Friday, January 22, 2010

10-01-22 Huminski v Corsones (1:99-cv-00160) in Brattleboro, Vermont, and Fine v Sheriff (2:08-cv-01914) in Los Angeles, California: Willful misconduct of US District Courts from coast to coast as key to dysfunctional banking regulation

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Scott Huminski_ _Richard Fine
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2010 23:44:35 -0800
To: "Central Banks, Analysis Departments, Basel Accords Committee, US agencies, Law School Faculty, NGOs, and others"
From: joseph zernik
Subject: Fwd: Huminski v Corsones (1:99-cv-00160) in Brattleboro, Vermont, and Fine v Sheriff (2:08-cv-01914) in Los Angeles, California: Willful misconduct of US District Courts from coast to coast as key to dysfunctional banking regulation

Not third grade level!

Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2010 23:17:31 -0800
To: scott huminski
From: joseph zernik
Subject: Huminski v Corsones (1:99-cv-00160) in Brattleboro, Vermont, and Fine v Sheriff (2:08-cv-01914) in Los Angeles, California - willful misconduct of US District Courts as key to dysfunctional banking regulation

Hi Scott:

The transactions we are witnessing today in Huminski v Corsones (1:99-cv-00160) in Brattleboro, Vermont - a First Amendment case,  and Fine v Sheriff (2:08-cv-01914) in Los Angeles, California - a Habeas Corpus Petition, provide additional evidence for my allegations of large-scale fraud in operation PACER & CM/ECF - the case management systems (CMSs) of the United States courts.  It was further alleged, that such widespread misconduct of the courts was at the foundation of the current crisis.  There simply is no way to exert honest banking regulation on the foundation of fraudulent conduct at the US courts from coast to coast.  The remedy must include publicly-accountable validation (certified, functional logic verification) of CMSs in the courts, in prisons, in public corporations and in financial institutions. 

The failing of the US District Court, Brattleboro, Vermont, to enter, or reject entry, of my Ex Parte Application
[1] in Huminski v Corsones (1:99-cv-00160), a landmark case in re: First Amendment rights, was no surprise at all. In fact, it was predicted in my previous emails to you, copied below...  Please also notice the extra precautions in my proof of service.  The mailing to the Vermont clerk, alone of all parties, was by certified, restricted, return receipt USPS mail.  Furthermore, the certificate of service included a URL for an online, digitally signed, dated, and time-stamped copy of the paper, so that the there would be a public proof, in case the court adulterated my paper, which had often happened in the past.

Have you ever checked the "Related Transactions Report", or the "Docketing Activity Report" in PACER in your cases at the US courts?  These are two of the remaining publicly-accessible safeguards for integrity of the dockets at the US courts, where available.  Not all US courts permit pubic access to these reports either.  For example, the US District Court, Los Angeles denies public access to the "Docket Activity Report" with no legal foundation at all for such denial of access.  Review of such reports and CM/ECF manuals, would show that there is no way to enter your opposition
[2] to my ex parte application in an honest, valid, and effectual manner, if my ex parte application had never been entered in the docket in the first place.  In fact, if your opposition would be entered without entering my ex parte application first, it would be a good documentation of the fraud in operation of PACER & CM/ECF at the US District Court, Vermont, which is what my ex parte application set out to accomplish in the first place. 

Please notice me, in case the US District Court, Vermont, responds on your opposition with an NEF, a notice of discrepancy, or any other notice that would either accept or reject the entry of your paper.  I would likewise expediently keep you posted if I ever get any communications regarding acceptance or rejection of my ex parte application.

None of the multiple US District Courts and US Courts of Appeals that I have examined had any local rules of courts providing permission for clerks and/or judges to have paper vanish - eliminate papers from court dockets at will.  Likewise, none had local rules permitting the listing of false and deliberately misleading items in the online PACER dockets, which appeared to PACER users as entered, when in fact, CM/ECF users could tell that such items were not entered at all.  However, all US courts that I examined engaged in such practices. Regarding my vanishing papers, I assume that judges and clerks misguidedly believed that they were authorized to do so, since my papers were deemed by them "scandalous".  However, they should have documented through a lawful procedure, that a paper was filed, but was eliminated from the docket on such grounds, or any other grounds that they found to permit their conduct. 

Furthermore, if you survey the PACER dockets in the various US courts, you would soon realize that even papers that were initially "docketed" were later removed in certain PACER dockets, with no sealing order, or any justification at all.  In some cases, I found dockets in PACER , where particular records were removed from the PACER dockets, with a note - "Available in person at the clerk's office only".  Such practice as found, for example, in records allegedly documenting racketeering in the courts across the US by Countrywide/Bank of America Corporation. Again - there was never any legal foundation for such practice by US judges and/or clerks.

Keeping honest dockets is fundamental to numerous Human Rights in ratified International Law, it is also fundamental for First, Fifth/Fourteenth, and Sixth Amendment rights in US Law.  Likewise, it is also fundamental for honest banking regulation. Such concepts were well established for generations in the Paper Era.

My ex parte application in Huminski v Corsones was also served on Richard Fine, falsely hospitalized in Los Angeles since March 10, 2010.  In a way, your abused docket in Huminski v Corsones and his abused docket in the habeas corpus petition -  Fine v Sheriff  - were linked through this filing, which alleged willful misconduct of the US courts from coast to coast through operation of PACER & CM/ECF.  My filing in Huminski v Corsones also served to inform Richard Fine in jail, regarding the scope of the alleged fraud in the conduct of the US courts today. Fine started his journey as a believer in the US justice system - in contrast with the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, whose widespread corruption he had documented, exposed, and rebuked.

