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2016-07-17 ISRAEL: Who is the Shin Bet loyal to? // שאלה טורקית: למי חובת הנאמנות של השב"כ?

2016-07-17 ISRAEL: Who is the Shin Bet loyal to? //
שאלה טורקית: למי חובת הנאמנות של השב"כ?
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ISRAEL: Who is the Shin Bet loyal to?
With criminal affairs, linked to Netanyahu, piling up, the question is whether the Shin-Bet is charged only with securing senior politicians, or also securing the nation against its senior politicians...
Bibi ( Nadav Argaman - Shin-Bet Head (
The list of criminal affairs associated by Israeli media with Netanyahu and his immediate family is steadily growing. Two of the latest involve suspected massive voting fraud, [1] unlawful receipt of major funds, detailed in a French court by French "Sting of the Century" French convict Arnaud Mimran, [2] and unlawful receipt of major funds, funneled through a close family member (rumored to be his unemployed son) from US persons, who are also the target of criminal investigations in the US. [3]
Opinion piece in Haaretz (Hebrew only, missing in the English edition) today by Amir Oren is titled: "What is the Shin-Bet afraid of". [4]
Oren is a reputable Israeli senior security analyst, who also worked for CBS during the 2003 Gulf War and the 2006 Israeli invasions of Lebanon, published in the New Republic and The Economist, and was affiliated with the The Washington Institute for Near East Policy.
Oren raises the question, whether the Shin-Bet would, should, could cooperated in the criminal investigation against Netanyahu by Netanyahu and his family members. The issue is whether Shin-Bet personal security personnel were witnesses to some of the suspected criminal conduct, now under "examination". (According to new routines of the justice system, "investigation" is initiated against normal citizens following credible criminal suspicions. For the senior political figures similar criminal suspicions lead to "examination").
Oren's opinion is the the Shin Bet is charged with protecting the Prime Minister, but also with protecting the public against criminality by the Prime Minister...
The opinion piece concludes:
The most dangerous risk is internal, including the security detail itself, as seen in numerous assassinations worldwide, the Shin-Bet requires periodic polygraph tests for high security clearance individuals. The Attorney General should order that the security detail also be asked whether they were witnesses to criminal conduct by the personality, whom they secure and his family members. It is the national duty of the Shin-Bet to abandon its passive acquiescing partnership in such criminality. Lying in such polygraph tests should lead to relieving security personnel of their duties. The truth should assist police investigations and State Prosecution discussions regarding the Netanyahu files. Securing the State against its senior leaders, if they sinned, is of no lesser importance than securing the person himself.
It is doubted that such opinion is shared by the Shin-Bet... It is also often doubted that the Israeli justice system today can deal with such matters: The Attorney General, Police Chief and Shin-Bet Head are personal appointment by Netanyahu, some of then dubious appointments at best.
The Israeli regime in Israel today was hijacked by a Shin-Bet -judiciary gang. [5] The two are central power groups, whose loyalty, the evidence shows, is only to themselves..
In the US such questions were answered already in the 1950s, in Eisenhower's Farewell Address...
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האם השב"כ חייב נאמנות למדינת ישראל וחוקיה, או לעצמו בלבד?
אמיר אורן בהארץ מעלה את השאלה האם השב"כ ירצה ויהיה מוכן לסייע בחקירת חשדות פליליים נגד נתניהו...
משום מה, מאמר זה, בקישור להלן, מואפל (אבל הקישור עובד) -בניגוד לשאר המאמרים בהארץ,.
מאמר שפירסמתי בחו"ל לפני מספר שנים תיאר את מדינת ישראל - "אומה שנחטפה על ידי כנופיית שב"כ והשופטים" - שתי קבוצות כוח בולטות שאינן נאמנות למדינת ישראל וחוקיה, אלא לעצמן בלבד...


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