Saturday, February 1, 2014

14-02-01 Bastiat on the Robber Barons

Photo: -- "This must be said: There are too many 'great' men in the world--legislators, organizers, do-gooders, leaders of the people, fathers of nations, and so on, and so on. Too many persons place themselves above mankind; they make a career of organizing it, patronizing it, and ruling it" -- Frederic Bastiat in "The Law." See

14-02-01 Human Rights organizations bias the data to serve US interests

My experience all along is that many organizations such as Human Rights Watch, Transparency International, etc, will deliberately omit data about Human Rights violations by the US gov against the people of the US.

In an extreme case, Transparency International rep explained to me that in the US they only do fund raising, which they use to report on other parts of the world...

Below is the other part of the same equation....

In short: 
Since Human Rights has been the cause celebre for the US to lead innumerable wars, it has become imperative to match the data to the political needs...


Tamara Pearson, In the six pages that Human Rights Watch (HRW) dedicates to Venezuela in its World Report 2014, released this week, it manages to tell at least 30 serious lies, distortions, and omissions. Pointing out these lies is important, because many people believe that HRW is a neutral authority on human rights.

14-02-01 US: Elizabeth Warren: "It Hurts... It Just Makes Me Madder Than Hell"

Michael Lux, Daily Kos: "Because everyone else in the political world will be writing about the SOTU, I am going to write about another political leader, Elizabeth Warren, who I think is creating a new kind of progressive politics that will have a major impact on American politics for years to come."

14-02-01 The 2nd coming? Cleaning up the Vatican Bank?

Pope Francis on Thursday replaced a cardinal who played a senior role in Vatican finances for more than a decade, in his latest move to clear out the old financial guard associated with his predecessor. The move, which follows the replacement of four cardinals connected to the Vatican bank on January 15, came as Francis is approaching the first anniversary of a pontificate marked by austerity and sobriety.

14-02-01 US: NH in my mind

I just can't believe they even had these monsters in NH.
I remember spending summers there in small towns when I lived in CT.... Small cottage of a friend. It was abandoned most of the year, and when you went in, you had to first clean it up from the dust.
The only shop in town tripled as the Dry Goods Store, the Post Office, and the Bank... They had a fence around each corner, to show which part was which business, and the owner would move around on demand...
And when I was in grad school, the only students' association meeting of significance was the budget meeting. On the agenda: finding a volunteer to drive to NH, buy beer with the entire budget...
But surely, now they face terror threats on all sides in NH... the people v gov... So police must be militarized... jz

14-02-01 Facebook art: partisan politics

The highest food stamp usage in America is in Owsley County, Kentucky which is 99.22% white & 95% Republican.

===14-02-01 US: In Paine’s time, the enemy was a distant and easily identifiable king, but in ours, the enemy is within and mostly invisible.

Great writer!  jz

American Crisis

By Linh Dinh

In Paine’s time, the enemy was a distant and easily identifiable king, but in ours, the enemy is within and mostly invisible. Our public officials are only the cabana boys and girls, or waiters, of this sick system, and they’re certainly not serving us. In fact, we can’t even press our noses against the glass to see who are dining within. Standing out back, we fight among ourselves for the discarded scraps and that, for now, is our only battle. We’re sad.

14-02-01 Hello world!

2/1 @ 2:00 : Redmond, Washington, US
2/1 @ 1:26 : Madrid, ES
2/1 @ 12:54 : Israel, IL
2/1 @ 12:15 : Tel Aviv, IL
2/1 @ 11:08 : Denver, Colorado, US
2/1 @ 6:26 : Rosemead, California, US
2/1 @ 6:24 : Buenos Aires, AR
2/1 @ 5:16 : Princeton, New Jersey, US
2/1 @ 4:12 : La Rioja, AR
1/31 @ 11:16 : Valparaiso, CL

14-02-01 ISRAEL: Hypersensitivity to news of fraud and corruption in the Israeli Supreme Court.

The online content management is particularly visible on Posts that pertain to corruption of the Israeli Supreme Court, are permanently stuck at "0" views, even after comments by readers are posted... :)
Online Content Management  is a growing business in Israel, according to media, where good sums of money are spent.  Examples: Falsely increasing viewership of song clips on Youtube, making Google searches avoid news of a prominent pop singer sex with minors scandal.
I guess fraud and criminality in the Supreme Court falls more in line with the latter example... :)

14-02-01 American Anthrax - another FBI hoax

The default is to assume a lie in any FBI investigation involving "terror". Pretty much soviet-era style conditions in the United States... jz
American Anthrax 

Media Roots presents American Anthrax, a documentary comprised of news footage that establishes, by history's own narration, how everything you've been told about the Anthrax Attacks is a lie. Conceptualized, edited and produced by Robbie Martin, co-host of Media Roots Radio.

14-02-01 US Misc News of the Abuse: Cops search inside underwear for minor traffic viiolations

I guess they have not been trained for cavity searches as in Texas yet... coming soon, coming soon... jz

Welcome To The USA
Roadside Violation: Drivers, Passengers Say Police Searched Inside Underwear
He said an officer walked him through the parking lot with his belt open and underwear exposed. He says the officer then reached into the front of his pants with his bare hand.