Richard Fine's case is yet additional support for my claims of the central role of case management systems (CMSs), such as PACER & CM/ECF in the deterioration of the US justice system in the digital era.  Richard Fine had served as a US Prosecutor.   He was a highly accomplished attorney.  Therefore, his faith in the US justice system had to reflect his own experience as an insider over a number of years in the Anti-trust Division of the US Dept of Justice.  However, his experience there was during the Paper Era, while his current abuse and wrongful hospitalization, sanctioned by the US District Court, Los Angeles, and the US Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit, albeit - through fraudulent court papers - Kozinski Frauds - was exerted in the Digital Era.  Finally - his story demonstrated that even a former US Prosecutor and highly accomplished attorney, had never figured out the fraud perpetrated on him through a quartet of CMSs in LA County and beyond:
a) LA Superior Court -
c) US District Court, LA - PACER & CM/ECF platform, US District Court, LA version
d) US Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit -
PACER & CM/ECF platform, US Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit verion.

Court records of Huminski v Corsones (1:99-cv-00160) and Fine v Sheriff (2:08-cv-01914) documented willful misconduct of US District Courts from coast to coast in PACER & CM/ECF. The remedy must include publicly-accountable validation (certified, functional logic verification) of CMSs in the courts, in prisons, in public corporations and in financial institutions.  The current US crisis is not a financial/ economic crisis per se, but an integrity crisis - similar to previous depressions, including, but not limited to the Great Depression that started in 1929, and which did not end in fact until WWII.

If no attempt is made to remedy the underlying integrity failure, the US should be ready for a prolonged economic depression.

Joseph Zernik
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Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2010 16:17:40 -0800
To: scott huminski
From: joseph zernik
Subject: Re: Your filing


For this discussion purpose I define the following terms:
FILED - designates the fact that a paper was conveyed by a party who is either the court itself, or an outside the court party, into possession of the clerk of the court.
ENTERED - designates the fact that the paper was reviewed by the clerk of the court and was found valid on its face: I.E: case caption, case number, court's name, judge's name, party designations, signature of filer on brief and declarations, if any, and if outside the court party - valid  proof of service. Thereafter, if paper was by the court - the clerk issues a certificate of mailing and notice of entry.  Once done - the paper was incorporated into a particular case file of the court, and therefore, became part of the "Court Filings" - i.e. - public records of the respective case.

I consider these terms the critical terms, and their interpretations by the various courts relative to the implementation of computer systems is the core of the fraud in the various courts' computer systems that I checked.

In the Paper Era it was relatively simple:
FILED: The paper came into possession of the clerk, and he stamped it FILED with date and hand signature.  The filer got a copy stamped "CONFORMED" or "ORIGINAL FILED", etc.
ENTERED: The clerk physically entered the paper into the respective court file, and stamped it "ENTERED" and endorsed it with date and hand signature. In parallel, the clerk would note it in the paper docket.

In the Digital Era, particularly in PACER & CM/ECF, the whole issue was entirely perverted.                     
For example - an attorney can "ENTER" a paper into the digital court file and the docket, with no action required by the clerk.  That is in fact the key issue that I consider had to be defined by law or by Rules of Court, but was never done that way.  In contrast, a Pro Se, has to mail it to the clerk, and the clerk is supposed to then affect the electronic filing.  In both cases, the end result of electronic filing is a valid Entry only if a valid NEF was issued by the system, bearing a valid RSA-encrypted digital signature. 

In the case of filing by attorneys, in cases that I have inspected, it is automatic.  If the attorney went through the menus, and did the electronic filing correctly, the NEF is issued instantaneously, and the paper is "Entered".

In case of filing by the clerk, I concluded that at some point in the process the clerks have the option of completing it as either "True Entry" or "Fake Entry", it is not clear to me what the menu options available to the clerks are. However, I provided the Clerk of the Court in Los Angeles samples of the two types of entry by clerks, and requested an explanation... That is what they are "researching" for months now - in fact refusing to respond on.

 A related key issue is that in the Paper Era, the stamps always had the name of the Clerk of the Court in one place or another, and the filing and entry were by his/her authority, delegated to a Deputy Clerk appointed by the Clerk. There was a very clear legal chain of accountability.  In  PACER & CM/ECF you cannot find any mention of any clerk's name whatsoever. Through implementation of PACER & CM/ECF, they entirely eliminated this critical "checks and balances" mechanism, which evolved over centuries specifically as a safeguard for integrity of the courts against corrupt judges (in part - since the clerks have no judicial immunity comparable to judges). 

Therefore, my second question to the Clerk of the Court in Los Angeles, which she refuses to respond to, is whether the dockets in the cases that were subject of the requests were dockets, which were constructed by authority of the Clerk of the Court,  pursuant to US law.

You cannot get any more basic than that. Refusal to respond on these questions was interpreted by me as "Taking the Fifth".

1) Have you received an NEF from the clerk in response to your filing? 
If not - your paper was never truly entered. The NEF, when bearing a valid RSA-encrypted digital signature is today's equivalent of the clerk hand-endorsing the "ENTERED"  stamp on the paper, in contrast with the stamp "FILED".

2) I surely never got an NEF from the court.
Therefore, my paper surely was never entered.

