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10-06-24 Automated Index of Corruption // Automatizado Índice de Corrupción // Automatische Index of Corruption

Joseph Zernik, Los Angeles, CA
Comment by Joseph Zernik, Los Angeles, CA just now
Continuing the previous concept... of "Automated Judicial Corruption Index".
Therefore, already in 2008, in my complaint alleging large-scale racketeering by judges in Los Angeles, California, I requested the appointment of a Special Counsel only for a short time, limited mandate - restoration of First Amendment right to access court records - to inspect and to copy.
I never requested that the Special Counsel investigate or prosecute the corruption itself. The rationale was that if First Amendment rights were restored, the public would be able in no time at all to examine the records of the various judges.
Moreover, I predicted that once First Amendment rights were restored in Los Angeles, many of the judges would leave town in a jiffy...
Joseph Zernik
Dr. A. D. JacksonComment by Dr. A. D. Jackson 4 minutes ago

Hello Joe,
As I stated, the Circuit Court of Cook County was not the only court system in need of investigation and indictments. In no way did I state or even hint that L. A. County did not need investigation or indictments.

Joseph Zernik, Los Angeles, CA
Comment by Joseph Zernik, Los Angeles, CA just now

Delete CommentLet me put it differently, to make it simpler to understand: Had the US courts permitted access to the NEFs (notices of electronic filing) and NDAs (notices of docket activity), as required by law, one could construct in no time at all, without any understanding of the legal matters involved, an "Index of Corruption" - ranking each and every US judge of the past decade, alive or dead... It is the beauty of such computerized systems - they were devised to defraud, but they created fully indexed, permanent records, which can be easily accessed and automatically analyzed... JZ
Joseph Zernik, Los Angeles, CAComment by Joseph Zernik, Los Angeles, CA 1 hour ago
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Dear Dr Jackson: You are entirely misreading the picture. The problems in Los Angeles County involve the vast majority of the judges, and evidence, which I have previously presented documented that leadership of the courts, from the Superior Court through the Courts of Appeals, to the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court are all involved. Moreover, the evidence I presented below shows that the most senior officers of the US Department of Justice are fully aware of the conditions in Los Angeles County, but engage in fraud on US Congress and the people, to justify their refusal to accord equal protection under the law. Conditions of the justice system in the US have precipitously deteriorated, in a manner that I believe is unprecedented in any western democratic society in the Modern era. The beauty I find in evidence derived from computerized systems of the courts and jails is that there is no need for lengthy investigations and committee reports. There is sufficient public data in such systems, which anybody with some computer skills some access and draw the conclusions on his/her own. Truly, [] Joseph Zernik, PhD Human Rights Alert (HRA), NGO
Dr. A. D. JacksonComment by Dr. A. D. Jackson 4 hours ago
Hello Joe, You and others discuss the need to investigte some judges (and maybe other officials). In the early 80s, the U. S. Attorney's Office in Chicago launched Operation Greylord investigating the Circuit Court of Cook County. About 10% of the judges along with some attorneys were convicted of bribery and other offenses with one judge acquitted. The problem is something on that scale (or smaller for other systems) wasn't repeated as Cook County wasn't the only judicial system needing investigation and indictments. Andrew
Joseph Zernik, Los Angeles, CAComment by Joseph Zernik, Los Angeles, CA 10 hours ago
Here is an update by Human Rights Alert (NGO) - A. ON THE HOME FRONT: - In 2008 detailed report was filed with US Attorney General alleging racketeering by the judges of Los Angeles Superior Court, hallmarks of which are large scale false imprisonments and real estate fraud by the courts. Appointment of a Special Counsel was requested. - FBI and US Dept of Justice refused to respond. - In August 2008 Senator Feinstein and Rep Watson filed inquiries on US Dept of Justice: Why they would not respond on the request. - In September 2008 FBI Assistant Director Kenneth Kaiser and US Dept of Justice Kenneth Melson responded to US Congress on my request. Their responses were alleged as fraud on US Congress. - In 2009 complaint was therefore filed with US Dept of Justice Inspector General against the two senior US officers, alleging fraud on US Congress. - To this date US DOJ IG refuses to respond on my complaint. - In February 2010 Senator Feinstein filed Inquiry on US DOJ IG: Why he would not respond on my complaint. [1] - Although response was due within 30 days, to this date, US DOJ IG never responded to Senator Feinstein. I would be grateful if LA Justice Report could join the request to Senator Feinstein to follow up on the inquiry on US DOJ IG on this matter. B. MORE ON THE HOME FRONT: - In June 2010 complaint was filed alleging public corruption by a senior legal professional - David Pasternak - former President of the Los Angeles County Bar, former member of the California Judicial Council, with the newly established unit for Public Corruption and Civil Rights violations. [2] I would be grateful if you published the complaint C. ON THE INTERNATIONAL FRONT: - In April 2010 Human Rights Alert (NGO) filed report for the first ever UPR (universal periodic review) by the UN of Human Rights in the United States. - The report hinged entirely on evidence from LA County, of racketeering by judges, hallmarks of which are false imprisonments and real estate fraud by the courts. [3] - Review session is pending November 2010. I would be grateful if LA Justice Report would publish the Human Rights Alert UPR Report, and join Human Rights Alert in lobbying the nations who sit on the review commission in calling for equal protection of the 10 millions residents of LA County by the US government. D. ON THE PROFESSIONAL FRONT: - In reports linked below, it was claimed that fraudulent computer systems in the courts and the jails are the tools enabling the racketeering. - Papers were filed for international professional review on the matter. [4] - Response from peer review is expected within a month. I would be grateful if after peer review you would be willing to publish such papers. Truly, Joseph Zernik, PhD Human Rights Alert (HRA), NGO LINKS: [1] Senator Feinstein's Inquiry on DOJ-IG [2] 10-06-21-Dr-Zernik-s-Complaint-Filed-with-Us-Attorney-Office-Los-Angeles-against-Mr-David-Pasternak-for-Public-Corruption-Deprivation-of-Civil-Rights [3] April 19, 2010 Human Rights Alert submission for the 2010 UPR (Universal Periodic Review) of Human Rights in the United States by the United Nations: a) Press Release: [4] Paper #1 - large scale false imprisonments in Los Angeles County, California Paper #2 - large scale fraud at the courts - to be submitted.