Friday, March 15, 2013

13-03-15 US: Misc news of the abuse - cops beat people who film them

according to US law, the people are permitted to photograph policemen on duty.  Usually the issue is filming police while they are abusing their power.  The typical response by police - more abuse and violence against the photographers.  jz


WATCH: Cop Assaults And Arrests Woman For Videotaping

This gets pretty intense.
Just another day in Police State U.S.A.  The assault begins at 55 seconds.
A thug Connecticut cop assaults a woman for having the gumption to film him, and not back down when he demands that she turn off her camera.
The video was uploaded to Youtube Feb. 21.  Nothing is known about this incident except that it took place in Connecticut (you can see a sticker at the bus stop).  This particular punk, thug, intellectuially-challenged police officer obviously doesn't know the law, and apparently was at the donut shop when Eric Holder issued his ruling.

Here's the law:

DOJ: 'It Is Legal To Photograph And Film The Police'

Bonus clip:
Cop beats man in wheelchair.  This is intense.


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