3) Have you checked the "Related Transactions Report" and the "Docket Activity Report"? 
You paper must be listed as an opposition to mine, and adjudication of the matter, must be listed as termination an "Open Status" that was supposed to be created by the entry of my ex parte application.  One common way that fraud and deceit is perpetrated in conjunction with Kozinski Fraud, is by listing the motions as "Misc". That way, from court's perspective, no "Open Status" was created. Therefore, there is no need for true adjudication. Therefore, when the court issues a void order as Kozinski Fraud, the court is not left with an "Open Status" that was not adjudicated and terminated. 
There is much more logic to the madness than you realize.


At 02:05 PM 1/22/2010, you wrote:
Well Joe, for some reason your motion was assigned a paper #344 but the motion does not appear in the docket sheet.  My opposition was docketed, appears and everything is OK with it. Odd.  -- scott

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At 01:25 PM 1/21/2010, you wrote:
Looks like my opposition with a 44 cent stamp will get docketed before your motion. Agreed some clerks may be evil people, but in 13 years and hundreds of documents filed i never had a docketing problem. In the Vermont district we don't practice the use of paper #'s from the docket when filing an opposition.  Frankly, its easier to let the clerks figure that out.  -- scott

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Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 18:09:18 -0800
To: scott huminski
From: joseph zernik
Subject: Huminski v Corsones (1:99-cv-00160)

Hi Scott:

Your statements below are incorrect, to the degree that you consider a signed order that came with a defective, invalid NEF - bearing no RSA-encrypted signature - as "served".  In fact, it was never lawfully served on you.

Furthermore, if you read the review on NEFs,
[1] it provided the references for the legal foundation of my claims that (a) the RSA-encrypted digital signatures are held by the US courts to be today to be the authentication of US court records by the clerk, and (b) a court order with no such attestation by the clerk was not an order that required "full faith and credit".


At 08:27 AM 1/16/2010, you wrote:
I will get a proper signed order by the court in a several page opinion I would guess.  As the issue is jurisdictional, I would expect and have gotten in the past a mailed signed order.  The NEF type/status does not invalidate a signed and served ruling. -- scott

Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 14:44:00 -0800
To: scott huminski
Subject: RE: HUm v. COr

Thanks, this NEF is invalid as well. I hope you realize it by now.

What would be your interpretation of the legal status of jurisdiction of Judge Murtha, when a ruling denying the disqualification would arrive with an invalid NEF?  jz

At 10:17 AM 1/15/2010, you wrote:

Yup, Your motion will definitely be docketed and I would hope that there would be a ruling on your motion after disqualification is ruled on.  Perhaps a concurrent ruling.  Have fun with the attached NEF. --scott
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 09:56:39 -0800
To: scott huminski
Subject: RE: HUm v. COr
You are most welcome to oppose my requests, and I would not reply to your opposition either.
1) To oppose my requests, I assume that you expect the court to docket my paper, so that  you would have something to oppose. My experience elsewhere included vanishing court papers anytime they pertained to issues such as stated in my requests, whether it was my case or others'.  Therefore, you may have nothing to oppose, and could spare yourself the effort.
2) In case the court dockets it, and you oppose, I hope that you would share with me any NEF that the court may issue and serve on you, as part of any ruling, which is my interest in the first place.  It would show the conduct of the court after it was given notice of its fraudulent conduct. I assume that any ruling of such nature would be served on you with an invalid NEF as well.
3) The question still remains, how the court would act on the disqualification motion. I assume that the court would have to rule first on the pending disqualification, before it rules on anything else.
Would the court issue an order with an honest, valid, and effectual NEF on the disqualification? 
My prediction is that the court would not be able to issue an honest NEF on the order denying motion for disqualification.  Again,  I hope that you would share with me any NEF that you may get served on you with such order.  If indeed the denial of disqualification would be served with an invalid NEF,  in fact it means that the court had no jurisdiction in the first place.  Therefore, both my request and any opposition that you may file on my requests may be moot.
In short - whether you oppose my requests or not, if my request would be docketed, it means that the court got the notice. Recidivist conduct by the court after getting such notice, must be deemed by international courts as an aggravating factor.  You are welcome to oppose my requests.  Your opposition would create another opportunity for the court to issue a fraudulent paper with no valid NEF, which would be important additional evidence for my claims in international court.
Joe Zernik
At 08:26 AM 1/15/2010, you wrote:
great, I'll have to oppose it as it does not comply with FRCP 24 intervention.  Nothing personal. -- scott
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 00:44:50 -0800
To: scott huminski
Subject: Re: HUm v. COr
Hi Scott:
Yes, it was all mailed out the morning of 1/14/10, with correct cert of service, including your name and address. I also included Richard Fine in the service list, because I find it the surest way to have him receive his mail - under the guise of court service.  In fact, that was the reason that I filed the original motion for the 9th circuit in his case - to inform him that they were cheating him all the way to the 9th circuit.
Please  confirm when you receive the motion by mail. 
RE: The court in Vermont, I called first, and got the name of the deputy-clerk (Kathleen Korstange), and sent it certified, restricted, return receipt. The reason was that my experience had been that such motions tended to disappear from the court records with no trace if sent by regular first class mail.
At 06:00 PM 1/14/2010, you wrote:
Hi Joe,  Is your motion on the way?  Did you include a cert of service? -- scott
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The Usual:
  [] []
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 "This case should demonstrate that the FBI will pursue all allegations of judicial corruption vigorously, as public corruption violations are among the most serious of all criminal conduct and can tear at the fabric of a democratic society," said John F. Pikus, special agent in charge of the Albany division, in a prepared statement.

