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2014-05-22 Why hasn't Lawless America...The Movie been completed?

Below is a message by that title from Bill Windsor, one of the key activists in the United States against corruption of the courts. He traveled across the United States, filming testimonies of horrid judicial corruption. Below he explains how he was shut down. Another sign of our times in the United States.
And on such Voltaire said: "If you want to know who is the true dictator, find out what you are not permitted to criticize." jz


Why hasn't Lawless America...The Movie been completed?

Wednesday, 30 April 2014
William M. Windsor
Why hasn't Lawless America...The Movie been completed?
Those who haven't read my recent posts here may be asking this question?
There are several reasons (divorce, medical problems), but the primary reason is the perhaps unprecedented libel, slander, and defamation that has been unleashed on me by people who I believe are either mentally ill or paid by someone to do this, or both.
When people search for information about me online, instead of reading good things about what I have been trying to accomplish, their eyes get drawn to beyond outrageous lies.  Sadly, in today's world, it seems folks love to believe the crap that gets splattered on the wall.  This was the published goal of a gang of cyberstalkers.  Their leader wrote that the goal was to destroy me and stop the movie from ever being seen.
Until I can get courts and law enforcement to do something about these people, it is unlikely that I will obtain the financing needed to complete the film properly or a distribution deal. So, my focus hast to be on trying to bring these creeps to justice.
The latest lawsuit is against the people who have posted This is a case where a number of people have, with extreme malice, conspired to destroy me through thousands of published articles and comments. Published statements that I am a pedophile, a pedophile lover, anti-gay, bigoted, a tax evader, a criminal operating a scam, a terrorist, a sexual deviant, a liar, and a con man are false, and this constitutes defamation, slander, libel, intentional infliction of emotional distress, invasion of privacy, conspiracy, and stalking.
The Joeys set out to do harm to me, and they wreaked havoc with one defamatory statement after another.
In Texas, the elements of libel as defamation are: (1) false and defamatory words (2) published to a third person (3) that defamed the plaintiff (4) while either acting with actual malice or negligence regarding the truth of the statement. An organization may be liable for the defamatory utterances of its agent that are made while acting within the scope of the agent’s authority. A statement is defamatory if it tends to injure a living person's reputation and thereby expose the person to public hatred, contempt or ridicule, or financial injury or to impeach any person's honesty, integrity, virtue, or reputation.
The Joeys have published false and defamatory words about me. Published statements about me that are false and defamatory include that I am a pedophile, a pedophile lover, anti-gay, a bigot, a tax evader, a criminal operating a scam, a terrorist, a sexual deviant, have had sex with animals, am a liar, a con man, a con artist, a huckster, created the movie as part of a con game, am conning people, am a fraud, am Hitler, am Hitler-like, am psychotic, claim I have a movie but it is a fake, had a psychotic break, threatened people with physical harm, am a dickless coward, am mentally ill, want payoffs from people to not extort them on YouTube, have published complete lies, have published a distortion of any reality, am mentally disturbed, am showing a distorted one sided view of every story, am showing lies, am showing less than half truth, am not intelligent, am of dubious moral character, my Lawless America business has died, have no significant intellectual skills, am a sociopath, had a woman sitting on my lap during filming in Michigan and was grabbing her on the ass, got convicted sex offenders to do my filming, am a maniacal monster, have herpes, falsify information, was cheating on my wife, my wife (now ex-wife) and I are going to jail; support cold-blooded killers; Washington DC event was a disaster, have lost my mind; The Plaintiff “has hurt so many through black mail, coercion and has threatened the safety of so many mothers and their children by sharing their intimate and confidential information.” Other published statements that are defamatory include that the Lawless America movie does not and will not exist; I have been making up information about Soushie for years; the itinerary with the movie was filled with pedophiles; I am a sexual deviant, a sick animal, moral-less, unethical, and a freek; I am a psychopath; I was fired for being a crook, am operating a scam, and lie about anything and everything; there is no movie; I am a monster; anything I am involved with is bound to be a complete lie and a distortion of any reality; I am only showing my mentally disturbed and distorted one sided view of every story, most of it lies and less than half truth; Anyone like me who is stupid enough to support a extortionist, scam artist, elderly abusing scum like Crystal Cox is obviously not very intelligent and of dubious moral character; I have scammed people all my life. And perhaps the topper, that I am planning to murder every elected official in America.
The Joeys have conspired to libel, slander, and defame me to put him in a false light and cause me emotional distress. They succeeded.
None of these defamatory published statements about me are true, and I have sworn to this under oath under penalty of perjury.
These people haven't just damaged me; they have damaged all of us who are trying to correct the massive INjustices that we face with government, law enforcement, and the judicial system.

