Friday, November 18, 2016

2016-11-18 Asking "Ometz" to assist in clarifying Aharon Barak's role in corruption of the Israeli courts...

November 18, 2016

Maozia Segal – Chairman
Pinhas Peled – CEO
Ometz Movement
Bt fax: 03-5600469

RE: Urgent request for clarification by Aharon Barak regarding his role as Presiding Justice in establishing the “Drafts” system
Your response within 7 days is kindly requested. Time is of the essence!

Dear Mr Segal and Mr Peled:
I‘ve noticed an Ometz (“citizens for valid administration and social and legal justice”) publication, pertaining to an honor to be bestowed on Mr Aharon Barak. [1]
As is well known, Mr Aharon Barak is a controversial figure, and it is doubted that bestowing an honor on such person fits the stated mission of the Ometz Movement.
In order to clarify this issue, I would be grateful if you obtain from Mr Aharon Barak a response on a matter, where he was a central figures (as former Presiding Justice of the Supreme Court ). [2] It is also a matter where Mr Barak and others - Mr Boaz Okon (Magistrate of the Supreme Court and substitute to Chief Clerk Shmaryahu Cohen, after the latter passed away), Asher Grunis and Miriam Naor (inquiries during their tenure as Presiding Justices) and the Administration of Courts (requests pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act) - persistently refuse to say a word:
Under whose authority were profound changes introduced in March 2002 in templates of all Supreme Court decision records, and what was the legal foundation for such changes?
Such changes included the removal of the certification, “True Copy of the Original”, removal of any reference to a “Chief Clerk”, or his name, and addition of the disclaimer: “Subject to editing and phrasing changes”.

Such changes are perceived by experts as central evidence for undermining the validity and integrity of all Israeli Supreme Court records. [3] Effectively, all Israeli Supreme Court records were converted into “Drafts”.
The “Drafts” system, whose patron in Israel is likely to be Aharon Barak, was again in the news recently, relative to Even Israel LTD v Shulman et al (1554/16). [4] As reported by media, in this case, in parallel to removal of the “Draft” from the electronic record systems, the original paper decision record was unlawfully removed from the paper court file. This phenomenon – perversion (“fabrication”) of records in the electronic system, and in parallel their disappearance from the paper court files was documented also in Amos Baranes v State of Israel (3032/99), in Judith Franco-Sidi v Authority pursuant to the Handicapped by Nazi persecution Act (1582/02), and more. [5]
The “Drafts” system was also the at the foundation of the Judge Varda Alshech “Fabricated Protocols” scandal. However, the Israel Bar Association, the Administration of Courts, and the Ombudsman of the Judiciary colluded in hiding this part of the scandal from public knowledge… [6]
The “Drafts” system is well-known worldwide as an integral part of criminal conduct of judges and court presonnel - simulating legal process. On the other hand, as documented by the Judge Varda Alshech and the Hila Cohen affairs, Israeli judges and the law enforcement system treat such fraud by judges as non-criminal conduct. [7]
The “Drafts” system and simulating court process are known worldwide as local, sporadic form of corruption. The unique case of Israel shows an epidemic of such corruption, originating at the top – then Presiding Justice of the Supreme Court Aharon Barak.
The resulting changes in the Israeli courts were recently described by “senior legal scholars” as “Decline in Formalism, Increase in Values”, alternatively - “Total Jungle in the Courts” - judges who routinely ignore both the facts and the law. [8] In short – widespread incompetence and/or corruption.
The honoring of Mr Aharon Barak by “Ometz Movement” should be cancelled, if Mr Barak refuses to answer the simple question: Under whose authority were profound changes introduced in March 2002 in templates of all Supreme Court decision records, and what was the legal foundation for such changes?
Joseph Zernik, PhD

1“Ometz” will honor Aharon Barak
אות אומ"ץ לשנת 2016 מוענק לאהרן ברק

2 2016-03-07 Aharon Barak, Boaz Okon are asked to explain their role in corruption of the Israeli courts//

