce Mr Fine to abandon his pro se status and accept counsel.

·        It appears confirmed that Mr Fine was held in isolation, and for a long time incommunicado.

·        It appears confirmed that Mr Fine was denied the access or use of any pencil or paper.

·        It appears confirmed that under such conditions, Mr Fine filed a federal habeas corpus by phone, dictated to some unknown volunteer, and filed unsigned. 

C. Major media outlets fail their duty to the public in consistently avoiding reporting this story

The subject remains conspicuously under-reported by the large media outlets
in LA County.  With it, such media are abdicating their duties to the
public.  I find the only reliable resource to be:

Leslie Dutton


Full Disclosure Network


Others, online and on the ground, distribute false information on this matter. 
Yesterday, online and on the ground, unconfirmed, unreliable news were
circulated - that the habeas corpus was denied, but such news appear to be
dysinformation.  Instead, it appears that the Habeas Corpus is treated
with unusual delays.

Online post by Full Disclosure Network, dated April 8, 2009, should be
corrected to note that Carla Woehrle is NOT a "JUDGE".  She is a Magistrate.

I doubt that Mr Fine, had he been allowed the use writing tools, and had he
been allowed to regularly accept visitors, who could routinely and reliably
inform him and transfer his signed papers to court, would have ever agree to
such a referral.

D.  Alleged misconduct of Magistrate Carla Woehrle in Zernik v Connor
et al - another case alleging corruption of LA Superior Court judges

The referral to Magistrate Carla Woehrle should be of particular concern
and may not be the result of random assignment at all.  Another case was
delegated to her last year - Zernik v Connor et al (2:2008cv01550),
which was also directly related to allegations of corruption by LA Superior
Court judges.  The complaint in Zernik v Connor et al was per 42 USC 1983
- civil action for deprivation of rights under the color of law.  It
alleges that a group of LA Superior Court judges, led by Jacqueline Connor were
caught engaged in real estate fraud.  The judges involved in Zernik v
Connor et al presided with no assignment orders, in a case that was part of the
Enterprise Track of the LA Superior Court.  They took real property
for private use with no compensation at all, with no legal foundation, with no
legal authority, and with no judicial immunity either.

Jacqueline Connor is best remembered for her performance in derailing the First
Rampart Trial (2000).

The Clerk/Executive Officer of the LA Superior Court refuses to certify that
the case is a valid case of the California Superior Court, that Terry Friedman,
who now holds the "file" is a duly assigned judge in such case, and that the judgment issued by Jacqueline Connor was an entered, effectual judgment of the California Superior Court.  But through such deception, I was forced to leave my home under the threat of force, my property was taken for private use with no compensation at all, I had two allegedly fraudulent judgments for contempt issued against me, and I was threatened with jailing.  I was also subjected to death threats.

Magistrate Woehrle's alleged willful misconduct in that case can be reviewed
through the Pacer docket.

However - the docket itself is part of the evidence of alleged misconduct, as
described in my Statement  for Disqualification for a Cause of Magistrate
Woehrle (doc #89). The conduct of both Judge Phillips and Magistrate Woehrle in
re: Disqualification for a Cause of Magistrate Woehrle was dubious as well.

The alleged misconduct by Magistrate Carla Woehrle, in denying me the right to
file papers in court, with the full knowledge of Judge Virginia Phillips, is
further reflected in my recent (April 7, 2009) Notice of Perverted Discrepancy
Notices. The court failed so far to docket that paper, which documents most,
but not all, other papers that were previously omitted from the docket.

With such track record, Att Richard Fine should never consent to the delegation
of his habeas corpus to Magistrate Woehrle.

E.  Abandonment of the human rights of Los Angeles County residents by
U.S. Government

U.S. Department of Justice and FBI were repeatedly requested to investigate
the widespread corruption of the courts in Los Angeles, California.  Conditions
here amount to wholesale abuse of the civil rights of all 10 million residents
of the county, who for a quarter century have been denied access to fair
tribunals and  also denied access to public records - the court records in
its computerized case management systems, to inspect and to copy.

Last year the request was very specific - to enforce public access to public
records - to inspect and to copy court records, denied even to party in
litigation.   Last year, in response to congressional inquiry by the
Honorable Diane Watson, Congresswoman, and the Honorable Dianne Feinstein,
Senator, FBI and USDOJ provided U.S. Congress false and deliberately misleading
responses.  Such responses were by Mr Kenneth Kaiser, Assistant Director,
FBI, and Mr Kenneth Melson, Director, Office of the U.S. General Counsel. 
Both continue to hold their positions under the Obama administration to this

Such conditions resulted from the trading by U.S. Government officers, with no
authority at all, of the human rights of residents of LA County, California for
weapons, for drugs, and for cash for over a quarter century.

The result is a disgrace of historic proportions, best evidence by the
continued incarceration of the 10,000 Rampart-FIPs, mostly black and latinos, a
decade after the large scale Rampart investigation concluded that they were
framed, and such conclusions were re-affirmed by 4 subsequent panels.

F.  Urgent call for international monitoring of the case of political
prisoner Att Richard I Fine

Conditions as a whole reached level of abuse that requires monitoring by
international human rights organizations.  This message is accordingly
forwarded to international human rights organization with an urgent request to
send official representatives to Los Angeles, California to monitor the conduct
of the U.S. and California Justice systems in the treatment of political
prisoner Attorney Richard I Fine.

Joseph Zernik

Los Angeles County, California
Please support our petition: Calling upon President Obama - Free the 10,000 Rampart-FIPs.

Best reference on how they got falsely convicted,

and why they are still imprisoned: LAPD Blue Ribbon Report (2006):

One reference for our low, conservative estimate
of 10,000- PBS Frontline

Joseph Zernik, DMD PhD