 If you haven't been keeping up with Lawless America and me on Facebook or, you may be surprised to learn that a gang of cyberstalkers have viciously defamed me with thousands of false and defamtory statements online. At last count, there are over 320 articles filling over 7,000 pages, written by about 700 screen names, 99% of which are aliases or anonymous. 
I have sued all of the evil-doers, and I will pursue them legally with every ounce of energy that I can muster for as long as it takes.
Contrary to the unfounded beliefs of some of those guilty of viciously defaming me, I have not read all 7,000+ pages of the articles and comments on  I am currently enduring that agony.  As I read, I will try to note other false and defamatory published statements, and I will try to remember to update this list of false statements and defamatory statements.  I say this to anyone who has published anything about me: If you do not have absolute, undeniable proof that what you have published is true, then it seems to me that the odds are that it is false.
To those who have published false and/or defamatory information about me:CEASE AND DESIST.  Correct and make a retraction of all of the false and/or defamatory information.  If you don’t have absolute proof that your published statements are true, then issue a correction and retraction.  There are hundreds of screen names who have published false and/or defamatory information on  I ask whoever is the owner/operator of that site to publish this article on that site so all of the people who frequent that site know the truth and know of this demand for correction and retraction.  It is impossible for me to list each specific false and/or defamatory statement because there are approximately 40,000 published statements, and there are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of false and/or defamatory statements or support for such statements.
And to each and every person who has posted on the Joeyisalittlekid website, I suggest that you read the Texas case law on defamation as a whole, conspiracy, and joint and several liability.  I seek to hold each of you liable for what you all did as a gang with your published statements on Joeyisalittlekid's website.
I have thus far been unable to get a Texas court to enjoin these folks and force them to take down all the defamatory material.  Until that is done, I feel I have no choice but to deny all the defamation here.
I am producing two expose documentary films about cyberstalking -- Slanderella and Slanderfella.  This gang of cyberstalkers will be featured.
William M. Windsor
Bill Windsor

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2014-05-21 US misc news of the abuse: Shocking Security Footage Exposes Cops Smacking Handcuffed Woman, Hurling Racial Slurs

===2014-05-21 US misc news of the abuse: Shocking Security Footage Exposes Cops Smacking Handcuffed Woman, Hurling Racial Slurs===
Reports like this are coming out of the US on a daily basis now. Gratuituous police brutality, at times murderous, is a cardinal sign of social disintegration. There is nothing more effective in oppressing the People than random violence.

2014-05-20 Jewish charity for justice - a front for a Los Angeles crime organization, specializing in the banks and the courts

ב"הסנדק" המאפיה האיטלקית הסתתרה תחת מסווה של עסקי יבוא שמן זית איטלקי.  המאפיה היהודית בלוס אנג'לס מתסתתרת תחת מסווה של ארגון צדקה למען צדק...

דר' יוסף צרניק
מאהל המחאה, ת"א
סייג לזכויות האדם (NGO)
* דוח סייג לזכויות האדם נכלל בדוח התקופתי של האו"ם לגבי זכויות האדם בישראל (2013), עם ההערה: "חוסר יושרה בכתבים האלקטרוניים של בית המשפט העליון, בתי המשפט המחוזיים, ובתי הדין למוחזקי משמורת בישראל".
* דוח סייג לזכויות האדם נכלל בדוח התקופתי של האו"ם לגבי זכויות האדם בארה"ב (2010), עם ההערה: "שחיתות בתי המשפט ומקצוע עריכת הדין בקליפורניה".