10-01-22 English, Castellano, Français, Deutsch: Per TV journalist's request - Third-grade level presentation in re: Widespread corruption of the Los Angeles courts and of US banking regulation.

Per TV journalist's request - Third-grade level presentation in re: Widespread corruption of the Los Angeles courts and of US banking regulation.
Bad, bad kids and bad, bad grownups, do not all look alike.  They can come in different shapes and appearances.  Even judges can be evil.  Guy judges can be evil, and also girl judges can be evil - like Cruella De Ville from the1001 Dalmatians.  Some 30 years ago, some bad, bad judges got hold of the biggest court in the United States - in Los Angeles, California.  The bad, bad judges grabbed a lot of good people, thousands of them, off the streets and put them in prison for 20-30 years each. Even teenagers. Can you imagine? They took school kids, and put them in prison for nothing. They said that these good people and good kids were bad.  In fact, it was the police and the judges who were the bad, bad people. 

It is not anything new. It was discovered over 10 years ago, but nobody took the good people and the good kids out of prison yet.  The good people and the good kids are in prison even today.   A bad, bad girl judge said that she was the one who would say what was good and what was bad... And the bad, bad girl judge said that it was good to put good people and good kids in prison. But that was a lie.  You don't put good people in prison.    But that is why many, many good people are still in prison in Los Angeles, California. Even today.

Attorneys also come in different ways, there are some evil attorneys, and there are also some good attorneys. This good guy, an old attorney, who instead of watching TV and going to McDonald's, liked to read all kinds of boring papers of the government, showed that all the bad, bad judges of Los Angeles were stealing lots of money from the people.  They stole many, many millions of dollars. It's a lot of money. So, do you know what they did to him? They locked him up in a hospital.  He was not sick at all. They just locked him up in a hospital, alone, in a room with nobody to talk with, no TV, no video games, nada. He has been locked up in the hospital in Los Angeles for almost  a year now. He has to wear all the time this writ band, as if he were sick.  He is not allowed to go out at all. It made his daughter and his wife very sad. They cried a lot.

Scientists also come in different ways, there are good scientists, and there are bad scientists.  This other guy from Los Angeles,  instead of playing Nintendo and Atari and X-Box, liked to check the computers of the banks, the courts, and the prisons. He showed that the bad, bad judges and the bad, bad sheriff of Los Angeles, California, continue to lock up many, many good people even today.  Even today, they grab good people off the streets in Los Angeles and put them in prison for nothing. 

Then this scientist also showed that the bad, bad judges were also doing really bad things together with bad, bad bankers. These bad bankers are very, very rich people, who stole huge amounts of money, many many billions, more money than you can ever imagine.  They made the whole United States very, very poor.  They can even make the United States go bankrupt in a couple of years. That is when there is no money to pay for anything anymore, nada. Because all the money that was the money of the people of the United States was stolen by bad, bad people.  No money for teachers in the schools, no money to fix the swings in the playgrounds when they break, no money to fix the holes in the roads, no money to keep a good army to protect the people. Nada. Lots of people with no jobs... Lots of people living in the streets, even when it's cold, because they have no home...  No money to pay for medicines and for hospitals for real sick people.

You know, many kids, believe that the President of the United States, like President Obama, is the strongest guy in the whole world.  Whatever he wants, he just has to say so, and he can get it done right away.  He really isn't that strong at all.  It got so bad that even the President of the United States cannot do anything about it. President Obama probably wants to get the good people and the good kids out of prison. They were almost all black and latinos. But there is nothing he can do about it.
[] []  []
You ask what we can do to help?  That is a good question.  Many people are asking the same question.

Sonny, you have to be very, very careful if you go to Los Angeles, California, especially if your name is Jose Martinez or Jose Rodriguez. They may steal your money, or they may just grab you and put you in jail for nothing at all.  You must be especially careful about the sheriff and the judges... They are the baddest of them all...

Second: You know, Sonny, many kids, and even grownups think that the United States is the strongest country in the world.  It really isn't so at all.  It's true that the United States has to biggest bombs.  But the United States is very poor now, because all its money was stolen. So it had to go around and borrow money from other people in other countries.  It's like if you ran out of pocket money and you asked a friend for a quarter to buy a candy, and you promised to give her back the money the next day, when you get your allowance. So, the people of the United States should ask these people in other countries for help.  Because if it will go on the way it is, we will not be able to pay them back their money, nada.  They will lose a lot of money that they gave to us as loans.

Isn't it sad, that the people of this big country have to go and ask people in other countries for help, to free them from the evil judges and the evil bankers of their own country?  You learned in school the "star-spangled banner" and "the land of the free and the home of the brave"... You know, during the American Revolution they also got help from people in other countries.  You learned in school about the Statue of Liberty  - you know that it was in fact a gift we got from the French people...

We are working hard to fix it all,  but during your life-time it can get so bad that this country will need brave people again...

Linked Records:

Solicitud por el periodista de TV - Tercera presentacion de nivel de grado en Re: La corrupcion generalizada de los tribunales de Los Angeles y de la regulacion bancaria de EE.UU.

