Tuesday, October 2, 2007

In Pro Per in Los Angeles


Yes: We do offer continuing education credits, just ask us how...

I have been in litigation for a while now, recently - in pro per. Family and friends complain that I am incommunicado... so here it is...

You want to know about court corruption in Ghana?
I have nothing to say about that... you can read about it all over the place...

You want to know about court corruption in LA? You got to the right place!

Corrupt judges?
sure, we have plenty to say...

Corrupt lawyers?
sure, what do you want to know...

Corporate sponsorship of court corruption?
well, it is not a recognized expense for tax purposes, but..

* claims filed - October 2004 (2 years ago)
* was represented by one attorney (long story -another time) till early Jan 2007
* in pro per on and off ever since...

On Sept 10, 2007 i served judge jacqueline connor (LA superior court, santa monica) with filing pursuant to CCP 170.3. She took over an hour to review the filing, then came out and announced that she was not admitting any of my claims, but recusing herself per CCP 170.3(c)(2).

The claims listed in my filing amounted to wilful misconduct, subversion of justice, as well as fraud and deceit. Given the nature of the claims, Connor's response was short of any reasonable effort by a judge to defend her integrity, when confronted with claims of venal, criminal corruption.

Two men were sued by LA County for paternity of one baby.
How can it be?
Are we talking double maculate conception?
Is this some new development in science and medicine?
Is this a new lifestyle not yet reported to the rest of the world?
NO - this is not just a cheap teaser, and
YES - this is related to the litigation at hand.

Yours truly -
Defendant and Cross-Complainant
in pro per!