OpEdNews Op Eds 5/20/2014 at 10:22:47

ADL refuses to address evidence of racketeering in Bet Tzedek - the Los Angeles "House of Justice"

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(image by public)
David Pasternak (former President), Sandor Samuels (President/CEO), Terry Friedman (former Executive Director) -- of BET TZEDEK (the Los Angeles "House of Justice"), an affiliate of the LOS ANGELES JEWISH FEDERATION. The evidence shows the three of them colluding in racketeering in the Los Angeles Superior court.[i] Highly decorated FBI veteran, renowned fraud expert James Wedick opined that their conduct was "fraud". [ii] But ADL refuses for years to address the evidence of racketeering in Bet Tzedek.
OccupyTLV, May 19 - Joseph Zernik, PhD, of Human Rights Alert (NGO), has forwarded to Rabbi Laura Owens, (B'nai Horin - Children of Freedom synagogue), a request to dissociate herself from Bet Tzedek, a prominent Los Angeles Jewish charity, and Sandor Samuels, its president. [iii]
The request followed fund-raising advertisements, widely published by Bet Tzedek, featuring Rabbi Owens, which states: [iii]
"Justice for all is not only a basic American principle, it is one of the foundations of Judaism. Bet Tzedek exemplifies the commitment and compassion of justice for everyone. I am proud to be a small flame in the torch that carries this light into the twenty-first century."
The request, forwarded to Rabbi Owens, says:

"Bet Tzedek is nothing less than a Jewish racket, headed by Sandor Samuels, one of the architects of the epidemic of mortgage and foreclosure fraud, and corruption of the state and US courts from coast to coast.
The fact that Sandor Samuels likes to find cover under the mantle of Jewish charity and in particular holocaust survivors, is a cynical ploy. But the fact that the Los Angeles Jewish and legal community continues to provide his such cover is inexcusable." [iv]
In parallel, the request was also forwarded to ADL, the Anti Defamation League. Reply, indicating reading of the message was received from ADL's Mr Todd Gutnick, but no other response. [v]
This was not the first time that ADL, which advertises itself as a champion of justice and civil rights, fails to address detailed evidence of racketeering by Bet Tzedek and its president Sandor Samuels. Requests were repeatedly forwarded to ADL and its director Abraham Foxman on this matter over the past several years. They all remain unanswered without exception. [vivii]
The note to Rabbi Laura Owens also included a short message, detailing some of the evidence for the major role of Sandor Samuels, Bet Tzedek's president, as a key figure in the mortgage and foreclosure-fraud epidemic in the United States.
Sandor Samuels is former Chief Legal Officer of Countrywide Financial Corporation and former Associate General Counsel of Bank of America Corporation.
The evidence shows, that in such capacities, starting in the early 2000s, Sandor Samuels was a key figure in establishing corrupt practices in Countrywide, and later in Bank of America, relative to the "streamlining" of government-backed residential mortgage approval and fraud in foreclosure procedures. The outcome of these practices is an unprecedented fraud on the US tax payer, on shareholders, and on homeowners nationwide. [viii]
In parallel, Bet Tzedek, under the leadership of Sandor Samuels, was authorized by the City of Los Angeles as the sole agency to handle all citizens' complaints of real estate and mortgage fraud.
In early 2007, Sandor Samuels went further and launched a campaign against real estate and mortgage fraud in synagogues and churches across Southern California, prominently advertising himself under the web site of Bet Tzedek as a "Fraud Buster". [ix]
In view of Samuel's campaign against real-estate fraud, a request was filed in June 2007 with Sandor Samuels in his Bet Tzedek office, in his capacity as President of Bet Tzedek, to stop real-estate fraud being perpetrated by Countrywide and its Legal Department. [x] Within 24 hours, the entire web site of Bet Tzedek came down. When it came back up a few days later, no mention was found any longer of the Fraud Buster campaign.
Soon afterward, a retaliation campaign was launched: Bryan Cave LLP started appearing in the Los Angeles Superior Court on behalf of Countrywide, under ever-changing party designations, "Plaintiff", "Defendant", "Cross Defendant", "Real Party in Interest", "Intervenor", and more... all with no legal foundation at all. Moreover, Sandor Samuels himself appeared in the case under the bogus party designation "Person in Interest".