Ninos malos y los adultos mal, no todos se parecen. Ellos pueden venir en diferentes formas y apariencias. Incluso los jueces pueden ser malo. Jueces Guy puede ser malo, y tambin los jueces nia puede ser malo - como Cruella De Ville de the1001 dalmatas. Hace unos 30 aos, algunos malos, malos jueces se apoder de la mayor corte en los Estados Unidos - en Los Angeles, California. Los malos,  malos jueces agarr un monton de buena gente, miles de ellos, fuera de las calles y los puso en la crcel de 20-30 aos cada uno. Hasta los adolescentes. Te imaginas? Se llevaron nios de la escuela, y los puso en la crcel por nada. Dijeron que estas buenas personas y buenos chicos eran malos. De hecho, fue la polica y los jueces que eran los malos, gente mala.

No es nada nuevo. Se descubrir mas de 10 anos, pero nadie tuvo la buena gente y los nios buenos de la crcel todava. La gente buena y los chicos buenos estn en la crcel hasta hoy.Una mala, chica mala juez dijo que ella era la que deca lo que era bueno y lo malo ... Y lo malo, el juez nia mala, dijo que era bueno poner buenas personas y buenos muchachos en la crcel. Pero eso era mentira. No poner a la gente buena en la crcel. Pero es por eso que muchas, muchas buenas personas siguen en prisin en Los Angeles, California. Incluso hoy en da.

Los abogados tambin vienen en diferentes formas, hay algunos abogados mal, y hay tambin algunos buenos abogados. Este buen hombre, un abogado de edad, que en lugar de ver la televisin e ir a McDonald's, le gustaba leer todo tipo de documentos aburrido del gobierno, mostr que todos los malos, los malos jueces de Los Angeles estaban robando grandes cantidades de dinero de la gente. Ellos robaron muchos, muchos millones de dlares. Es un montn de dinero. As que, sabes lo que hicieron con l? Se le encerr en un hospital. l no estaba enfermo en absoluto. Ellos simplemente lo encerraron en un hospital, solo, en una habitacin con nadie con quien hablar, sin televisin, ni juegos de video, nada. l ha estado encerrado en el hospital de Los Angeles por casi un ao. l tiene que usar todo el tiempo esta banda auto, como si estuviera enfermo. No se le permite salir en absoluto. Hizo su hija y su esposa, muy triste. Que lloraba mucho.

Los cientficos tambin vienen en diferentes formas, hay buenos cientficos, y hay cientficos malo. Este otro tipo de Los ngeles, en vez de jugar Nintendo y Atari y X-Box, le gustaba para comprobar los equipos de los bancos, los tribunales y las crceles. Demostr que los malos, los malos jueces y lo malo, malo Sheriff de Los ngeles, California, siguen encerrar a muchas, muchas personas buenas, incluso hoy en da. Incluso hoy en da, ellos agarran buena gente de las calles de Los ngeles y los puso en la crcel por nada.

Entonces, este cientfico tambin mostr que los malos, los malos jueces tambin lo estaban haciendo realmente las cosas malas junto con malo, malos banqueros. Estos malos banqueros son gente muy, muy ricos, que se rob grandes cantidades de dinero, muchos miles de millones, ms dinero de lo que pueda imaginar. Hicieron todos los Estados Unidos muy, muy pobres. Incluso pueden hacer los Estados Unidos van a la quiebra en un par de aos. Eso es cuando no hay dinero para pagar nada, nada. Porque todo el dinero que era el dinero del pueblo de los Estados Unidos fue robada por malo, gente mala. No hay dinero para los maestros en las escuelas, no hay dinero para arreglar los columpios en los parques infantiles cuando se rompen, no hay dinero para arreglar los agujeros en las carreteras, no hay dinero para mantener un buen ejrcito para proteger a la gente. Nada. Muchas personas sin empleo ... Muchas personas que viven en las calles, incluso cuando hace fro, porque no tienen casa ... No hay dinero para pagar los medicamentos y los hospitales de verdad a los enfermos.

Ya sabes, muchos nios, creo que el Presidente de los Estados Unidos, como el presidente Obama, es el hombre ms fuerte en todo el mundo. Todo lo que quiere, slo tiene que decirlo, y l puede hacerlo de inmediato. l realmente no es tan fuerte en todos. Se puso tan mal que incluso el Presidente de los Estados Unidos no puede hacer nada al respecto. El presidente Obama probablemente quiere llegar a la gente buena y los chicos buenos de la crcel. Eran casi todo negro y latinos. Pero no hay nada que pueda hacer al respecto.
[] []  []

Nos preguntamos qu podemos hacer para ayudar? Esa es una buena pregunta. Mucha gente se pregunta la misma pregunta.

Primera: Sonny, tiene que ser muy, muy cuidadoso si se va a Los ngeles, California, especialmente si su nombre es Jos Martnez o Jos Rodrguez. Pueden robar su dinero, o simplemente puede agarrarte y ponerte en la crcel por nada en absoluto. Usted debe ser especialmente cuidadoso con el comisario y los jueces ... Ellos son el ms malo de todos ellos ...

Segundo: Usted sabe, Sonny, muchos nios, e incluso los adultos piensan que los Estados Unidos es el pas ms fuerte en el mundo. Realmente no es as en absoluto. Es cierto que los Estados Unidos tiene a ms bombas. Pero los Estados Unidos es muy pobre ahora, porque fue robado todo su dinero. As que tena que ir por ah y pedir dinero prestado de otras personas en otros pases. Es como si usted se qued sin dinero de bolsillo y le pregunt a un amigo durante un cuarto para comprar un dulce, y se comprometi a devolverle el dinero al da siguiente, cuando llegue a su asignacin. As, el pueblo de los Estados Unidos deberan pedir a estas personas en otros pases en busca de ayuda. Porque si va a ir por el camino que es, no vamos a ser capaces de devolverles su dinero, nada. Ellos pierden gran cantidad de dinero que nos dio como prstamos.

