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13-05-30 US: The latest police violence video - 14 yo carrying a puppy...

With the situation in the US increasingly resembling that of the former Soviet Union relative to Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, I cannot recall random police violence being a hallmark of the Soviets...  This seems to be a uniquely American feature - terrorize the People... JZ

Black 14-year-old Carrying a Puppy Tackled and Choked by Police for Giving Them a "Dehumanizing Stare"

Grown police officers allege that the unarmed teen looked at them funny.
Photo Credit: CBS Miami
May 30, 2013  |  
New cell phone footage shows Miami-Dade Police officers aggressively pinning an unarmed teen to the ground while choking him. His alleged crime: giving the officers “dehumanizing stares” and “clenching his fists.” 

13-05-30 Julian Assange on Fighting the International Crackdown on WikiLeaks

Posted: 29 May 2013 08:47 PM PDT
In this 40-minute web exclusive interview, Julian Assange of WikiLeaks discusses his more than 300 days in the Ecuadorean embassy, the U.S. Justice Department spying on journalists, the future of WikiLeaks and Visa’s financial blockade on WikiLeaks.
"Well, we are literally winning in the courts in Iceland. Of course, Iceland is an independent—is one of the most independent countries in Europe, that has been behind a lot of our values in the past. The European Parliament passed a resolution against the activities of the credit card companies in relation to us. In Australia, we have had three opinion polls. They show that I have between 26 and 28 percent of the voting intention, Australia-wide. We have 40 percent of the voting intention of people under the age of 30, 36 percent of the voting intention in the most popular state of New South Wales, where Sydney is located. The Kissinger Files, 1.7 million documents that we have just published.
And I detect a certain fear in the United States administration and a certain fear in the Pentagon in relation to making statements about us. The bad old neo-McCarthyist fervor that once existed in 2011 about this organization, where politicians felt that they could propose bills to Congress, where Lieberman and Peter T. King felt they could propose bills to Congress to declare my staff enemy combatants of the United States, who could be kidnapped or killed at will, those days are well and truly gone, where politicians like Biden thought that he could come out and declare that I was a high-tech terrorist, where other politicians and high-profile journalists thought they could come out and directly call for my assassination, as Bill O’Reilly did and other people in Fox and The Washington Times. They came out and nakedly called for my assassination, including an adviser even in Canada to Stephen Harper. Those days are gone. Now, this organization is furious, and we are after redress. And we are getting redress."
A full transcript of the interview is available here.
You can also watch Democracy Now!'s recent interview with Assange about the guilty plea ofhacktivist Jeremy Hammond, the upcoming "show trial" for accused Army whistleblower Bradley Manning, and his little-known meeting with Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

13-05-29 Evolution of conditional decree petition records in the High Court of Justice of the State of Israel

The documents below show the evolution of conditional decree petitions records n the High Court of Justice of the State of Israel over the past decade. Prior to the death of Shmaryahu Cohen, decisions of the Supreme Court followed, at least in some cases the corresponding Regulations, and decrees were issued under the name of the Chief Clerk, as stipulated by law, and at least in some cases - hand signed. More recently, the Court does not follow the Regulations at all, issuing no conditional decree, in “Decisions” that are unsigned, uncertified, and bear no mention of the Office of the Clerk.
With it, review of the records of the High Court of Justice shows that the Court attempts to simulate true petition process in cases of foreign nationals (including Palestinians). Therefore, the main victims of the situation are Israeli citizens, whose rights are deprived.
Overall, such conditions amount to closing the doors of the High Court of Justice to Israeli citizens.
Closing of the civil courts is typical for: a) imposition of martial law, or b) general lawlessness...

===13-05-30 זה לא כל כך נעים לראות את בג"ץ סגור===
1) דר' סולטאן נ המושל הצבאי (3185/01) - צו ביניים
2) עמותת נפגעי מס רכוש נ שר האוצר (6895/99) - צו על תנאי
3) התנועה למען איכות השלטון בישראל נ ממשלת ישראל (8846/12) - "החלטה"

הכתבים בתמונות מראים את התפתחות תגובת בית המשפט העליון, בשבתו כבית דין גבוה לצדק, לעתירות לצו על תנאי.
לפני מותו של המזכיר הראשי שמריהו כהן ב-2002, לפחות בחלק מן המקרים נהג בית המשפט העליון על פי תקנות בג"ץ - 1984, והנפיק צווים על תנאי וצווי ביניים תחת חתימת המזכיר.
היום, ברובם המכריע של המקרים, מתעלם בית המשפט העליון מן החוק, ובמקום להגיב על עתירה לצו על תנאי על פי החוק, מונפק כתב "החלטה" הקורא לתגובה מאת המשיבים, אך ללא צו על תנאי, כתב ה"החלטה" אינו תחת חתימת או אישור המזכיר, ומונפק "כפוף לשינויי עריכה ונוסח". למעשה, אין יותר בג"ץ להגנה על זכויותיהם של תושבי ישראל!
יחד עם זאת מראה בדיקת כתבי בית המשפט העליון שבמקרים הנוגעים לאזרחים זרים (ובכלל זה פלסטינאים) נוטה בית המשפט העליון לפעול בדומה לחוק.
הנפגעים העקריים ממצב זה הם אזרחי ישראל, שזכויותיהם על פי חוק נשללו על ידי בית המשפט העליון של מדינת ישראל, ללא כל בסיס בחוק!
לפיכך, אפשר לקבוע שבג"ץ למעשה סגור בפני אזרחי מדינת ישראל. מצב בו בתי המשפט האזרחיים סגורים טיפוסי למצב של ממשל צבאי, או מצב של אובדן שלטון החוק...

