Wednesday, May 1, 2013

13-05-01 Tel Aviv: May 1st celebration

Photo: 13-05-01 TEL AVIV, ISRAEL: MAY 1st, evening celebration
My favorite pic: WE ARE THE 99% in Hebrew and Arabic, accompanied by blasting Hassidic dance music
My favority pic - WE ARE THE 99%, accompanied by blasting Hassidic dance music... a unique Israeli combination!

13-05-01 Dispatch from Tel Aviv: May 1st - song and dance

Why there is still hope in Israel - Freedom of Assembly in public spaces
The main event takes place in the same square, where prime minister Rabin was assassinated in 1995, under the banner - The People ahead of the Tycoons.  Current prime minister Netanyahu is perceived as the one, who incited for the assassination, and the Secret Service was deeply involved in the assassination, as documented in court records.
In short, Israel went through a coup... By now, the economy is controlled by a handful of tycoons, and corruption is at historically unprecedented level.  
Israel today is a corporatist province of the United States.

VIDEOS: (this is afternoon, still not the main event)