No es triste que la gente de este gran pas que ir a pedirle a la gente en otros pases en busca de ayuda, para liberarlos de los jueces y los banqueros mal mal de su propio pas? Que aprendi en la escuela del "Star-Spangled Banner" y "la tierra de los libres y el hogar de los valientes" ... Usted sabe, durante la Revolucin Americana, que tambin recibi ayuda de personas de otros pases. Que aprendi en la escuela acerca de la Estatua de la Libertad - usted sabe que fue en realidad un regalo que hemos recibido del pueblo francs ...

Estamos trabajando duro para solucionarlo todo, pero durante su tiempo de vida que puede ser tan malo que este pas necesita gente valiente de nuevo ...

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Demande par journaliste TV - Troisime prsentation en classe dans Re: La corruption gnralise des tribunaux de Los Angeles et de rglementation bancaire des tats-Unis.

Mauvaises, les enfants mal et le mal, les adultes mal, ne se ressemblent toutes. Ils peuvent venir de diffrentes formes et apparences. Mme les juges ne peuvent tre mauvais. Guy juges peuvent tre mal, et aussi des juges fille ne peut tre mauvais - comme Cruella De Ville partir de the1001 Dalmatiens. Il ya environ 30 ans, certains mauvais, mauvais juges mis la main sur le plus grand tribunal des tats-Unis - Los Angeles, Californie. Le mauvais, mauvais juges saisi un lot de bonnes gens, des milliers d'entre eux, de la rue et les mettre en prison pendant 20-30 ans chacun. Mme les adolescents. Pouvez-vous imaginer? Ils ont pris des coliers, et les mettre en prison pour rien. Ils ont dit que ces bonnes gens et bons gosses taient mauvaises. En fait, c'est la police et les juges qui ont fait l', mauvais des gens mauvais.

Ce n'est pas quelque chose de nouveau. Il a t dcouvert il ya 10 ans, mais personne ne prenait le bon peuple et les enfants une bonne sortie de prison pour le moment. Les gens bons et les bons gosses sont en prison, mme aujourd'hui. Un mauvais juge de mauvaise fille a dit qu'elle tait celui qui disait ce qui tait bon et ce qui tait mauvais ... Et le mauvais, le juge mauvaise fille a dit qu'il tait bon de mettre les bons et les bons gosses en prison. Mais c'tait un mensonge. Vous ne mettez pas de bonnes personnes en prison. Mais c'est pour cela que beaucoup, beaucoup de bonnes personnes sont toujours en prison Los Angeles, Californie.Mme aujourd'hui.

Procureurs galement provenir de diffrentes manires, il ya des procureurs de mal, et il ya aussi quelques bons conseils. Ce bon gars, un ancien procureur, qui, au lieu de regarder la tlvision et aller au McDonald's, se plaisait lire toutes sortes de papiers ennuyeux du gouvernement, a montr que tous les mauvais, mauvais juges de Los Angeles ont t vol beaucoup d'argent du peuple. Ils ont vol des millions de personnes, beaucoup de beaucoup de dollars. C'est beaucoup d'argent. Alors, savez-vous ce qu'ils ont fait pour lui? Ils l'ont enferm dans un hpital. Il n'tait pas malade du tout. Ils ont juste enferm dans un hpital, seul, dans une chambre avec personne qui parler, pas de tlvision, pas de jeux vido, nada. Il a t enferm dans l'hpital de Los Angeles pendant prs d'un an maintenant. Il doit porter en tout temps ce groupe bref, comme s'il tait malade. Il n'est pas autoris sortir du tout. Il fait de sa fille et sa femme trs triste. Ils ont beaucoup pleur.

Les scientifiques ont galement venir de diffrentes faons, il ya de bons scientifiques et il existe des scientifiques mauvais. Cet autre type de Los Angeles, au lieu de jouer Nintendo et Atari et X-Box, se plaisait vrifier les ordinateurs des banques, les tribunaux et les prisons. Il a montr que le mauvais, mauvais juges et les mauvais, mauvais shrif de Los Angeles, Californie, continuer bloquer beaucoup, beaucoup de bonnes personnes, mme aujourd'hui.Mme aujourd'hui, elles prennent les bonnes gens de la rue, Los Angeles et les mettre en prison pour rien.

Puis, ce scientifique a aussi montr que les mauvais, mauvais juges faisaient galement trs mauvaises choses en mme temps que mal, les banquiers mauvais. Ces banquiers sont trs mauvais, trs riches, qui ont vol d'normes quantits d'argent, nombre de plusieurs milliards, plus d'argent que vous pouvez imaginer. Ils ont fait l'ensemble des tats-Unis ont trs, trs pauvre. Ils peuvent mme faire des Etats-Unis font faillite dans quelques annes. C'est quand il n'ya pas d'argent pour payer plus rien, nada. Parce que tout l'argent que c'tait l'argent du peuple des tats-Unis a t vol par mauvais, des gens mauvais. Pas d'argent pour les enseignants des coles, pas d'argent pour rparer les balanoires dans les aires de jeux quand ils cassent, pas d'argent pour rparer les trous dans les routes, pas d'argent pour garder une bonne arme pour protger le peuple. Nada. Beaucoup de gens sans emplois ... Beaucoup de gens vivant dans la rue, mme quand il fait froid, parce qu'ils n'ont pas de domicile ... Pas d'argent pour payer les mdicaments et pour les hpitaux pour des vrais gens malades.

