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2014-08-20 World's No 1 expert on balististics, MIT Ted Postol on huge fraud in anti-missile systems - Patriot, Iron Dome

===2014-08-20 World's No 1 expert on balististics, MIT Ted Postol on huge fraud in anti-missile systems - Patriot, Iron Dome===
Rob: Can you give me some examples of previous missile systems you've criticized?
Patriot missiles failed to destroy a single scud warhead.
Rob: How much did the US spend on those for the US and Israel?
Rob: So, basically, Raytheon defrauded the US.
Tell me about Iron Dome
80-90% of Iron Dome intercept rockets are approaching from the side, and they can't work.
Are there video records of iron dome interceptors have destroyed incoming rockets?
we have two cases out of a hundred or hundreds
The IDF loves social media and flickr and youtube, and if they had the evidence, they'd be showing it.
radar data would show breakup of the artillery rocket.
Rob: And they would be keeping records on every one of these, right?
Rob: If Iron Dome doesn't work, why are the Israelis using it? What benefits?
From the point of view of the Israeli government it's a very good way to get the Israeli people to believe they are defended.
Rob: There have been over 4000 rockets fired in recent weeks. How many of them have been responded to with the iron dome.
Israelis are claiming 500 intercepts.
From point of view of affecting the Palestinians-- an attempt to defuse a sense that they are having an effect upon the Israelis.
Rob: I think the people who will buy the bridges you have to sell are the members of congress who authorize spending on these systems that don't work.
Israelis have provided congress with no data on Iron Dome.
US has funded it-- at least a billion dollars--
They're claiming 40% level-- Patriot missile success level. What do you say?
Probably zero percent.
Rob: What would you speculate is their motivation to keep this charade, this fraud going?
avoiding changing bureaucracy political appointees and political considerations
Rob: Are you aware of any FOIA requests that have been done on any of the missile systems we've discussed?
another whole discussion is the misuse of secrecy to conceal misuse of funds, failures and violations of law.

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