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12-11-17 Police State USA - LAPD officer tasers a handcuffed woman

LAPD officer used Taser on handcuffed woman

Elements of the officer's version of events are contradicted by video footage. The department denies that this and other force cases add up to a behavioral pattern of abuse.

A Los Angeles police officer shocked a handcuffed woman with a Taser stun gun while joking with other officers at the scene, according to interviews and law enforcement records, adding to a series of controversial use-of-force incidents at the LAPD.
Officer Jorge Santander then appeared to lie about the December 2010 incident repeatedly in written reports. The three other LAPD officers who witnessed Santander stun the woman all corroborated his version of events when first questioned and failed to tell supervisors that one officer had recorded a video of the encounter, the records show.
The video shows Santander firing the Taser without warning and later displaying a Superman logo he wore on his chest beneath his uniform, according to the records. Off camera, another officer is heard laughing and singing.

12-11-19 UK: Citizen's arrest of a judge for refusing to produce his oath of office

Judge Gets Arrested pt1 (Best Edit)

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'' British Constitution Group '' Roger Hayes arrests the judge for refusing to produce his oath of office over illigal councle tax Fraud comited by the local councle with the help of citizens from the uk. Roger & Raymond Sinclare also talk about the ''corrupt courts''. ''court officals'' ''arrest the judge'' ''illigal councle tax'' plus ''corrupt councles'' ''lawfull bank'' ''freeman on the land'' ''strawman'' ''legal fiction'' ''lawfull rebellion'' ''uk strawman'' ''uk constitution group'' '' uk sovereign''


12-11-18 The current depression - outcome of deliberate government policies over the past 10-20 years

The conditions, described below, are not the outcome of an economic cycle. These are the outcome of deliberate government policies over the past 10-20 years.  The US has deliberately become a third world nation.

Correcting such conditions may take many decades, once government resolves to do so, which may take decades in itself.  

The closest parallel is the Robber Baron Era and the resulting Great Depression - from the end of the Civil War to after WWII - it took almost a century and WWII to turn the US around.  

Corruption of the courts was central to events of that period, and major reform of the US courts in the early 20th century was essential part of the solution.

  • "According to UNICEF, among industrialized countries only Romania has a higher child poverty rate than the United States. Just in the last 10 years the number of impoverished American children increased by 30 percent."
  • "out of 150 countries, we have the fourth-highest wealth disparity... Only Zimbabwe, Namibia and Switzerland are worse."
  • 'Despite a falling violent crime rate in the U.S., there are now, as noted by Adam Gopnik, "more people under 'correctional supervision' in America -- more than six million -- than were in the Gulag Archipelago under Stalin at its height."'
  • "...lack of [socio-economic] mobility is more prevalent in the U.S. than in almost all other OECD countries."