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11-10-14 All California judges disqualified in matters pertaining to banks // Todos los jueces de California descalificado en los asuntos relacionados con los bancos // 所有加州法官的资格,在向银行有关事项

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California Governor And Attorney General Get Served

Fri Oct 14 2011 21:51

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Judges disqualified for corruption.
On October 11th, at approximately 2 pm the Trustees of The People's Republic trust of the state of California, accompanied by the Trustees of the National Public Trust 1776. duly disqualified all of the judges of the state of California from hearing any cases involving banks, bank instruments and bank collections due to the corruption of The People's public officers by banks in order to validate their fraud. The National Trustees provided technical and legal expertise in dealing with the People's Public Officers during service of disqualification on the California Attorney General and governer Jerry Brown. That expertise was well needed when Governer Brown's office reviewed the contents of the disqualifications and then ordered Kevin Wilson, it's legal officer, not to "accept" service. However, service was duly made on the Governer when William Robinson finally accepted the copies.  Until the corruption is fully dealt with, it is expected that the People's Public Officers will flat out refuse to perform their duties and obligations to serve and protect The People.  The disqualification in California follows on the heals of the disqualification of all the judges of the State of Washington late last month.  All the states in the country are scheduled to follow suit.


11-10-15 Occupy the World! // Ocupar el Mundo! // 占据世界!

New York Times

Rallies Across the Globe Protest Economic Policies

ROME — In dozens of cities around the world on Saturday, people took to the streets, clutching placards and chanting slogans as part of a planned day of protests against the financial system.

11-10-15 Welcome Taiwan! //Bienvenido Taiwán! // 欢迎台湾!

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