Thursday, September 27, 2012

12-09-27 CCC - the German Choas Computer Club


Another interesting interaction in Data Analytics 2012 was with a German guy, who introduced himself as a member of the CCC (Chaos Computer Club), a notable German hackers group.  Apparently, at some point the German government tried to classify them as a "terrorist organization".
  • CCC outed the German government for engineering a specific Trojan for spying on targeted individuals with no legal foundation.
  • CCC launched a satellite to overcome internet censorship.
You can find more on their activities through a web search.

I challenged him on day 1 that the German courts had likely engineered information systems in the courts, similar to those that I presented in the US and Israel.  

Initially, he was in disbelief, saying that the German bureaucracy would not go that low.

I suggested to him some simple tests. For his benefit I also created a "preliminary report". [1]

A couple of days later, he came sheepishly and asked what could be done about it...  

[1] 12 09 26 Preliminary review of the German Federal Constitutional Court electronic records

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