Thursday, September 27, 2012

12-09-27 Dispatch de Barcelona: Catalan parliament approves referendum on independence, Athens on fire, protests in Madrid, Lisbon

Artur Mas speaking in Parliament, September 26, prior to a vote approving the November 25 referendum on independence.

Barcelona, September 27 - the Catalans continue their peaceful quest for independence.  Following debate, the Catalan parliament passes yesterday a law mandating the referendum on Catalan independence, proposed the previous day by President Artur Mas. Pictures from parliament's debate are on the front pages of the local paper, but not the online editions.

Police besieged during violent demonstrations in Madrid, September 25. 

In Madrid, protesters called for a new round of demonstrations Wednesday after a day of clashes with riot police on the streets of Madrid. The latest toll from the violence is 35 people arrested and 64 wounded.

 A molotov cocktail explodes beside riot police officers near Syntagma square
Athens, September 26, violent demonstrations.

Athens was again on fire yesterday, demonstrators against the austerity measures, imposed as part of the financial pact with the banks, used molotov cocktails against the police.

Demonstrations continued yesterday in Portugal as well.

In the meanwhile, Germany and France are pushing for a "more perfect union" of the military and banks of Europe - a sure recipe for pimped prostitution of the People of Europe.
Joseph Zernik, PhD
Human Rights Alert (NGO)

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