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13-09-03 More on Rabinś assassination narratives

The more I read the online documents (amazing number of documents were uploaded, all of them in Hebrew), the more I feel like a babe in the woods.

- The Rabin family apparently holds to the alternative narrative, or at least does not accept the official, judicially sanctioned narrative.
- A well known, mainstream law professor publicly supports the altenative narrative
- Majority of the Israeli public in immediate years after the assassination doubted the official narrative.

The contradictory testimonies and falsified medical records are amteurish.  Apparently there was no way to come up with a credible way to explain the fundamental inconsitencies in the official narrative:
- Rabin moved on his own into his car after the purported assassination.
- The original medical report indicated that one bullet ruined Rabinś vertebrae.  With such damage, there was no way that he could have walked into his car.
- His chauffeur testified that the drive to the hospital (500 meters from the purported assassination site) took a couple of minutes.  Other, reliable data, show that it took over 20 minutes.  The data also show that originally, Rabin was not driven to the hospital at all, but in the direction of the Secret Service headquarter in Tel Aviv, to which also his widow and Shimon Peres, his deputy, were taken immediately from the purported assassination scence ...
- The original medican records disappeared, and the set of medical records, which was presented in court, was created after the fact by a doctor that was called in by the Secret Service...
- The medical records are inconsistent even on the basic facts of how many bullets were removed from the body, two or three, and their locations...

One of the inexplicable issues, is that the confessed assassin, Yigal Amir, survived the episode.  According to routine Secret Service procedures in such cases, he was supposed to be dead within 1.2 seconds.  If one accepts the alternative narratives, Amir, in agreeing to go through the charade, had to have total trust that the Secret Service would not kill him (alternatively, some suggest that the Secret Service had a way to force him to go through it).

Apparently, at a later point, Amir lost such confidence, at least temporarily, when one of Rabinś bodyguards died under suspicious circumstances.

שלושה בדצמבר 1995 התקיים בבית המשפט שימוע לתיק של עמיר, בנוכחות כלי התקשורת. עמיר נכנס לאולם בית המשפט. הוא פנה למצלמות, ודרכן ליותר ממליון צופים:
"למה אתם לא חוקרים את מותו של המאבטח של רבין? אנשים יסלחו לי כשהם יבינו את הרקע. אחרי שתבינו למה, הם יראו שכל המערכת רקובה. כל מה שאתם רואים הוא מסיכה. לא העלתי בדעתי שהם יתחילו להרוג אנשים."
במהלך השימוע הוא אמר לשופט דן ארבל: "הם הורגים אנשים. הכל שקר!"
"מה שקר?", שאל ארבל.
"שאני הרגתי את רבין" ענה עמיר. "אפילו לא ניסיתי להרוג אותו. כל מה שראיתם עד עכשיו הוא זיוף. אני מבקש שתיתנו לי להסביר את הרקע למעשים שלי. הם הורגים אנשים. אם אתם תקשיבו לאמת כל הארץ תתקומם ותדרוך את נשקה".
כמובן שהשופט ארבל לא נתן לעמיר את רשות הדיבור ולא איפשר לו להסביר את דבריו. הוא חזר למאסר.
On December 3, 1995, hearing took place in the Tel Aviv District Court.  While entering court, Amir addressed the TV cameras, and through them more than a million viewers:
- Why dont you investigate the death of Rabins bodyguard?  People would forgive me when they understand the background, after you understand why.  They will figure out that the entire system is rotten.  Everything you see is just charades.  I never thought that they would start killing people.
During the hearing itself, Amir said to Judge Dan Arbel:
- They are killing people.  It is all a lie.
Judge Arbel responded:
- What is a lie?
Amir followed up:
- That I killed Rabin.  I did not even try to kill him.  Everything you have seen so far is false.  I ask that you allow me to explain the background for my conduct.  They are killing people.  If you listen to the truth, the entire nation will rise up and load up its guns.
Judge Arbel denied Amir the right to further elaborate his words, and he was remanded to jail.


All in all, one should see the situation as one of Widespread Public Corruption. I.E.,  Most intelligent people, regardless of political leaning, dont buy the official, judicially sanctioned narrative.  The official, judicially sanctioned narrative is inherently contradictory and entirely unreasonable on numerous accounts.  

But the People are powerless to resist the powers that be.

Sounds familiar? USA redux!

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