Sunday, September 16, 2012

12-09-16 Preliminary Review of the electronic records of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom is a unique example, since it was established only in recent years, following a constitutional reform.  It started its work in 2009, well after system security, server certification, and electronic signature standards in electronic records had already been established in the computing field. Yet, the server of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom is uncertified and the records are unsigned and uncertified.  A sample of one Judgment shows a discrepancy of almost a month between the date inscribed on the record itself and the date it was in fact created.  The United Kingdom, is no doubt, one of the pillars of the legal/banking fraud pandemic, starting with positioning of the major banks in the City of London, a Free City since the Middle Ages, outside the sovereignty of the Queen...  The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom followed the footsteps of the courts of the United States, which established fraudulent electronic record systems a decade or two earlier.

A brand new Supreme Court, with all newly sworn Lord Justices, established a fraudulent electronic record system from the get go.
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