Saturday, September 19, 2015

2015-09-20 US: Get ready for Carly v Killary....

2015-09-20 US: Get ready for Carly v Killary....
You've come a long way, baby... I recall reading Virginia Voolf's "Thoughts on peace in an air raid" (1940) as part of English lit in high school - a call for women to assume leadership - which would inevitably bring peace and an end to wars... jz
Coleen Rowley writes:
Wouldn't it be something if Carly and Killary ever got to debate each other as to who would make the toughest, most vicious, bloodthirsty meanest chickenhawk President?
What you want to bet they both take some glamour shots posing with guns sometime soon? Even if it's only pretending to "hunt varmints" like Mitt Romney.
The surging presidential candidate sounded awfully hawkish at the last GOP debate. But those talons don’t come cheap.

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