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13-02-14 Corrupt California Judge David Yaffe played a key role in the Christopher Dorner case

Judge David Yaffe was a key figure in the false imprisonment in solitary confinement for 18 months of former US prosecutor Richard Fine.  Richard Fine exposed, advertised and rebuked the taking by California judges of "not permitted" payments (called by media "bribes"). Judge Yaffe also denied Christopher Dorner's petition for reinstatement in the LAPD.

Christopher Dorner, LA police.  

On Sunday, LA officials announced a $1m reward for information leading to Dorner's capture. Former US prosecutor Richard Fine in prison. Corrupt California judge (ret) David Yaffe, key figure in both cases.

The story in short:
Dorner filed a complaint against an LAPD officer, who kicked a one of the people in the face.  Dorner was dismissed from the LAPD as the result of the complaint.  Dorner filed a petition for reinstatement.  The petition was denied by corrupt California Judge David Yaffe. [1]

The judges:
Judge (Ret) David Yaffe and the case of the false imprisonment of former US prosecutor Richard Fine have been the subject of complaint of widespread public corruption and abuse of rights under the color of law. Richard Fine exposed, publicized, and rebuked the taking by Los Angeles judges of "not permitted" payments (called by media "bribes").  As a result, then Governor Schwarzenegger had to sign "retroactive immunities" (called by media "pardons") for all such judges.  Two weeks later, Richard Fine was arrested by the Sheriff of Los Angeles County Lee Baca, and later held for 18 months in solitary confinement.  No valid booking records were ever discovered for the arrest and holding of Richard Fine.  Sheriff Lee Baca insisted, even after inquiry by Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonowitch, on producing booking records which stated that Richard Fine was arrested on location and by authority of the "Municipal Court of San Pedro".  No such court existed.  Sheriff Lee Baca refused to correct such false and misleading booking records, even after the falsehood was repeatedly pointed out to him.  Therefore, such booking records should be deemed fraud, and the holding of Richard Fine - false imprisonment. [2]

The complaint against David Yaffe, Lee Baca, and others involved in the case of Richard Fine was filed with the US Attorney Office in Los Angeles.  The US Attorney refused to take any action, or even confirm receipt of the complaints.

The US courts, starting from the US District Court, Central District of California (Magistrate Carla Woehrle and others), US Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit (Chief Judge Alex Kozinski and others), and the conference of the Supreme Court (and in particular Justice Kennedy) all colluded in cover up of the corrupt practices of California Judge David Yaffe. [3-4]

The case of Richard Fine was also part of the Human Rights Alert (NGO) submission to the United Nations Human Rights Council. The submission was incorporated into the first ever UN official report on Human Rights in the United States with a note referring to "corruption of the courts and the legal profession and discrimination by law enforcement in California". 

As was repeatedly pointed out in various investigations of the Rampart scandal, conduct of the courts - both the California and the US courts - is the true source of the corruption in LA County. [5]

And LAPD response (passage from a posting on CNN site by Darwin Adikia):
Whatever gains the department has made in community relations since Ramparts and Rodney King, these have now been severely undermined yet again. How can the rank and file be expected to exercise professionalism and restraint when the leadership does not? LAPD Chief Charlie Beck called Dorner a “trained assassin”, just a couple of couple of days after he told us “we trained him”. If you connect Chief Beck’s dots, evidently LAPD is in the business of training assassins? How splendid for the citizens of Los Angeles and the millions who visit the city! Beck didn’t stop there however. “This is an act — and make no mistake about it — of domestic terrorism,” he said. He stopped short of calling it a “Jihad” against the LAPD or the American people. Domestic terrorism? Really? A man that you had previously told us is out to get revenge against the LAPD and the LAPD only? A man who was never known to have articulated a gripe against America as a whole, its policies or way of life, and who has stated no intentions of harming anyone other than a specific group of people in an opaque organization with a blood-stained record that he believes treated him unjustly? A man who has stated absolutely nothing about politics or religion as a motivation for his grievances and actions? If this is the new criteria for labeling someone a “terrorist”, then Chief Beck, you are going to need a lot more space than Camp Gitmo to warehouse the millions of Americans that would fall under your definition. Or perhaps skip straight to the crematoriums.

Joseph Zernik, PhD
Human Rights Alert (NGO)

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13-02-14 US: government and the People are piling up arms and munitions

Suggestion for further study, per Tutanich's request below:
Why are Angelenos now buying weapons at such alarming pace? 