1) Dr Sufian Sultan et al v Military Governor of Judea and Samaria (3185/01) in the High Court of Justice – Intermediate Decree, prohibiting building on Palestinian land in the Hebron area, bearing hand signature of the late Shmaryahu Cohen, but no stamp of the court.

2) Association of Property Tax Victims v Minister of Treasury et al (6895/99) in the High Court of JusticeConditional Decree, ordering response within 45 days, bearing stamp of the court, but no hand signature of the Chief Clerk.

3) Association for Quality Government in Israel et al v Government of Israel et al (8846/12) in the High Court of Justice – initial court decision, ordering response with no Conditional Decree, no mention of the Chief Clerk, “subject to editing and phrasing changes”, no stamp, no signature.
[1] 13-05-29 Evolution of conditional decree petition records in the High Court of Justice of the State of Israel
[2] 00-00-01-84 Regulations of the Israeli High Court of Justice - 1984

13-05-30 Hello world!

5/30 @ 8:26 : Azur, IL
5/30 @ 7:37 : Haifa, IL
5/30 @ 5:08 : New Delhi, IN
5/30 @ 2:55 : Tel Aviv, IL
5/30 @ 2:12 : Abuja, NG
5/30 @ 1:55 : Strasbourg, FR
5/30 @ 1:40 : Redmond, Washington, US
5/30 @ 1:40 : Azur, IL
5/30 @ 12:33 : Phoenix, Arizona, US
5/30 @ 11:14 : Simi Valley, California, US
5/30 @ 10:48 : Dallas, Texas, US

13-05-30 The Israeli Public Housing Act and the Israeli Supreme Court

‎חדר-מצב עידכונים‎ ‎צדק חברתי - העמוד הרשמי‎
Attached are the records of three court files that are indicated as related to the Public Housing Act (and refusal of the Ministry of Housing to comply with it).  All three court files are all petitions for conditional decrees in the High Court of Justice of the State of Israel.  Upon review of the records of these petitions and the petition in Zernik v Minister of Justice, one is likely to question what legal processes are conducted in each of them, and whether such legal processes have any foundation in the law of the State of Israel. The cost of housing is probably the primary cause of social protest in Israel today, and successive governments have promised to address it.  At the same time, the government refuses to comply with the Public Housing Act and expand funds that were accumulated from existing public housing towards addressing the housing crisis. The refusal of the High Court of Justice to accord such petitions due process, pursuant to the law of the State of Israel documents again the central role of the courts in the socio-economic crisis in Israel.

[1] 13-05-30 Public Housing Act -related petitions in the High Court of Justice of the State of Israel

13-05-30 More on the untimely death of Chief Clerk Shmaryahu Cohen in the Supreme Court in 2002

Bringing together posts from various board on the subject.

שמריהו כהן, ז"ל, המזכיר הראשי של בית המשפט העליון - השומר האחרון של שלטון החוק במדינת ישראל?

The original posting in all was the same as on this blog at:
me (Joseph Zernik, Human Rights Alert (NGO) change
10:53 AM (2 hours ago)
People here are uniquely silent on the data that I present from my studies, regarding the electronic record systems of the State of Israel.  That is a pity, since it is the comparative study of corruption that is so instructive to me.

Obviously, the Israeli case management/public access systems are cheap, brazen versions of the systems that had been implemented in the state and US courts 10-20 years earlier. 

Below is recent exchange from The comments there are often neanderthal. The responder below appears more as reflecting the official line, denial of reality... 
Regarding the final question that I pose, relative to Israel - whether it is under martial law, or under general lawlessness:
1) Relative to Israel: My answer is that in the Palestinian territories Israel is under martial law, and within the 1967 borders Israel is under general lawlessness (because martial law is typically broadly advertised, and here it was done with no public notice), which expresses itself mostly in impoverishing of the People.
2) Relative to the US: My answer is that the US is under martial law, which was effectively declared when Bush II deployed US military in the US in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, and when Obama usurped the right to kill with no due process by drones and to imprison with no due process under NDAA.

  • @aydeo
    A high official in a sensitive position relative to state records dies in office, and his friends/relative file police complaint suspecting murder... That's what happens from time to time in banana republics...

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  • @HumanRightsAlert
    AND in paralel:
    * ALL Supreme Court records are compromised with the disclaimr: Version subject to editing and phrasing changes, and
    * No mention is made any longer of the Office of the Clerk, or the name of the current "Chief Clerk" Sarah Lifschitz, who occupies her office for over 10 years with no lawful appointment record...
    * All court decisions are served unsigned and unauthenticated.

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  • @aydeo
    Show even one nation in the world, other than Israel, banana republics included, where the supreme court of that nation publishes all its final decision with a permanent disclaimer that is even close to the one that now PERMANENTLY appears on each and every decision of the Supreme Court of the State of Israel..
    "Version subject to editing and phrasing changes".
    The closest is the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, which in 1984 wMore..

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  • @aydeo
    I am no legal scholar, but as far as I understand, by English common law standards, such condition is referred to as "civil courts being closed". Such situation is typical of:
    1) Periods of martial law.
    2) Periods of general lawlessness.

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    13-05-30 Israel: New data on unlawful solitary confinement

    Haaretz in Hebrew reports on serious new findings, relative to the use of long term solitary confinement (which by international standards is considered torture):

    •  A prisoner was chained to bed for half a year.
    • More than 100 prisoners admittedly are in long term solitary confinement
    • 10 of them are minors, who for months do not see a living soul, except for wardens, who serve them food through a door window.
    • So far the record was 24 years in solitary confinement.