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13-11-03 US: UPDATE: Alabama blogger Roger Shuler - wife's account of the beating, abduction - please spread the word!

The case of Roger Shuler represents the deteriorating conditions in the United States in general, corruption of the courts and the legal profession as a core cause of such conditions, and suppression of Free Speech, Free Press, and the persecution of whistleblowers, as leading indicators of the collapse of civil society.  

In the words of one online publication: "Alabama goes Chinese on Roger Shuler".
Roger Shuler was beaten, arrested by Shelby County Sheriff Deputies on October 23, 2013, purportedly on "contempt of court" - by Judge, who issued Prior Restraint on publications related to political corruption.

See details:

Following is this morning's email letter by Roger Shuler's wife:

 Roger Shuler 
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 Sun, Nov 3, 2013 at 7:55 AM
 Re: Are you home? Are you OK?
This is Carol, Roger's wife. Roger was severely beaten by Shelby County sheriff's deputies inside our garage on Oct 23rd at 6 pm. He was hauled off to jail where he remains without bond on contempt of court. 
They are also alleging he resisted arrest but that is a lie. They never said they were there to arrest him, did not read him his rights, did not show a search warrant or arrest warrant. 
Bond for resisting charge is set at $1,000. 
It is being reported on nationally and we continue to try to take it more viral to shine a spotlight on this travesty. 
I was asleep in house at time, but they wanted to arrest me too. I awoke at 11:30 pm and found Roger missing and garage looking like a crime scene. I was horrified & thought he surely had been abducted by criminals, taken off somewhere & murdered. I was partly right. They were criminals...with badges & uniforms. 

13-11-03 Hello world!

11/3 @ 6:18 : Pierrefonds, CA
11/3 @ 4:38 : Middle Island, New York, US
11/3 @ 3:00 : Black River Falls, Wisconsin, US
11/3 @ 2:34 : Zemun, RS
11/3 @ 1:16 : Brighton, GB
11/3 @ 12:35 : Finland, FI
11/2 @ 11:37 : Israel, IL
11/2 @ 11:10 : Berlin, DE
11/2 @ 10:28 : Flippin, Arkansas, US
11/2 @ 8:48 : Chiriquí, PA

13-11-02 EUROPE: Images that last - October Anti-Austerity demonstrations

Rome, Italy, October 2013
I have seen this picture, from Italy last week, all over the place.  Looks to me that it may become the image of Fall 2013 Anti Austerity demonstrations in Europe. There also is a strange likeness to the famous painting of the French Revolution, below.

"Liberty leading the People" by Eugène Delacroix

3-11-02 JAPAN: TEPCO accepts US offer to aid dangerous Fukushima cleanup

RT shared a link.

13-11-02 US: Why hope is slim... Clinton already banking on the banksters...

The candidate of "Hope" and "Change" for 2016 is already building her campaign coffer through the banksters.

Goldman Sachs Gives Hillary Clinton Almost Half A Million Dollars In Less Than A Week | JONATHAN TURLEY

13-11-02 US: Why is economics NOT a science like epidemiology?

The linked article brings up an important consideration - FRAUD - the unspeakable word in economic theory.  
Much of what is promoted as sound economics is simply FRAUD, from "trickle down economics" under Reagan, through "streamlining mortgage applications and mortgage approval" under Greenspan and Countrywide, to "quantitative easing" under Bernanke.
In epidemiology, at least retroactive data is largely reliable. Even that cannot be said of economics, since the large cutback in the national statistics services in the United States under Reagan.  
When it comes to projections, there were some claims of epidemiological exaggerated risks projections, relative to flu epidemics, meant to boost vaccine sales, But risk assessment will always be a murky field.
OpEdNews Op Eds 

The Taylor Rule: Ignore Fraud Epidemics and Worship Markets

13-11-02 US: Economy on the verge - Menzie Chinn

It is difficult to find sane, clear voiced in the media's barrage of opinions for hire.
Menzie Chinn appears to be an exception.



Menzie Chinn

Menzie D. Chinn is Professor of Public Affairs and Economics at the University of Wisconsin’s Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs. In 2000-2001, Professor Chinn served as Senior Staff Economist for International Finance on the President’s Council of Economic Advisors. He is currently a Research Fellow in the International Finance and Macroeconomics Program of the National Bureau of Economic Research, and has been a visiting scholar at the International Monetary Fund, the Congressional Budget Office and the Federal Reserve Board. Prior to his appointment at the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 2003, Professor Chinn taught at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He received his doctorate in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley, and his AB from Harvard University.

Recent Blog Posts by Menzie Chinn

13-11-02 US: Misc News of the Abuse - prison guards spraying mentally ill inmate with pepper spray

Robert Johnson and 2 others shared a link.

13-11-02 US: Civil War on back burner: LAX shooting

The pattern is clear by now - under regime that suppresses Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly, and keeps the population under constant surveillance, anti-government rage is expressed by suicide missions by individuals against various government agencies.  jz
A lone gunman who shot his way through a security checkpoint at Los Angeles International Airport wanted to kill TSA employees, law enforcement officials said. The shooter, on an apparent suicide mission, wrote that he hoped to avoid civilian casualties.

13-11-02 Occupy Tel-Aviv: Getting ready for rain // מאהל המחאה, ת"א - מתכוננים לגשם.

It is already November, but we only had a couple of short drizzles. Last year there were pouring rains and strong winds.
Most of the tarps now covering the tents are from used billboards pieces. It gives the camp a funny, second-look commercial look...
One notable exception are the structures created by Uriel, a volunteer. He tries to devise cheapest, sturdy livable structures from various commercial materials, left over from cargo transportation.


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