Friday, October 16, 2009

October 16, 2009 - We would ilke to have RICHARD FINE RELEASED BY MONDAY...

Richard Fine . . . . . .Twin Tower Jail, Los Angeles

Please call or fax Sheriff Lee Baca and ask him simply:

Please let Richard Fine go...

Sheriff Lee Baca
Tel: (323) 526-5000
Fax: (323) 267-6600

Please call/fax this weekend, and please ask some
friends to do the same.


Dear friend:
I wonder if you had a chance to review the appeal I wrote to Sheriff LEE BACA. It was attached and

The set of documents in the fraud against Atty RICHARD FINE, as alleged by me, which keeps him
imprisoned, is simple... At the bottom line these are series of court records, each would look perfectly
valid to a naive reviewer, but in fact, each and every one of the them is fraud on its face. Most of them -
simply through mismatch of dates and signatures, or proof of service. For example, the judgment that
purportedly keeps RICHARD FINE in jail:
1) It is stamped March 4, 2009 "FILED" on its face, and it is signed March 24, 2009 on its final
page by Judge DAVID YAFFE. You cannot have a document filed in court before it was signed !!!
2) It came with no proof of service at all!
Based on such judgment record the man is jailed since March 4, 2009, in solitary confinement, and for
the first couple of months he was not allowed access to pen and paper, no visitors, etc.
I believe that Sheriff LEE BACA is an honest man. I hope that it comes across in my appeal. On the
other hand, I believe that he was deceived by Judge DAVID YAFFE, I don't make any secret about that
However, the end result is that now I believe that Sheriff LEE BACA is holding Atty RICHARD FINE
without the required legal foundations. At the same time, I believe that Sheriff LEE BACA holds the key
to a solution in this case - by releasing RICHARD FINE on his own authority. The courts have messed
up this case so badly, and they have no way of getting themselves out of it anytime soon. Therefore -
the sooner that Sheriff BACA lets Atty FINE go, the better it would be for the Sheriff and for everybody
On the down side - the Sheriff also runs a risk: A Judge like DAVID YAFFE has full immunity - no matter
how crooked he is and/or may be. That is not the case with the Sheriff, and if he holds FINE much longer, he runs
the risk of eventually being the scapegoat in some investigation committee of the type we have seen
around here, especially that he cannot claim ignorance anymore, I have verified that his office received
my appeal.
On the up side - if Sheriff BACA releases RICHARD FINE, on his own authority, the Sheriff would
become a hero... It would be a landmark in the history of this county. You should realize that the case of
RICHARD FINE is growing into some kind of urban myth...He is already mentioned in WIKIPEDIA and
multiple web sites made him into the battle cry - and the affair is not over yet... It would also establish lawenforcement- like police and sheriff, which typically got all the blame (e.g. - the Rampart) - as the anchor of some decency in the justice system in LA.
If you find time to review the appeal papers and find it true and correct. on the facts, please fax or phone
Sheriff Lee Baca. The appeal includes links to the relevant legal papers that were involved... and more...
Again, I am asking that you act only on your conviction, and only if you review the papers and see that I
am true and correct on the facts in the matter.
Thanks, and have a good weekend...
Joseph Zernik
Los Angeles County, California
We own the "C" in Corruption