Sunday, September 27, 2009

09-06-27 Notice of disability – resulting from alleged severe deprivation of rights

September 27, 2009
2005 Evergreen Street, Suite 1550
Sacramento CA 95815
T (916) 263-2300 F (916) 263-2140
In RE: Notice of Disability in license #40328
I spoke earlier this week with your office. Your staff informed me that the Board
recognized only medical disability, certified by a physician.
I am disabled as a result of alleged severe deprivation of rights, stemming from alleged
corruption of the California justice system and the Los Angeles Superior Court, and
denial of the basic right for equal protection under the law.
A brief review is enclosed.
There is no doubt in my mind that the events that I am witnessing and recording are of
historic proportions – the looting of the American people by large banks, the courts, and
the legal profession. Furthermore, given the false reporting of events that is
commonplace, I believe that the meticulous documentation of what is taking place here
and now is of unique significance.
Therefore, I finally had to realize that I was not able to perform in protecting my basic
Human Rights, and operating my office under the current duress. It ended up in two
options – leaving the U.S. immediately, or quitting my practice and committing myself full
time to fighting for my rights and the rights of others.
I chose the latter, and it came with major losses, and also with considerable risks – I
already received several death threats in the past two years.

______/s/ Joseph Zernik_______________
Joseph Zernik, DMD, PhD

1) Application to inactivate license
2) Alleged Racketeering by Countrywide, Bank
of America Corporation, and judges.

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