נשיא בית המשפט העליון (בדימוס) אהרן ברק ומנהל בתי המשפט (בדימוס) השופט בעז אוקון התבקשו להעיר על פרסומים לגבי תפקידם המרכזי בהשחתת בתי המשפט בעשור הקודם

3The 2013 Universal Periodic Review of Human Rights in Israel by the UN Human Rights Council stated: “Lack of integrity in the electronic record systems of the Supreme Court, the District Courts and the Detainees’ Courts in Israel”
הביקורת התקופתית של מועצת זכויות האדם של האו"ם סיכמה את העניין: “חוסר יושרה במערכות הכתבים האלקטרוניים של בית המשפט העליון, בתי המשפט המחוזיים, ובתי הדין למוחזקי משמורת בישראל".
42016-06-09 Even-Israel v Shulman Rampant fraud in the Israeli courts - new "fabrication" by the Supremes//
אבן ישראל נ שולמן: הונאות למכביר בבתי המשפט - "פברוק" חדש בעליון
2016-06-19 תקלה חמורה: העליון פרסם פסק דין – ואחרי חודשיים חזר בו
פסק הדין השני שהוצא לאחר חודשיים התעלם לחלוטין מקיומו של פסק הדין הקודם, אף שזה פורסם ברשומות. בבית המשפט טענו שההחלטה הראשונה שפורסמה הייתה טעות, אך סירבו להסביר מדוע אין לה אזכור בהחלטה החדשה
2016-06-21 פסק הדין שניתן "בטעות": לאן נעלמו מסמכים מתיק העליון?
אחרי שהורשה לפרקליטים לעיין בתיק שבתחילה נטען כי הועבר לארכיב, הם גילו כי חסרים בו מסמכים. פסק הדין הראשון נעדר, וכן המסמכים המוכיחים את המצאתו. הצדדים שוקלים לפנות למשטרה. בהנהלת בתי המשפט לא מגיבים
52015-09-00 Amos Baranes v State of Israel (3032/99) Notice and Request for a Declarative Judgment in re: perversion of records//
ברנס נ מדינת ישראל (3032/99) הודעה ובקשה לפסק-דין הצהרתי בעניין שיבוש הכתבים
6 2016-07-11 In RE: Roman Zadorov - Ukrainian citizen detained in Israel - complaint and request for investigation by the UN HRC Working Group on Arbitrary Detention. Attachment 9.5 Judge Varda Alshech “Fabricated Protocols” scandal – Israel Bar Association complaint and Ombudsman of the Judiciary May 31, 2012 decision (12/ 88 /Tel-Aviv District)
נספח לתלונה למועצת זכויות האדם של האו"ם בעניין רומן זדורוב: פרשת "הפרוטוקולים המפוברקים" של ורדה אלשייך – תלונה של לשכת עורכי הדין, והחלטת נציב תלונות הציבור על השופטים.
72016-08-08 Criminal complaint against former judge Yitzhak Cohen, Judges Esther Hellman and Avraham Avraham
2016-08-08 תלונה הפלילית נגד השופט לשעבר יצחק כהן, והשופטים אסתר הלמן ואברהם אברהם, שהוגשה ליועמ"ש אביחי מנדלבליט
2016-05-26 Criminal complaint (פ”ח 223561/2016) against Ms Esperanza Alon from the Haifa Magistrate Court Judge, which was filed with the Israel Police, and Request, filed with the Attorney General to instruct the Israel Police to investigate the complaint //
2016-05-26 תלונה פלילית (פ”ח 223561/2016), שהוגשה למשטרת ישראל, נגד הגב' אספרנצה אלון מבית המשפט השלום חיפה, ובקשה ליועמ"ש להורות על חקירתה
8 2016-09-21 Ma’anit, Hen. “It’s a Jungle in the Courts. Do anything you can to avoid getting there.” Globes. //
מענית חן. "יש ג’ונגל בבתי המשפט. תעשו הכל כדי לא להגיע לשם.” גלובס.