Thursday, January 7, 2010

10-01-07 Program Presentation Proposal - Proposed Title: THE DIAGNOSIS & THE REMEDY

Program Presentation/Discussion Topic Proposal

Focus on US Case Management Systems (CMSs)

1) THE DIAGNOSIS - a system-level integrity crisis, related to widespread reliance on false CMSs.
a. The current downturn and the unprecedented levels of public protest of judicial conduct are two manifestations of the same underlying problem.
b. The current downturn is not a financial/economic crisis per se. Instead - it is a system-level integrity crisis.
c. False CMSs which were developed and installed in the past quarter century in US agencies, in financial institutions, in courts, and in prisons, albeit - with insufficient public oversight, are central to such integrity crisis.
d. Reliance on such false CMSs is a hard habit to shake off, if only for its benevolent flexible conveniences.
e. Continued reliance on such false CMSs, could make the US a bankrupt pariah in the international community in no time at all. Bankrupt - due to inability to exert honest, valid, and effectual regulation of financial institutions and financial markets, and pariah - for the severe violation of ratified International Law inherent to such conduct, involving large scale abuse of the Human Rights of all who reside in the US, and large-scale fraud and deception on all who conduct business with it.

2) THE REMEDY - publicly accountable validation (certified, functional, logic verification) on all major CMSs
a. Must include better guarantees for our Human, Constitutional, and Civil Rights to access court and other public digital records - to inspect and to copy. Inspecting and copying should be viewed both as two separate, distinct rights, and as ones that are inherently conjoined.
b. Must include the immediate establishment of strict requirements for publicly accountable validation (certified, functional, logic verification) on all major CMSs in government agencies, in public corporations, in financial institutions, and first and foremost - in the courts and in prisons. The right to access court records, which are validated in a publicly accountable manner, our Liberty, and other fundamental Human Rights are all connected at the hips.
c. Should include higher level international efforts to access US public records. One must be reminded that such rights are vested in any person, and therefore, our friends outside the US should be encouraged to publicly exercise their rights to access such records. Such access efforts by are friends abroad would instantaneously demonstrate support for the principle, and also provide them better levels of risk assessment and risk reduction for the benefit of their own US-related investments.
d. May require the establishment of national and regional level Truth and Reconciliation Commissions! Richard Fine is the natural nominee to serve a public trusted chair of such effort.
e. May require a plea to the Swiss to establish effective barriers to prohibit senior US officials (including, but not limited all US Judges), and officers and directors of public and financial corporations, from making any deposits in numbered Swiss bank accounts while in office.

Joseph Zernik
Los Angeles County, California
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