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2014-07-13 What part of the missile attacks on Tel Aviv is an Israeli hoax?

===2014-07-13 What part of the missile attacks on Tel Aviv is an Israeli hoax?===
The facts simply don't add up.  And fraud by the Israeli and US governments in matters related to anti-missile systems is nothing new either...


1) July 12, 2014 ruins in Gaza, following IDF bombardment

2) Tel Aviv beaches - people continue their summertime leisure  
3) June 2013 photo op of Omaba and Netanyahu in front of the Iron Dome anti-missile system.
4) Israeli media continue their panicky round-the-clock reports "Israel under Fire", with emphasis on missile attacks on the greater Tel Aviv area.
OccupyTLV, July 13 - through the recent reported missile attacks from Gaza on Tel Aviv, I have continued to go to the beach every morning at dawn, take my intensive hour-long swim. Twice during the past week, missile attack alarms were heard while I was far out at sea. I did not care. I was not alone either. Even Israeli media noted that the people of Tel Aviv continue their summer leisure at the beach uninterrupted, perhaps with a good reason....

The claimed missile attacks from Gaza on Tel Aviv would represent doubling or tripling of the range of the Gazan makeshift rockets. That, after Israel kidnapped in 2011 the Gazan engineer, who was the mastermind of the development and production of these rockets. [1]

In unofficial Internet sites in Hebrew, people report on the minute the sounding of missile attack alarms in various cities of the greater Tel Aviv area (Gush Dan). Dozens of alarms were sounded since the current violence started. In the center of Tel Aviv, where I live, such alarms are heard several time a day.

With it, Israeli media routinely report that the incoming missiles were successfully intercepted by the Israeli-developed Iron Dome anti-ballistic missile system.

In the past, IDF claimed the ridiculously accurate success rate of 84% for the Iron Dome system. In contract, world-renowned, MIT expert, Prof Ted Postol published reports, based on actual data from the previous round of violence - Pillar of Defence -, that the actual success rate is more likely 5-10%. Postol used similar criteria to those used by IDF for calculating success - intercepts only of rockets that would hit inhabited areas. [2]

Over the past week, IDF upped its claimed success rate of the Iron Dome system to 90%.

However, even with such fabulous success rate, if all or most missile attack alarms were real, one would have expected some hits in the greater Tel Aviv area. But there were none.

Moreover, even if the intercepts were real, one would have expected some official or unofficial reports of debris that fell in the greater Tel Aviv area. Such reports are hard to find, if any exist.

In constrast, Israeli papers report that in the areas closer to Gaza, 400 claims for property damages have been filed since the beginning of the current cycle of violence. And pictures, which document the hits are easy to find. Such data seems to contradict the 90% intercept success rate of the Iron Dome system. [4]

Likewise, one is hard pressed to find any video clips of the successful Iron Dome intercepts over the greater Tel Aviv area, or elsewhere in Israel. One should recall that such video clips of claimed intercepts were the raw data, which was used by Prof Postol to refute the claims of astounding success of the US-made Patriot anti-missile defense system during the First Gulf War. [3]

In the meanwhile, Israeli media continue its round-the-clock panicky broadcasts by Israeli military analysts under the title "Israel under Fire". And in parallel, Israel uses the claims of missile attacks on Israel's population center as the justification for the IDF heavy bombardment of civilians in Gaza.

In Gaza, the dead, the wounded, and the ruins are fully documented..

In short: The claimed missile attacks on the greater Tel Aviv area, successfully intercepted by the Iron Dome system, are likely to be largely or entirely an Orwellian beating of the drums of war. Likewise, the IDF data of 90% intercept success rate of the Iron Dome system are lilely to be vastly exaggerated. The false claims of ongoing missile attacks on Tel Aviv serve to justify war crimes against the people of Gaza in the eyes of the public both in Israel and abroad, while the false claims of 90% intercept success rate of the Iron Dome serves for numbing the public and greasing the Israeli military-industrial complex.

2014-07-13 UPDATE:
Today, the Israeli newspaper Globes reports that Israeli National Security Prize winner, aeronautics and ballistics experts,  Dr Moti Shefer, said in a radio interview the other day that the Iron Dome system is "a bluff". [1]
By reasonable estimate, several hundred senior people must be part of the fraud, relative to the inoperational Iron Dome system:  In the Ministry of Defense, in the IDF, in the military industries and in academia...
The implication of this hoax is not only hundreds of millions spent, or more, but also deception of civilian authorities, relative to decisions on matters such as war with Iran...
Following is translation of the quoted radio interview from the Globes report:
There is no missile in the world that can intercept missiles or rockets.  The Iron Dome is an audio-visual show, which intercepts only the Israeli public opinion, and itself, of course. All the blasts that are seen in the sky are self-destruction.  No Iron Dome missile ever made contact with any rocket.  "Open spaces" is a myth, which was created in order to increase the success rates of Iron Dome.  Rockets that are declared intercepted by Iron Dome, and don't hit the ground are virtual rockets, which were conceived and died only in the Iron Dome computerized control system.  To this date, no one say an intercepted rocket that fell to the ground.
Everything that is launched also falls here.  The debris that we see on the ground originates in the Iron Dome itself.  We are shooting ourselves, mostly virtually.  The virtual rocket was invented in order to increase the ambiguity, regarding the Iron Dome performance.  Let assume that a real rocket arrived, what does the control system do?  It produces another nine virtual rockets, and transfers their trajectories to the operators.  The operators see ten rockets, they launch ten Iron Dome missiles, the public hears ten booms, but only one rocket goes through.  Therefore, we have 90% success rates...
According to Dr Shefer, there are numerous people involved in the hoax, headed by the military industry and Prime Minister Netanyahu.

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Joseph Zernik, PhD [5]
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