Tuesday, December 14, 2010

10-12-14 Alleged Impeachable Misconduct by Judge John Bates - US District Court, DC // Presunta mala conducta juicio político por el juez John Bates - EE.UU. Tribunal de Distrito, DC // 据称法官约翰贝茨弹劾的失当行为-美国联邦地方法院,直流

Judge John Bates

Sieverding et al v. United States Government (1:09-cv-00562) in the US District Court, Washington DC – in re: Arrest and Imprisonment by Federal Agencies

Cause of Action: 05:552 Right to Privacy Act/Freedom of Information Act
Plaintiff Sieverding claimed that FBI and other federal agencies created records pertaining to her arrest and imprisonment that were false and deliberately misleading.  Such record reported her as arrested and imprisoned on felony, which she claimed had no basis in reality. 
Moreover, she claimed that such federal agencies failed to produce key records pertaining to her arrest and imprisonment.
The records below document litigation in the US District Court of dubious validity at best.
Records: [1]
1)      December 14, 2010 Docket                                                                                  3
2)      December 14, 2010 Judgment Index                                                                        12
3)      June 30, 2010 Related Transactions Report                                                               13
4)      Dkt #001:          March 25, 2009 Complaint and Civil Cover Sheet                           34
5)      Dkt #008:          June 1, 2009 - MOTION to Dismiss Or, Alternatively, For Summary Judgment by UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE                            83
a.       Dkt #008-1:       Memorandum in Support
b.      Dkt #008-2:       Declaration of William E. Bordley (FILED UNDER SEAL)
c.       Dkt #008-3:       Declaration of Paul Sever
d.      Dkt #008-4:       Declaration Stephen D Wallisch
6)      Dkt #023:          July 23, 2009 - MOTION to Strike MOTION to Dismiss Or, Alternatively, For Summary Judgment, by KAY SIEVERDING                                    130
7)      Dkt #025:          August 28, 2009 - Memorandum in opposition to re (Dkt #023) MOTION to Strike (Dkt #008) MOTION to Dismiss, by UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE.                                         147
8)      Dkt #032:         August 5, 2009 - MOTION TO STRIKE DEFENDANT'S DOCUMENT # 25 BECAUSE OF PERJURY, by KAY SIEVERDING                         156
9)      Dkt #057:          May 15, 2010 - Order granting 8 the Department of Justice's motion to dismiss, or in the alternative for summary judgment, and addressing pending motions by Judge JOHN D. BATES                                                                                           280
10)  Dkt: #078:         October 19, 2010 - ORDER of USCA – Order granting summary affirmance - Not accessible through PACER                                                              281

Of Note:
1)         Docket as a Whole:
a.       The Docket failed to include any of the Attestation/Authentication records by the clerk (NEFs – Notices of Electronic Filing). Therefore, it is impossible to ascertain the validity of the records.
b.      Upon information and belief, Plaintiff Kay Sieverding was never served NEFs in the case, and has never gained access to the NEFs. 
c.       Related Transactions Report:  The Order Granting Motion to Dismiss (Dkt #057) was not docketed as related to the Complaint (Dkt #001), and the Complaint was not docketed as ‘terminated’.
2)      Judgment Index: Failed to record any judgment in the case.
3)      Dkt #001: March 25, 2009 Summons
Summons was not docketed, in apparent violation of FRCivP.
4)      Dkt #001: March 25, 2009 Civil Cover Sheet – not signed by Clerk.
5)      Dkt #?:               No Assignment Order for Judge Judge John D. Bates appears in the docket.
6)      Dkt #008-4: Declaration Stephen D Wallisch
The declaration failed to provide as evidence the arrest and booking records of Kay Sieverding. Instead, the declaration only stated:
9. Relevant and necessary records regarding Ms. Sieverding were prepared and maintained in the USMS Warrant Information Network (WIN) and Prisoner Population Management/Prisoner Tracking Systems (PTS) of records.
7)      Dkt #078: The Order by the US Court of Appeals was filed by the US District Court as a judicial record that was not signed by a Circuit Judge, not authenticated by Clerk of the Court of Appeals, and failed to bear the seal of the US Court of Appeals.
See also:
1)      See also request for NEFs:
2)      See also records pertaining to Sieverding  et al v Colorado Bar Association et al (02-cv-01950) at the US District Court, District of Colorado regarding circumstances of the arrest and imprisonment.
[1] Sieverding et al v. United States Government (1:09-cv-00562) in the US District Court, Washington DC – in re: Arrest and Imprisonment by Federal Agencies