Tuesday, November 17, 2009

09-11-16 An email to switzerland - Human Rights & Banking.


Nov 16, 2009

[ redacted]

RE: 1) Copy of a wide distribution public letter documenting corruption of the Chief Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit - to law school faculty, Attorney General, FBI, U.S. Congress, Whistle Blowing Groups, Judicial Accountability Groups, and others.
2) Repeat Request for Observers in Human Rights, Court Administration, Banking, and Correctional Institutions administration

Dear [redacted]:

I am forwarding to you the public letter below, out of belief that it is important information that you should be aware of in setting policies and implementing standards. I hope that you would be able to get past the populist style. It was necessary to employ it to get the message out. Last year I filed a standard request, which was not answered at all. When Senator Feinstein and Congresswoman Watson filed inquiries on FBI and U.S.Dept of Justice on my behalf- they responded in what must be deemed as fraud on U.S. Congress.

This year, the situation reached crisis level, with the arrest of Atty Richard Fine. Only fringe media gave it reasonable coverage, Mainstream media would not report. I discussed the issue with an executive producer in a major network - he was interested personally, but told me "corporate decision" was not to cover the subject, What I tried to report in popular language was convoluted computers/legal frauds which facilitated the false imprisonment. Such computer frauds are just as relevant to computer/legal/banking frauds which are underway today. In the letter below I did not provide much detail, but the letter is of critical significance, because I used it to single out the Chief Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit - by far the largest in the U.S., and second in authority only to the Supreme Court. The 9th Circuit Court is based in California, and I the Chief Judge was a participant in the corruption that was the false imprisonment of Atty Richard Fine - retaliation for the exposure of widespread corruption of the judges of LA County.. Bank of America, and Countrywide before it were, and are today, deeply involved as well. FBI and U.S. Dept of Justice continue to refuse to enforce the law.

As I write in the comments to Bobby in Hawaii and his email group - there is no chance of integrity in banking regulation when the courts collude with the banks in looting the people, with U.S. Government agency patronage. The resulting situation is a Human Rights abuse of historic proportions, and risks to financial markets that are entirely unpredictable, since data collection procedures are corrupt.

In papers referenced below, all of which are posted online, I tried to summarize my data and conclusions regarding the failure of the U.S. to set in place any reasonable procedures for validation (logic verification) of key systems in government, in financial institutions, and in public corporations. I filed a proposal in this regard with the U.S. Congress Judiciary committees about a year and a half ago - pertaining to computers of the courts- which I consider critical to the stability of most other systems in the U.S. economy and society. The key elements of my proposal were:

1) No need for new legislation - based instead only on new promulgation of the rule making enabling laws (federal and state)

2) Keeping the primary authority and responsibility with the people, not with experts or any other elected or appointed body, applying the basic concepts of public records inspections to such computer systems. I consider this element essential, if for no other reason - because it would require ongoing efforts to educate the public about its duty to constantly monitor integrity of government, financial institutions, and the courts, and never delegate that authority to others.

Already in January 2007 I filed with FBI a complaint that described the fraud in Countrywide's central underwriting monitoring system - EDGE. FBI refuses to this date to investigate. Likewise - I filed data that demonstrated that the Legal Department of Countrywide operated as a corrupt organization, headed by Sandor Samuels. FBI refused to investigate. Later, after Countrywide collapsed, U.S. Government officials ushered the merger with Bank of America, instead of liquidating Countrywide. My data demonstrates the corruption of Bank of America Corporation as a result.

Although I had no background in the related fields in December 2006, when I realized that I was subject to a fraud conspiracy by countrywide, i realize that by now I have accumulated data and knowledge regarding criminality, particularly in operation of large critical computer systems, which is unique. I would be glad to be of help to the committee. I have collected data also regarding banking regulators - based on my failed attempts to prompt them in 2007 and beyond to take action against Countrywide and Bank of America. Even today, I have a couple of complaints pending with the Controller of the Currency, although I pretty much giving up hope of any integrity in the system, and I was organizing instead a group to go abroad to a human rights court.
The basis for that would be not only the current looting underway, but also the false imprisonments. I claim that Los Angeles Courtney Court keeps many thousands, almost all black and Hispanic falsely imprisoned as part of the operations of the LA-JR.

As I stated in the past, I consider it essential that international bodies send observers, formal, semi formal, or informal, who would stay for some time (months?) and report back to such bodies. I believe that conditions are very fluid and unpredictable, that there is shortage of reliable information, and the mere knowledge that observers are present may provide a critical stabilizing factor that would prevent at minimal investment, much larger catastrophes. Observers should be qualified in Court Administration, Correctional Institution Administration, Banking Regulation, Financial Institution Administration, and Human Rights. When I wrote my previous requests such suggestions possibly appeared as out of touch with reality. With the false imprisonment of Richard Fine, the failure of the U.S. government to take any action, and even more alarming - the total silence of the legal profession - including civil rights groups - I believe that there is now more credibility of my claims.

It has been now about 2 years, since I concluded that the U.S. government was too weak to confront the LA-JR. However, I was urging the U.S.government for over a year to take a simple, easily accomplished measure, which would accomplish the same effect at minimal effort and cost - capture the computer of the court, and restore public access to the public records that the court is hiding for the past 25 years. I claim that it would incapacitate the LA-JR, and allow speedy release of those who are falsely imprisoned.. It would also eliminate large number of financial scams an schemes.

Although I have no formal trailing in the fields, or maybe because of that, I found my predictions, which were contrary to trends, being correct time after time, from claims of corruption and pending doom in Countrywide in January 2007, to claims of "Immunity for future criminalities" provided by U.S. officers to Bank of America, which I claimed starting February 2009, and is also reason for major concern. Observers are meant as implied, neutral, and only observing and reporting. You must realize that U.S. media are muzzled at present, and you must recall the Heisenberg effects of observers on the system. The downside of not sending observers is that you may be caught in a situation of unfolding crisis, realizing that you have no clue about the causes and no ability to obtain any reliable information either... therefore - unable to make any informed decisions.

I will also forward to you a copy of letters to FBI and U.S. Attorney General, now under preparation. Just as an example - my letter to the Attorney General would urge him to assert U.S. control in LA through critical positions that are open now in U.S. Dept of Justice.local offices. I believe that it would be appropriate for international bodies to communicate friendly advise in this regard as well, since as I reported in the past, this large county is now both the site of Human Rights disgrace of historic proportions - as false imprisonments of thousands, and also officially recognized by FBI as :the "epicenter of the epidemic" which translated into the current crisis. I allege that both are product of the same effect - a court that was transformed into a racket, with the short sighted blessing of U.S. agencies back 20=30 years ago.

Yours truly,

Joseph Zernik
P.S. This letter would also be posted, but all personal names and email addresses would be redacted.