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2014-04-27 Hello world!

4/27 @ 7:11 : United States, US
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4/26 @ 9:42 : Ramallah, PS
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14-04-26 #OccupyTLV - new evidence emerges of police implants in the Israeli protest movement in general and in OccupTLV camp in particular // ראיות חדשות נמצאו לגבי מושתלים של משטרת ישראל בתנועת המחאה בכלל ובמאהל המחאה בפרט

===14-04-26 #OccupyTLV - new evidence emerges of police implants in the Israeli protest movement in general and in OccupTLV camp in particular // ראיות חדשות נמצאו לגבי מושתלים של משטרת ישראל בתנועת המחאה בכלל ובמאהל המחאה בפרט===
[עברית להלן]
The essence of the information, showing apparent Misprision of Felonies by Tel-Aviv Police (criminal conduct by itself), was forwarded to Member of Knesset Zehavah Galon and Tel Aviv Council Member Gabi Lasky with request for comments.
Law enforcement implants in the social protest movement a well known phenomenon in the United States. [1-5] In some of the cases, such implants engaged in provocations.
In the US, Prof Erwin Chemerinsky, a nationally recognized Civil Rights expert opined that such conduct undermines the First Amendment. (Freedom of Speech, etc).
עיקרי המידע, המראה גם על העלמת עין מדבר עבירה כביכול על ידי שוטרי משטרת ת"א (עבירה פלילית לעצמה) הועברו לח"כ זהבה גלאון ולחברת מועצה גבי לסקי עם בקשת תגובה.
התופעה של השתלת אנשים על ידי הרשויות בתנועת המחאה מוכרת היטב מארה"ב. להלן הבאתי מספר קישורים [1-5] למקרים כאלה מאוקלנד ולוס אנגלס (קליפורניה), אוסטין (טקסס), ניו יורק (ניו יורק). בחלק מן המקרים המושתלים עסקו בפרובוקציות.
פרופסור ארווין צ'מרינסקי, דקאן ביה"ס למשפטים של אוניברסיטת קליפורניה, אירווין, ומומחה ידוע לזכויות האזרח, אומר שהתנהלות מסוג זה על ידי המשטרה מערערת את חופש הדיבור וחופש ההתארגנות הפוליטית. [6]
[1] 2012-04-06 Occupy's Undercover Cop: "Shady," Ubiquitous"; Willing To Get Arrested
[2] 2012-09-10 Texas: Austin police provocateurs infiltrated, entrapped Houston Occupy protesters
[3] 2011-11-14 Police Officer Accused of Infiltrating Occupy Oakland Says He Supports the Movement
[4] 2012-08-31 Police admit to infiltrating Occupy Austin, may have acted as provocateurs
[5] Cops caught infiltrating the Occupy movement
[6] 2011-12-11 Undercover police spied on protesters at OccupyLA
[7] 14-01-20 OccupyTLV: Police Commander is asked to remove police implant from the camp //ניצב סאו התבקש להסיר את המשת"פ אוריאלבנבניסטי מהמאהל
2014-04-25 OccupyTLV: Transcription of a phone call including Israel Police intelligence officer, assigned to the Israeli Protest Movement, and a policeman on the ground
מאהל המחאה ת"א: תעתיק שיחה הכוללת קצין מודיעין של משטרת ישראל ושוטר בשטח

Transcription of a phone call: Guy Shamir, Israel (Intelligence Officer, Tel Aviv Police, assigned to the Israeli Protest movement), and a policeman on the ground.

