Wednesday, December 19, 2012

12-12-19 Uniformed New York cops moonlight for banks

Am I reading this correctly???

NYPD officers work IN UNIFORM for the bank??? 

P.S. Come to think of it, judges already work part-time for the banks from the bench, the president already works part-time for the banks from the White House, Congress works part time for the banks, so why not police???

NYPD for hire: how uniformed New York cops moonlight for banks

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No one begrudges an officer doing security work in his own time, but the Paid Detail Unit creates worrying conflicts of interest 

NYPD officers
Last year, NYPD officers earned more than $11m in wages working for private corporations. Photograph: Monika Graff/Getty Images
I was surprised two weeks ago to walk into my local TD Bank, on Greenwich Avenue in the West Village, New York to find that the security officer who was usually standing by, on alert, had been replaced by a uniformed, armed, radio-carrying New York Police Department officer, Officer Battle. I confirmed from him that he was, in fact, an NYPD officer -- and was working part-time for TD bank.


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