Tuesday, September 3, 2013

13-09-03 Rabin's assassination - Judge Dan Arbel - where it all comes together...

Judge (retired) Dan Arbel of the Tel Aviv District Court.

Judge (retired) Dan Arbel of the Tel Aviv District Court. presided over the trial of Yigal Amir - purported assassin of Rabin - and therefore was in charge of producing the official, judicially sanctioned narrative.

According to the Hebrew Wikipedia, Dan Arbel, now retired (works as a high end arbitrator) served as a Magistrate Court Judge, then District Judge, and finally as Director of the Office of Administration of the Courts (1998-2004).

The Human Rights Alert (NGO) reports show the central role of the offices of Administration of Courts in California, in the US, and in Israel, in corruption of the courts through the implementation of large-scale fraud in the electronic record systems of the courts and through underming the authority and responsibilities of the clerks of the courts.

The Human Rights Alert (NGO) report on Israel, was incorporated into the UN Human Rights Council Periodic Review of Human Rights in Israel (2013) with the note: "lack of integrity in the electronic records of the supreme court, the district courts and the detainees courts in Israel".  The report points out to 2002 as a critical year in this process.

Dan Arbel was Director of the office of Administration of the courts on that year!

In short: Dan Arbel was a key figure in the group that compromised the executive in 1995 - through the assassination of Yitzhaq Rabin, and again a key figure in the group that compromised the electronic records of the Supreme Court in 2002 (which involved, according to a third party police complaint - the murder of Chief Clerk of the Supreme Court Shmaryahu Cohen).

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