2014-05-20 US: FBI killing of Todashev in Florida and law enforcement as state crime organizations

Same pattern again and again, both in Oakland and at FBI - law enforcement as state crime organizations. And obviously, the public will never know the truth regarding the Boston Marathon bombing - law enforcement kill any possible witness.


As with most aspects of the Boston Marathon bombing, the official answers leave us asking: what else are they hiding?
Todashev’s Killer: No Wonder His Identity Was Secret
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Doubts about the already controversial shooting of Boston Bombing figure Ibragim Todashev in Florida last year are sure to grow with new revelations about the FBI agent who shot him.
As WhoWhatWhy previously reported, the case is full of anomalies and part of a largerpattern of harassment against Chechen-Americans who knew accused bombers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Like everything related to the bombing, Todashev’s killing is swaddled in official secrecy and the U.S. government’s latest report about the Boston tragedy shows there was plenty to be secretive about.
Emerging details about the FBI shooter’s past cry out for further inquiries about the FBI itself. How could they hire an officer with such a history?
Officials refused to identify anyone present during the May 22, 2013, shooting of Todashev, a 27-year-old mixed martial arts fighter, in his Orlando apartment. But Florida State Attorney Jeffrey L. Ashton’s report on the shooting did so—inadvertently—despite the FBI’s request to remove any identifying information.
On May 14, 2014, the Boston Globe identified Aaron McFarlane, 41, as the agent who emptied half his ammunition clip into Todashev. It uncovered his name by “removing improperly created redactions” in PDF files from the Florida report.
Digging through public records, the newspaper discovered McFarlane had been accused of brutality—twice—while serving as an Oakland police officer in lawsuits that were settled out of court. (McFarlane and another officer were allegedly beating up someone who had already been subdued when they noticed a bystander photographing the incident. Then they attacked the bystander.)
He also took the Fifth Amendment and later testified under immunity during a corruption investigation into a rogue police unit called “The Riders” whose members were charged with making false arrests, planting evidence, and falsifying police reports. The city settled the federal lawsuit for $10.9 million. McFarlane wasn’t charged in that case, or in three other internal affairs investigations, although a prosecutor accused him of being misleading.
McFarlane retired from the Oakland Police Department in 2004 on medical disability after repeatedly injuring his leg and breaking his ankle, securing a lifetime $52,000-a-year pension. Four years later he joined the FBI, raising questions about how he passed both the rigorous background check and the FBI’s physical requirements.
The Globe story advanced the work of the Boston Marathon Bombings blog which, in a May 3 post, explained how it used simple software to find the names of McFarlane and Massachusetts State Troopers Curtis Cinelli and Joel Gagne. It also recovered a picture of what the investigators said was Todashev’s unfinished, handwritten confession of involvement in a 2011 triple murder in Waltham, Mass. Authorities were already investigating Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s links to those slayings.
Among the other finds is a photograph of the gash on McFarlane’s head, which the report says was caused when Todashev struck him with a table. It gives no explanation as to why McFarlane turned his back on an agitated Todashev, a physically dangerous suspect who had a sticker of an AK-47 on the front door of his apartment.
The agent was cleared of any wrongdoing by an FBI internal review. That’s no shock. The FBIalways clears its agents of wrongdoing in shootings.
Ashton cleared him too, but notes that the FBI complicated the analysis by limiting the Florida investigators’ access to McFarlane to a signed, sworn statement. Why didn’t the FBI let a fellow law enforcement agency follow its usual investigative procedures and make McFarlane available for an interview?
As with most aspects of the Boston Marathon bombing, the official answers leave us asking: what else are they hiding?

