Saturday, February 25, 2012

12-02-25 Afghans besiege US bases in Koran protests// Afganos asedian las bases norteamericanas en las protestas del Corán // 阿富汗人围困在“古兰经”的抗议美军基地 // Афганцы осаждать американских баз в Коране протеста //

 In what has become a routine by now, a war launched by the US to protect another nation against that nation's abusive government, ends up with much greater abuses by the US military.

With the recent riots in Afghanistan, touched off by American soldiers burning a pile of Qur'ans, killing two GI's, at least 15 Afghanis, and injuring numerous others, the American occupying force and the Karsai government appear on the precipice of the absolute loss of all popular support. This imperial faux pas arrives shortly after photos surfaced of American troops urinating on Afghani corpses, and two recent accidental attacks upon Afghani schools, killing several young children. Pushed to the point of breaking, for three days all across Afghanistan, an enraged populace, from elderly men to school children, attempted to storm American military bases with mere stones as weapons.


12-02-25 Welcome Laos - Newest Country! // Здравствуйте, Лаос - Новые страны! // 欢迎老挝 - 最新的国家!// Bienvenido Laos - el país más nuevo!

Newest Country

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12-02-25 "Yes Justice Kennedy, We The People See The Corruption" // "Si el juez Kennedy, Nosotros la gente ve la corrupción"// “是肯尼迪法官,我们的人们看到了腐败” // «Да судья Кеннеди, мы люди видят коррупцию"

At a protest rally today outside the Supreme Court a sign read, "Yes Justice Kennedy, we the people see the corruption". That's a direct reference to Kennedy's assertion in "Citizens" that "independent expenditures by corps. do not give rise to corruption & the appearance of influence or access will not cause the electorate to lose faith in this democracy". Yes it will and the corruption is all too evident.

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12-02-26 Puppets And Lackeys // 傀儡和走狗 // Los títeres y lacayos // Куклы и лакеев

I never read the full paper, but thought the blub was good enough to stand on its own...

Puppets And Lackeys

By Luke Hiken and Marti Hiken

As the President travels throughout the country, seeking money from the unidentified rich, and carrying out the only campaign promise he will ever keep, namely, to raise a billion dollars to ensure his own re-election, the American people watch docilely, as the last vestiges of democracy in this country are torn asunder.