G: Guy
M: Michal
I: Israel
P: Policeman

G: Now also the policeman threatened me, Israel.
?: A policeman arrived.
G: The policeman threatened me. I am the one, who called the police. He threatened me to get out of here and move to the side. He does not want to talk with me. He told Michal that she is an “Intelligence Target”. This does not look right, I am going to do something...
I: I don't know what to tell you. I am in Eilat. I simply don't know what to do.
G: I tell you that everybody here will be murdered. I will organize a press release about the conduct of the police and the municipality. There is no other way.
I: ...a group. I tell you, leave now the police. You can do whatever you like, but... this is a group of
G: Criminals
I: This is unbelievable, that guy Uriel and his brother beat her [Michal – jz] up?
G: Now she is lying on the floor, and the policeman is also down on her... Tell me, I am very emotional, tell me...
G: No, I am not emotional, people don't get it.
I: Magen is there?
G:No, none of the normal people is here, it is me and her, and that is it. And all the rest of them are on top of her, including the youngsters and all. If she gets gets out of here, nobody would get back here. Do you want to talk with the policeman?
(In the background there is a conversation between Michal and Uriel. Uriel: You gave me his keys.)
I: I will talk with his supervising officer.
G: Here he is, standing.
I: I have nothing to say to him; I may not know him.
P: Give me Israel's phone number/
G: Here he is on the phone, he wants to talk with you.
P: Hello.
I: What is going on?
P: What is going on?
I: …
P: Listen, bro. Come and find a solution, we can't work like this. Everyday there are events here, everyday.
I: What a mess...
P: Bro, this Michal, she is a slut, like none else, and she creates the mess here. She sits in some kind of a tent, which looks to me like a tent that was donated for everybody, she took over the tent, and claims that it her private tent.
I: It is not... Listen to me honey, listen to me. The problem is that everybody there has their head upside down, it is not... these are psychotic people, do you understand?
P: OK, but if it goes on like this, my bro, we will have here a murder. I am telling you that loud and clear; there will be murder here.
I: Surely there will be, I know, I know. I am now in Eilat, on vacation, what can I do?
P: Nohting.
I: Take a plane? A helicopter to come down there...
P: Of course not. Look, yesterday I was here in an event with this Michal, she fucked up somebody's mobile phone and wallet. It was on her.
I: I know, I was there yesterday too.
P: OK, so?
I: …
P: Ah, OK, so I tell you that she...
I: I sat there, I tried to talk with her and tell her that she should give him, and she says that she does not know what he is talking about...
P: Bro, he called his own mobile phone, right next to me, and his mobile phone rang on her body... yes.
I: I don't know what will happen... it is a total mess.
P: I don't know what to tell you, if there would not be some radical treatment here, we are in trouble.
I: How can I, you have a Station Commander there... do an operation and pick up everybody, I don't know what to tell you.
P: Chuckles
I: Even a psychiatrist would not get near there.
P: So...
P: I don't know what to tell you, so what are we going to do? I will try to calm it down here. You know it is all temporary.
I: It is not peace, it is only...
P: Any minute it can turn out into an event of a totally different nature.
I: Of course, if this one brings his friends, and the other one brings his friends.. The twins are completely fucked up in their head.
P: I know what is going on, I can see what is going on here.
I: You cannot overlook it...
P: No, there is no way to overlook it...
I: … there was no police.
P: So... we are in trouble.
P: Look, right now, what I am trying to do is some kind of Sulhah (peace), but both of us know that in a quarter of an hour it can erupt again.
I: No, no, no, it is not a total mess... It is important that you know... People there don't know what happened to them, they are of such level that neither I nor you can do it... Get the people restrained from being there...
P: So, OK, bro, from intelligence perspective, you should report it to the Station Commander directly. What can I tell you...
I: OK. I will talk with them.

2014-04-26 The ballad of Bundy ranch

Janet Allon, AlterNet
'My one regret is that I did not embrace Cliven Bundy sooner, like Sean Hannity.' READ MORE»

2014-04-26 Article on the Jerusalem "Big Bongs Night", which I authored, was published in the United States.

מאמר על "ליל הבאנגים הגדול" מפרי עטי, התפרסם בסוכנות ידיעות בארה""ב.
===Jerusalem: The Big Bongs Night - cannabis legalization demonstration===
Escalating campaign is underway for cannabis legalization in Israel. Israel police responded to a peaceful demonstration with advance detention of the...