Vous savez, beaucoup d'enfants, pense que le prsident des tats-Unis, comme le prsident Obama, est le plus fort mec dans le monde entier. Tout ce qu'il veut, il vient de le dire, et il pourra y arriver tout de suite. Il est vraiment pas si forte que tout. C'est devenu tellement mauvais que mme le prsident des tats-Unis ne peuvent rien y faire. Prsident Obama veut probablement pour obtenir le bon peuple et les enfants bien sortir de prison. Ils taient presque tous noirs et latinos. Mais il n'y a rien qu'il puisse faire ce sujet.
[] []  []
Vous me demandez ce que nous pouvons faire pour aider? C'est une bonne question. Beaucoup de gens se posent la mme question.

Premirement: Sonny, tu dois tre trs, trs prudent si vous allez Los Angeles, Californie, surtout si votre nom est Jos Martinez et Jose Rodriguez. Ils mai voler votre argent, ou bien ils mai vient de vous saisir et vous mettre en prison pour rien du tout. Vous devez tre particulirement prudent propos du shrif et les juges ... Ils sont les baddest d'eux tous ...

Deuximement: Vous savez, Sonny, de nombreux enfants, et mme les adultes pensent que les Etats-Unis sont le pays le plus fort du monde. Ce n'est vraiment pas du tout. Il est vrai que les Etats-Unis la plus grande des bombes. Mais les Etats-Unis sont trs pauvres aujourd'hui, parce que tout son argent a t vol. Il devait donc faire le tour et emprunter de l'argent d'autres personnes dans d'autres pays. C'est comme si vous n'avez plus d'argent de poche et vous avez demand un ami pendant un quart d'acheter un bonbon, et vous m'avez promis de lui rendre l'argent que le lendemain, quand vous recevez votre allocation. Ainsi, le peuple des tats-Unis devraient demander ces gens dans d'autres pays de l'aide. Parce que si a va continuer comme a, nous ne serons pas en mesure de les rembourser leur argent, nada. Ils vont perdre beaucoup d'argent qu'ils ont donn nous comme des prts.

N'est-ce pas triste, que le peuple de ce grand pays dois aller demander aux gens dans d'autres pays pour les aider, de les librer du mal, les juges et les banquiers du mal de leur propre pays? Vous avez appris l'cole l'toile-Spangled Banner et la terre des hommes libres et la patrie des braves" ... Vous savez, pendant la Rvolution amricaine, ils ont galement obtenu de l'aide des gens dans d'autres pays. Vous avez appris l'cole autour de la statue de la Libert - vous savez que c'est en fait un cadeau que nous avons reu du peuple franais ...

Nous travaillons dur pour rsoudre tous les problmes, mais au cours de votre vie en temps il peut devenir si mauvais que ce pays aura besoin de gens courageux nouveau ...

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Per TV-Journalisten-Anfrage - Dritte-Klasse-Prsentation in Re: Die verbreitete Korruption der Los Angeles Gerichten und der US-Bankenaufsicht.

Bad, bad Kinder und bsen, bsen Erwachsenen, nicht alle gleich aussehen. Sie knnen es in verschiedenen Formen und Erscheinungen. Auch Richter knnen bse sein. Guy Richter knnen bse sein, aber auch Mdchen Richter knnen bse sein - wie Cruella De Ville von the1001 Dalmatiner. Vor etwa 30 Jahren, einige schlechte, schlechte Richter halten der grten Gericht in den Vereinigten Staaten - in Los Angeles, Kalifornien. Die schlechte, packte schlechte Richter viele gute Menschen, Tausende von ihnen, von der Strae und legte sie in 20-30 Jahren Gefngnis fr jeden. Auch Jugendliche. Knnen Sie sich vorstellen? Sie nahmen Schulkinder, und legte sie im Gefngnis nichts. Sie sagten, dass diese guten Leute und Kinder gut schlecht waren. In der Tat war es der Polizei und den Richtern, die schlechte, schlechte Menschen waren.

Es ist nichts Neues. Es wurde vor ber 10 Jahren entdeckt, aber niemand nahm die guten Leute und die guten Kinder aus dem Gefngnis an. Die guten Leute und die guten Kinder sind auch heute noch im Gefngnis. A bad, bad girl Richter sagte, dass sie derjenige, der sagen wrde, was gut und was schlecht war ... Und die bsen, bsen Mdchen Richter sagte, dass es gut war, gute Leute und gute Kinder ins Gefngnis stecken. Aber das ist eine Lge war. Man steckt nicht gute Leute im Gefngnis. Aber das ist, warum viele, viele gute Leute immer noch im Gefngnis in Los Angeles, Kalifornien. Auch heute noch.

Rechtsanwlte auch in unterschiedlicher Weise zu kommen, gibt es einige bse Anwlte, und es gibt auch einige gute Anwlte. Dieser gute Mann, ein alter Anwalt, der statt vor dem Fernseher und gehen zu McDonald's, gern alle Arten von langweiligen Papieren der Regierung zu lesen, ergab, da alle, schlecht schlecht waren Richter in Los Angeles zu stehlen viel Geld vom Volk aus. Sie habe viele, viele Millionen Dollar. Es ist eine Menge Geld. Also, Sie wissen, was sie mit ihm gemacht haben? Sie sperrten ihn in ein Krankenhaus. Er war nicht krank. They just sperrte ihn in ein Krankenhaus, allein in einem Raum mit niemandem, um mit zu reden, kein Fernseher, keine Videospiele, nada. Er wurde in das Krankenhaus in Los Angeles eingesperrt fast einem Jahr. Er hat die ganze Zeit tragen diese Band geschrieben, als ob er krank waren. Er ist nicht gestattet zu gehen berhaupt. Er machte seine Tochter und seine Frau sehr traurig. Sie weinte viel.

