Tuesday, March 26, 2013

13-03-26 Facebook on DHS

Just a couple of days ago, I reported on two congressmen who were demanding that the Department of Homeland Security explain their solicitations of 1.6 billion bullets for purchase. Congressman Leonard Lance (R-NJ) and Representative Timothy Huelscamp (R-KS) both want answers to why DHS needs to be purchasing that much ammunition, seeing that they are a domestic agency. Congressman Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) along with 14 other House representatives have written a letter to DHS wanting to know what the Federal agency is buying so many rounds of ammunition and whether or not they are doing it deliberately to restrict the supply to the American people.

That’s right friends. With the main stream wanting to poo poo this story, it is finally making its way to House Representatives and there are finally voices calling for accountability.

“The extraordinary level of ammunition purchases made by Homeland Security seems to have, in states such as my own, created an extreme shortage of ammunition to the point where many gun owners are unable to purchase any,” LaMalfa wrote in the letter.

LaMalfa pointed out that there are spending cuts, which I’ve pointed out are not any real cuts, across the board, so he wants to know why nearly 2 billion rounds of ammunition, enough for a 24 year war, were being solicited by DHS

Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/03/dhs-ammunition-stockpile-over-a-dozen-congressmen-demanding-investigation/#ixzz2OL4TEYHs

13-03-26 Facebook Art: We the People on anarchy

The land of the "free" and the home of the slave?

13-03-26 Facebook Art: Bush II and Manning

Occupy Wall St. added a new photo.

13-03-26 Welcome to Tel Aviv - Miri Aloni

Miri Aloni became a celebrity as an 18 or 19 year old.  As lead singer in the Nahal military entertainment unit, she recorded a pacifist song in the early 1970s, opening with "Let the sun shine in".
To the degree that I am qualified, she is still a TV personality.  On Friday mornings she prefers to perform in the Carmel market square, in her signature costume...

13-03-26 Spring in Tel Aviv

Seder with Rasputin

Spring in Tel Aviv