Tuesday, September 3, 2013

13-09-03 Collapse of Civil Society in Israel - one or two gangs?

Supreme Court Chief Clerk Shmaryahu Cohen, PM Yitzhaq Rabin

The significance of finding regarding Dan Arbel is the following:

All along I considered November 4, 1995 (killing of PM Yitzhaq Rabin) and March 7, 2002 (alleged killing of Supreme Court Chief Clerk Shmaryahu Cohen), as two key events in collapse of Civil Society in Israel over the past two decades.

However, until today, my working hypothesis was that two separate gangs could have perpetrated the two killings in a general enviornment of lawlessness -
The killing of Rabin I have attributed all along to the Secret Service, but the killing of Chief Clerk Shmaryahu Cohen I tended to attribute to a law-high tech gang (including some senior judicial authorities and some veterans of IDF Unit 8200).

The latest finding, of Judge Dan Arbel in key positions in both incidents, suggests that the two gangs are one and the same!

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