Los Angeles residents buying 200 guns a day

Posted:   02/13/2013 08:28:51 PM PST
Updated:   02/13/2013 08:32:10 PM PST

Los Angeles residents apply to buy 200 guns a day, an alarming number making it difficult to get weapons off the street, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich said in a preliminary report on gun purchases in Los Angeles.
"With Angelenos buying an average of nearly 200 firearms every day, thousands every month and tens of thousands every year, I will do everything in my power to keep guns out of the hands of people interested only in destroying the lives of children, families and police officers," Trutanich, who is in a close re-election race, said in a written statement.
The results are based on letters his office began sending out in December during the 10-day waiting period for people buying guns. The letters reminds gun owners to keep the weapons safe and report when weapons are lost or stolen.
"If we can stop just one person from buying a gun who is prohibited from possessing a weapon, or stop someone from buying guns for felons or the mentally ill, then perhaps we have also stopped another senseless tragedy," the letter said.
The letters were sent out as a follow-up to a study by the RAND Corp. that said 50 percent of people will voluntarily comply with local laws if they are informed of the requirements.
"Our intent was to make them aware of the laws and what they have to do under the law," Trutanich said in an interview. "Our purpose was to get more compliance."
Trutanich said he wants more study of the issue to seewhat further action to take.
Trutanich said he was surprised at the number of weapons being bought every day.
""You are talking about 73,000 guns a year, just in Los Angeles," he said. "I never guessed how many guns were being bought and sold."
Trutanich said he was surprised at the number of people - about 1 percent of those involved in all gun purchases - who were ineligible to buy a weapon either because of criminal history or mental issues.
"What does it say that someone was willing to go in to try to buy a weapon knowing they aren't eligible?" he said. "You know they are just going out to try to find someone to buy a weapon for them or get one illegally."
During the first full month of analyzing data, Trutanich said a number of problems were found in record keeping, including wrong addresses or multiple addresses, multiple numbers on driver's licenses and cases where both numbers and names were juxtaposed.
Trutanich said an effort is under way to try to determine the number of straw purchases - cases where people buy guns for someone else.
He also said the one-month study showed that dozens of applicants were denied or their applications were delayed for further background checks.
Trutanich said he was pleased to see that other jurisdictions, such as Oakland, are considering the use of similar letters to gun buyers.
He said his office has received some calls from gun owners asking about the letters and they are satisfied once his aides explain the reasons for the letters.

13-02-14 US Supreme Court - marked by the People as a crime scene

United States Supreme Court marked off with Crime Scene Tape

Friday, 01 February 2013 00:00
William M. Windsor
The United States Supreme Court has been roped off with crime scene tape.  
Crimes have been committed inside these hallowed halls.
 Unfortunately, it wasn't the FBI or the police stretching out the Crime Scene banner, it was members of the Lawless America Revolution.
The 150-foot long 4-foot high CRIME SCENE banner was unfurled in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.  Security, police, and others looked on with shocked expressions.
For those who are unaware, the federal courts in America are a criminal racketeering enterprise, and the Supreme Court is as corrupt as it gets.  Even the Clerk's Office of the Supreme Court is outrageously corrupt.
Bill Windsor of Lawless America has charges the U.S. Supreme Court justices with treason, and if a federal grand jury does not indict them, Windsor plans to bring charges of treason and much more to a citizen grand jury.  It's time to clean house and replace all the corrupt judges with honest people who are accountable.  


13-02-14 HOPE - you don't get indefinitely detained

We have regressed over the pats decade some 800 years back and lost the fruits of the struggles of generations, as we lost the protections, originally grounded in the Magna Carta - no deprivation of life, liberty, property with no due process of law.  As it looks now, we will not bequeath to our children the rights that were entrusted to us for safekeeping by previous generations. JZ

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Michael Moore and Chris Hedges on the 'Corporate Coup d’État' and the Govt's Moves to Jail People without Charges or Trial

Scary moves by the Government in the name of 'fighting terrorism."

AMY GOODMAN: Last week, the ability of the U.S. government to jail people without charge or trial was back in court. A group of reporters, scholars and activists, including Noam Chomsky and Chris Hedges, are suing the Obama administration over the controversial provision in the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act, saying it could allow for the indefinite detention of journalists and others who interact with certain groups. Well, last Wednesday, the Justice Department asked an appeals court to reverse a judge’s earlier decision blocking indefinite detention, saying the ruling would hamper its ability to fight terrorism. The Obama administration has already won an emergency freeze of the ruling while the case is appealed.
Well, on the same day, Wednesday, an event, just after the court hearing, was held in New York featuring a panel of some of those who were in the courtroom to oppose the NDAA. Joining them was the Academy Award-winning filmmaker and activist Michael Moore and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges. We end today’s show with their remarks. The case is known as  Hedges v. Obama. Michael Moore began by responding to a question about how he got involved.

13-02-14 Burning Christopher Dorner alive



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How Law Enforcement and Media Covered Up the Plan to Burn Christopher Dorner Alive

HIghly disturbing behavior by newspaper and Live TV sources in complying with the San Bernardino Sheriffs.
At approximately 7 PM ET, I listened through a police scanner as San Bernardino Sheriffs gave the order to burn down the cabin where suspected murderer Christopher Dorner was allegedly hiding. Deputies were maneuvering a remote controlled demolition vehicle to the base of the cabin, using it to tear down the walls of the cabin where Dorner was hiding, and peering inside.