Saturday, May 30, 2009

Request for Review of Clerk's Operations at U.S. Court, District of Columbia

Request was filed with the Clerk of the Court, copied to their Excellencies the Royal Ambassador of Norway and the Ambassador of the State of Israel, U.S. Congress, and others...

RE: Case #1:2009cv00805, Zernik v Melson et al.

Dear Ms Mayer Whittington and Mr Scott:

I am a pro se filer, and a resident of Los Angeles California. I deem my case, referenced above, and filed at U.S. Court, District of Columbia, politically sensitive.  In the past two weeks I had a number of phone calls with clerks of the U.S. Court, Washington DC, as part of my attempts to figure out the fate of my papers.  Such conversations left me convinced that I would be accorded honest treatment by most clerks of the court.  However, they left me concerned regarding some unclear details.

I am writing to request that special attention be provided to ensure honest processing of my future papers, and also to request that some facts be established regarding processing of my previous papers.

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