Friday, July 3, 2015

2015-07-03 ASSANGE!

2015-07-03 ASSANGE!
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has applied for political asylum in France after a minister indicated that it may be granted. However, the Elysee Palace has promptly...

2015-07-03 GREECE!

2015-07-03 GREECE!
Thousands of protesters in European cities are rallying in solidarity with Greece ahead of the weekend referendum on a cash-for-reform deal with creditors.

2015-07-03 BERNIE SANDERS!

2015-07-03 BERNIE SANDERS!
The real thing!
Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders may be an underdog, but a massive crowd of 10,000 people gathered in Madison, Wisconsin to hear him speak – the...

2015-07-03 US: Wars all over the world!

2015-07-03 US: Wars all over the world!
Up to 120 US military personnel are operating out of two secret drone bases in Somalia, carrying out attacks on Al-Shabab militants and working with African Union peacekeepers, a new report has revealed.

2015-07-03 US: Recovery? What recovery?

2015-07-03 US: Recovery? What recovery?
The US government released its monthly jobs report for June showing the unemployment rate falling to a seven-year low. However, analysts say the picture may be deceiving, as labor participation also dropped to a 38-year-low for those 16 and older.
The June jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which is intended to give a snapshot of the state of the US labor market, shows that the country’s unemployment rate fell to 5.3 percent from 5.5 percent in May, with American companies adding 223,000 new jobs. However, more people left the workforce and the percentage of Americans with jobs fell, dropping to 62.6 percent for those 16 and older.
The US government released its monthly jobs report for June showing the unemployment rate falling to a seven-year low. However, analysts say the picture may...

2015-07-03 WIKILEAKS: US targeted a list of German state high offices

2015-07-03 WIKILEAKS: US targeted a list of German state high offices
The so-called “Target Office of Primary Interest” list, created by the NSA for the years 2010-2012, allegedly contains 69 high-ranking German officials, including current economy minister and Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel.
“Today’s publication further demonstrates that the United States’ economic espionage campaign extends to Germany and to key European institutions and issues such as the European Central Bank and the crisis in Greece,” said Julian Assange, WikiLeaks editor-in-chief, in the press-release on Wednesday. He also claimed that the UK provided assistance to the NSA.
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‘Espionnage Élysée’: WikiLeaks claims NSA spied on Hollande, Sarkozy and Chirac
"Merkel’s chief of staff “made clear that abiding by German law is indispensable” and that any violations will be pursued", Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert said in a statement.
“Beyond that, the cooperation between German and American intelligence services that is essential for the security of our citizens is burdened by such repeated incidents,” he added, as cited by the Washington Post.
Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Chief of Staff has summoned the US ambassador for a meeting in the wake of new revelations of US surveillance in Germany published by...

2015-07-02 Nobel Prize winner Stiglitz on Greek default (and he left out Iceland)

2015-07-02 Nobel Prize winner Stiglitz on Greek default (and he left out Iceland)
Argentina Shows Greece There May Be Life After Default
By Joseph Stiglitz, Martin Guzman, The Huffington Post
Both in Argentina and Greece, restoring debt sustainability required a deep sovereign debt restructuring. READ MORE»
Both in Argentina and Greece, restoring debt sustainability required a deep sovereign debt restructuring.

2015-07-02 Cold War 2.0 - defections?

2015-07-02 Cold War 2.0 - defections?
Egypt, Greece, and now Saudi Arabia? It looks like the US attempts to isolate Russia are having an opposite effect... jz
This article originally appeared at OilPrice.comThe news from the recent St. Petersburg Economic Forum, which took place from June 18 to 20, inspired a torrent of speculation on the future direction of energy prices.

2015-07-02 WIKILEAKS: Trade in Services Agreement - Press release

2015-07-02 WIKILEAKS: Trade in Services Agreement - Press release
Today, 1500 CEST Wednesday, 1 July 2015, WikiLeaks releases a modern journalistic holy grail: the secret Core Text for the largest 'trade deal' in history, the TiSA (Trade In Services Agreement), whose 52 nations together comprise two-thirds of global GDP. The negotiating parties are the United States, the 28 members of the European Union and 23 other countries, including Turkey, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Pakistan, Taiwan and Israel.
Today's publication happens the week before the next TiSA negotiating round that begins on Monday, 6 July. WikiLeaks is also today publishing the full agenda for next week's negotiations, which shows that discussions will focus on Financial Services, Telecommunications and the Movement of Natural Persons.
WikiLeaks is also publishing a previously unpublished Annex text – the secret TiSA Annex on Government Procurement. The draft Annex aims to reduce procurement regulation to ensure that TiSA governments will not favour local services over services supplied by foreign multinationals.
WikiLeaks is also publishing the new negotiating texts for three highly controversial TiSA annexes: the annexes on the Movement of Natural Persons, the Domestic Regulation Annex and the Transparency Annex. All three texts include negotiating positions of each of the participant countries in the TiSA negotiations, and illustrate developments from previous versions of the TiSA annexes, also published by WikiLeaks.
WikiLeaks has also released 36 pages of our own expert analysis.
While the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Pact (TTIP) have become well known in recent months, the TiSA is the largest component of the United States' strategic neoliberal 'trade' treaty triumvirate. Together, the three treaties form not only a new legal order shaped for transnational corporations, but a new economic "grand enclosure", which excludes China and all other BRICS countries.
According to statements made in April by US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, parts of the triumvirate are "as important" to the US engagement with Asia as "another aircraft carrier". All three treaties have been subject to stringent criticism for the lack of transparency and public consultation in their negotiation processes. TiSA drafts are classified for a period of five years after the completion of the treaty.
According to NSA interceptions of French treasurer Jean-Francois Boittin published by WikiLeaks on Tuesday "Washington is negotiating with every nation that borders China... so as to 'confront Beijing'."
The TiSA Core Text shows how this negotiation aims at going beyond the GATS agreement, substantially further restricting what governments can do in services. There are far more extensive criteria for commercial firms, including foreign ones, to force governments to protect their corporate interests. Changes to scheduling bring more services than GATS under two main rules regarding commercial businesses working in foreign jurisdictions: non-discrimination in favour of local companies and market access abilities to not limit the size and shape of foreign companies in the market.
The text also shows TiSA expanding the GATS agreement to include new "disciplines" such as those on domestic regulation, transparency and eCommerce. TiSA is also of great worry to developing countries, a number of whom will be bound by this agreement, as it does not give any of the GATS provisions for them, but instead gives greater protections for foreign growth into the countries, with protections for national services far lesser than GATS'.
Today's publication of the TiSA Core Text adds to WikiLeaks' prior publications of numerous secret TiSA annexes. The text reveals the ideological and legal underpinnings of the TiSA, and provides the overarching context for each of the TiSA annexes.
According to World Bank figures, "services" comprise 75% of the EU economy and 80% of the US economy. For a typical developing country like Pakistan, services comprise 53% of its economy. The TiSA covers the majority of the global economy.
Julian Assange
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2015-07-02 GERMANY: A US vassal state?

2015-07-02 GERMANY: A US vassal state?
PUTIN: "If the German foreign politics continues to serve US interests, in the future we should directly discuss German affairs with the US."
Die Korrupten fürchten uns. Die Ehrlichen unterstützen uns. Die Heroischen schließen sich uns an. - Anonymous -
The corrupt fear us. The honest support us. The heroic are joining us. Anonymous--

2015-07-03 Hello world!

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