Monday, February 24, 2014

14-02-24 Tel Aviv: Limits on Free Speech - no street ads which damage the "City Image"

Business owners tried to place paid street ads against increase in business tax.
The company that owns the ad space refused, stating that their permit by the city explicitly prohibits ads that damage the "city image".
The municipality issued a denial.
With it, the municipality is busy year round in placing street ads that promote the city image, as part of a campaign of "branding" Tel Aviv...
The number of beggars, homeless, and sick in the streets of Tel Aviv is at an all time high, with policies of the TLV municipality and the Israeli gov to blame.  TLV has become a city for the rich only...


סותמים פיות: עיריית תל אביב אוסרת העלאת שלטים ביקורתיים כלפיה

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