Sunday, August 26, 2012

12-08-27 NOTICE TO CEASE AND DESIST EXTORTION AND TO MITIGATE HARMS given to Ms Shari Arison, Mr Tzion Keynan, Mr Yair Sarusi - Bank HaPoalim


DATE: August 27, 2012
TO: Ms Shari Arison
       Mr Tzion Keynan, CEO
       Mr Yair Sarusi, Chairman of the Board
VIA: Mr Shalom Barashi   

CC:   Ms Miriam Segal, Bank of Israel

Your immediate attention to this matter is kindly requested
Please accept instant Notice to Cease and Desist Extortion and to Mitigate Harms, regarding your expressed intent to cease all my assets, held with Bank HaPoalim, LTD, ("The Bank") as custodian.
Over the past few days, I have been explicitly informed by two separate branches of the Bank of your intent to seize all my assets, as early as September 1, 2012. 
In discussions with the relevant officers of the two branches, it was clarified that there was and is no basis for such conduct in the law of the State of Israel, and that such conduct was based on a new "internal procedure" implemented by unknown individual(s) of/in the Bank.
I also discussed the matter yesterday with Ms Miriam Segal of the Bank of Israel.  She too was explicit about the fact that such conduct by the Bank had no foundation in the law.
I therefore ask that you immediately cease such conduct and mitigate harms.
Jerusalem, August 27, 2012
Joseph Zernik, PhD
PO Box 31440, Jerusalem 91313