Monday, March 30, 2009

Some Colorful Pop-Ups To Brighten Up Your Day...

Uploading of "Volume IV Continued" is Complete - Check it out: 

Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2009 08:09:34 -0700
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From: joseph zernik
Subject: Some colorful pop-ups to brighten your day....
Cc: "As detailed in body of message"

March 28, 2009

Att Jenna Moldawsky
Att John Amberg
Att Jeffrey Modisett
Att Peter Van Cleve
Bryan Cave, LLP

Mr Kenneth Lewis
Mr Timothy Mayopoulos
Bank of America Corporation

Angelo Mozilo
Sandor Samuels
Sanford Shatz
Todd Boock

RE:     Uploading completed: LA Superior Court "Volume IV Continued" (~750 page, with annotations in cover pages and in bookmarks) - including evidence of numerous alleged frauds by Countrywide, by Bryan Cave, LLP, and by alleged racketeer Jacqueline Connor -- best remembered for her performance in Derailing the First Rampart Trial (2000) -- to name just a few...

Att Amberg, Mr Boock, Mr Lewis, Mr Mayopoulos, Mr Modisett, Ms Moldawsky, Mr Mozilo, Mr Samuels,  Mr Shatz:

Here are some colorful pop-ups to brighten your day, not meant as hard evidence, only as "Cliff's notes"...

Please confirm receipt!
I am still expecting acknowledgement of receipt of the complaint by both the Office of general Counsel and the Audit Committee.  Likewise, if any detail in the submission was materially out of compliance with Audit Committee complaint procedures, I expect an expedient notice of that as well.

Thanks for your cooperation and help in this matter.

Joseph Zernik

Please also let me know if you find any difficulty in accessing any of the resources provided in the online record depot at:
I am constantly in the process of improving the service, and would be grateful for any suggestions, comments, or notices of errors, etc.

1) To clerk of the Honorable Jeff Bohm, US Judge, TX, with request to clarify how to file evidence relative to Court's March 5, 2008 decision:
The Court will continue to verify that its trust is well-placed."

2) Congressional staff

3) BAC Audit Committee as a whole, and members as individuals, with a request to consider this part of complaint previously filed pursuant to Sarbanes Oxley Act (2002), Section 301.

4) NGOs

5) Experts whose opinion is requested

Please support our petition:
Calling upon President Obama: 
Open the Books of LA Superior Court - to Free the 10,000 Rampart-FIPs.
Best reference on how they got falsely convicted, and why they are still imprisoned: LAPD Blue Ribbon Report (2006):
One reference for our low, conservative estimate of 10,000- PBS Frontline (2001):
Joseph Zernik, DMD PhD

Cell: 310 435 9107
No voice mail; IM, Page- OK
No ID- No response

Seeking Confirmation of Att Richard Fine's Conditions

All sources approached so far were either unreliable and/or uninformative...
Any reliable information regarding the where about and conditions of Att Richard Fine would be gratefully received.   Concern is that a lot of dysinformation is circulated, deliberately to make the situation fuzzy and deflect any significant action in this regard.

Whether you enter information anonymously here, as a comment, email it to me, phone it to me, etc, I would appreciate it if you embed in the response clues that would allow to confirm that the information is reliable...

Joseph Zernik