Wednesday, April 6, 2011

11-04-05 Foreclosure Fraud in the Courts // Ejecución de una hipoteca de fraude en las Cortes // 在法院法拍屋诈骗

60 Minutes glossed over the fact that none of it could have taken place absent "corruption of the courts and the legal profession".

Mortgage mess: Who really owns your mortgage?

Scott Pelley explains a bizarre aftershock of the U.S. financial collapse: An epidemic of forged and missing mortgage documents

What happens when a bank tries to foreclose on a home and can't come up with the paperwork that proves they now own it? It gets complicated to say the least, as Scott Pelley reports in our lead story. "60 Minutes" finds that tens of thousands of pieces of paperwork were forged in an effort to re-create lost documents and now, at least 30,000 people are suing banks to stay in their homes. It's a financial mess that threatens to prevent the rebound in real estate, all caused by banks in such a hurry to buy and sell mortgages during the bubble that they skipped the required paperwork. Watch a preview.
Then, Lesley Stahl tells the uplifting story of gospel music enthusiast Vy Higginsen and her "Gospel for Teens" choir as she teaches them to learn to sing this original American art form. In this unforgettable two-part feature, "60 Minutes" cameras follow the year-long process from auditions and practice to performance, capturing along the way the emotional bond the teens make with the music and Higginsen. Watch a preview.
Those stories on Sunday's "60 Minutes," April 3 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.
Also this Sunday on, do you know who really owns your mortgage?
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