2014-05-20 PALESTINE: Videos show IDF version re: shooting death of two Palestinian youth in Bitunia on April 15, is entirely false

===2014-05-20 PALESTINE: Videos show IDF version re: shooting death of two Palestinian youth in Bitunia on April 15, is entirely false===
[from the Israeli site Local Talk]
Last Wed (April 15) Muhammad Abu Thaher (16) and Nadim Nawarra (17) were shot to death during Nakba Day protests outside the Ofer prison. IDF claimed that the youth were shot with rubber bullets after violent disorderly conduct, and even added that "it is investigated whether armed Palestinians from Calandai shot the youths." The IDF claims are entirely false, as shown in the videos.

2014-04-08 #OccupyTLV: Appeal on complaint (481/14) against Tel Aviv Police Commander Benzi Sau was forwarded for review by State Counsel Central Bureau // ערר על תלונה (481/14) נגד ניצב בנצי סאו, מפקד מחוז ת"א הועבר לבדיקה ע"י הלשכה הראשית בפרקליטות המדינה

Tel Aviv District Police Commander Benzi Sau

===2014-04-08 #OccupyTLV: Appeal on complaint (481/14) against Tel Aviv Police Commander Benzi Sau was forwarded for review by State Counsel Central Bureau //
ערר על תלונה (481/14) נגד ניצב בנצי סאו, מפקד מחוז ת"א הועבר לבדיקה ע"י הלשכה הראשית בפרקליטות המדינה===

The complaint originated in conduct of Tel Aviv Police including:
1) Operation for area surveillance, where OccupyTLV dwellers were pulled out of their tents in the middle of the night for no reason at all.
2) Closing of criminal complaint against Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Hulday on fraud and extortion, relative to the distribution of flyers that were falsely represented as “decrees”.
3) Collusion of the Tel Aviv in the false enforcement of “demolition decrees”, which never existed.
התלונה נובעת מהתנהלות משטרת ת"א, ובכללה:
1) "פעולה להכרת השטח" במהלכה הוצאו תושבי המאהל מאוהליהם באמצע הלילה ללא כל סיבה.
2) סגירת תלונה פלילית נגד ראש עיריית ת"א על הונאה וסחטנות, בקשר להפצת פליירים והצגתם הכוזבת כ"צווי הריסה".
3) שיתוף פעולה בין משטרת ישראל ועיריית ת"א באכיפה חסרת בסיס חוקי של "צווי הריסה" שלא היו ולא נבראו.
[1] 2014-01-27 OccupyTLV: Request for Equal Protection Under the Law, and Complaint (481/2014) against Israel Police, Tel Aviv District Commander BENZI SAU, filed with the Police Investigations Section of Israel State Prosecution (full English translation)
מאהל המחאה ת"א: תלונה שהוגשה למח"ש נגד ניצב בנצי סאו, מפקד מחוז ת"א.
[2] 2014-02-06 OccupyTLV: Response by State Prosecution in re: Criminal complaint against Israel Police Tel-Aviv District Commander Benzi Sau (481/2014)
מאהל המחאה ת"א: תשובת פרקליטות המדינה-מח"ש על תלונה נגד מפקד מחוז ת"א בנצי סאו
[3] 2014-02-22 OccupyTLV: Appeal to State Prosecutor, in re: Criminal complaint against Tel Aviv Police Commander Benzi Sau (481/2014) (full English translation)
מאהל המחאה ת"א: ערר לפרקליטות המדינה על סגירת תלונה פלילית נגד מפקד מחוז ת"א ניצב בנצי סאו - 481/2014
[4] 2014-04-29 OccupyTLV: Response by Tel Aviv District Commander-Israel Police BENZI SAU on recording of phone call by intelligence officer and police on the ground (full English translation)
תגובת מפקד מחוז ת"א-משטרת ישראל בנצי סאו על הקלטה של קצין מודיעין ושוטר בשטח

2014-05-21 Hello world!

5/21 @ 7:00 : Phoenix, Arizona, US
5/21 @ 3:59 : New York, New York, US
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