Thursday, March 28, 2013

13-03-27 Paper published by Is Tel Aviv the Human Shield in a US-Israel Anti-Iran Gamble? Could Israel Become the Next Iraq, of Self-will?

Tel Aviv – the human shield in a US-Israeli anti-Iran gamble, and
Israel - the next Iraq, of self-will?

With Israeli military command centered in Tel Aviv and following routine statements by Iran of its intent to level Tel Aviv if attacked, it is only reasonable to consider the people of Tel Aviv the human shield in a brewing US-Israeli anti-Iran gamble. The Iron Dome anti-ballistic missile system is touted as a main defense under such situation. Reasonable doubts regarding its performance are ignored by most mainstream media, and instilling the Israeli public's confidence in the system's performance was integral to Obama's recent visit to Israel.  Let's hope that the Israeli public is not the subject of a repeat of Collin Powell's deception on the way to war in Iraq. The outcome of all out war with Iran may be devastating to Israel, as it has been to Iraq, and it may also lead to long term US occupation of Israel.

Israel's central command (HaKiryah) is located in the midst of the residential area of Tel Aviv, Obama's recent photo opportunity on the backdrop of an Iron Dome battery placed for the occasion at the Tel Aviv airport.

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