Wissenschaftler auch in unterschiedlicher Weise zu kommen, gibt es gute Wissenschaftler, und es gibt schlechte Wissenschaftler. Dieser andere Mann aus Los Angeles, anstatt zu spielen Nintendo und Atari und X-Box, gern auf den Computern der Banken zu berprfen, die Gerichte, und die Gefngnisse. Er zeigte, dass die, bad bad Richter und der bsen, bsen Sheriff von Los Angeles, Kalifornien, weiter zu verschlieen viele, viele gute Leute auch heute noch. Auch heute, greifen sie gute Leute von der Strae in Los Angeles und setzte sie im Gefngnis nichts.

Dann Wissenschaftler zeigten auch, dass das, Bad waren schlecht Richtern auch tut wirklich schlimme Dinge zusammen mit bsen, bsen Banker. Diese schlechte Bankiers sind sehr, sehr reiche Leute, die groe Mengen an Geld gestohlen hat, viele, viele Milliarden, mehr Geld als Sie sich jemals vorstellen knnen. Sie machten den ganzen Vereinigten Staaten sehr, sehr arm. Sie knnen sogar die Vereinigten Staaten in Konkurs gehen in ein paar Jahren. Das ist, wenn es kein Geld, um fr etwas bezahlen mehr, nada. Weil das ganze Geld, dass das Geld des Volkes der Vereinigten Staaten war, wurde von bsen, bsen Menschen gestohlen. Kein Geld fr Lehrer in den Schulen, kein Geld, um die Schaukeln auf den Spielpltzen, wenn sie zu brechen, kein Geld, um die Lcher in den Straen zu beheben, kein Geld, um eine gute Armee halten die Menschen schtzen zu beheben. Nada. Viele Menschen ohne Beschftigung ... Viele Menschen auf der Strae leben, auch wenn es kalt ist, weil sie kein Zuhause haben ... Kein Geld fr Medikamente zahlen und fr Krankenhuser fr echte kranke Menschen.

Wissen Sie, viele Kinder glauben, dass der Prsident der Vereinigten Staaten, wie Prsident Obama, der strkste Mann auf der ganzen Welt ist. Was er will, muss er nur zu sagen, und die er bekommen kann es sofort getan. Er ist wirklich nicht so stark auf allen. Es wurde so schlimm, dass selbst der Prsident der Vereinigten Staaten, die nicht alles tun kann darber.Prsident Obama will wahrscheinlich die guten Leute und die guten Kinder aus dem Gefngnis zu bekommen. Sie waren fast alle schwarzen und latinos. Aber es gibt nichts, was er dagegen tun knnen.
[] []  []
Du fragst, was wir dazu beitragen knnen? Das ist eine gute Frage. Viele Menschen fragen sich die gleiche Frage.

Sonny, muss man sehr, sehr vorsichtig, wenn Sie nach Los Angeles, Kalifornien, gehen Sie vor allem, wenn Sie Ihren Namen oder Jose Martinez Jose Rodriguez ist. Sie knnen Ihr Geld zu stehlen, oder sie knnen nur greifen Sie und bringen Sie ins Gefngnis fr gar nichts. Sie mssen besonders vorsichtig sein, ber den Sheriff und die Richter ... Sie sind die dickste von allen ...

Zweitens: Wissen Sie, Sonny, viele Kinder und sogar Erwachsene denken, dass die USA das strkste Land in der Welt ist. Es ist wirklich nicht so berhaupt. Es stimmt, dass die Vereinigten Staaten grten Bomben hat. Aber die Vereinigten Staaten ist sehr schlecht jetzt, da alle ihr Geld gestohlen wurde. So war es zu umgehen und Geld zu leihen, von anderen Menschen in anderen Lndern. Es ist wie wenn Sie lief aus Taschengeld und Sie aufgefordert, ein Freund fr ein Viertel bis ein Sigkeiten kaufen, und ihr versprochen, sie geben das Geld am nchsten Tag, wenn du deine Leistung. So sollte das Volk der Vereinigten Staaten diese Menschen in anderen Lndern um Hilfe bitten. Denn wenn es auf die Art und Weise ist es gehen wird, werden wir nicht in der Lage, sie zu bezahlen ihr Geld zurck, nada. Sie werden eine Menge Geld verlieren, dass sie uns als Darlehen gegeben hat.

Ist es nicht traurig, dass die Menschen in diesem groen Land zu gehen und die Leute fragen in anderen Lndern zu helfen, sie vor dem bsen Richter frei und die bsen Banker des eigenen Landes? Sie haben gelernt, in der Schule der "Star-Spangled Banner" und "das Land der Freien und der Heimat der Tapferen" ... Wissen Sie, whrend der amerikanischen Revolution hat sie auch Hilfe von Menschen in anderen Lndern. Sie haben gelernt, in der Schule ber die Freiheitsstatue - Sie wissen, dass es in der Tat war ein Geschenk haben wir von der Franzsisch Menschen ...

Wir arbeiten hart, um alles zu reparieren, aber im Laufe des Lebens-Zeit kann man so schlecht, dass dieses Land braucht mutige Menschen wieder ...

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