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12-12-21 Hello World!

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12-12-21 Assange to publish 'million more files'

WikiLeaks founder says his work "will not be cowed", as his whistleblowing site promises to publish more documents.
Last Modified: 21 Dec 2012 08:32
Assange has praised jailed US soldier Bradley Manning, saying the young man has "maintained his dignity" [Reuters]
Julian Assange, the founder of whistleblower website WikiLeaks, has said he will release over a million more documents in the coming year that will affect "every country in the world".
The activist made a rare public appearance on the balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he has spent the last six month in refuge to avoid extradition to Sweden for alleged sex crimes.
Addressing a 200 cheering crowd of supporters and international press, Assange said: "WikiLeaks has already over a million documents prepared to be released. Documents that affect every country in the world. Every country in this world. And in Australia an un-elected senator will be replaced by one that is elected."
Assange refused to give up his self-imposed incarceration saying he was holed up at the embassy for fear of the US investigation into his activities.
'Work will not be cowed'
"My work will not be cowed, but while this immoral investigation continues and while the Australian government will not defend the journalism and publishing of WikiLeaks I must remain here," Assange said.
"However, the door is open and the door has always been open for anyone who wishes to speak to me. Like you, I have not been charged with a crime," he said.
He also listed a series of jailed figures, including Bahraini human rights activist Nabeel Rajab and alleged Anonymous hacker Jeremy Hammond.
The the 41-year-old Australian also praised jailed US soldier Bradley Manning, the alleged source of WikiLeaks' most embarrassing revelations.
"Bradley Manning, who turned 25 this week, a young man who has maintained his dignity after spending more than 10 percent of his life in jail without trial, some of that time in a cage, naked and without his glasses," he said.
Assange is being investigated by US officials over his leaks of classified documents and is also wanted over allegations of sexual assault stemming from a trip to Sweden in mid-2010.