Tuesday, September 3, 2013

13-09-03 Rabin assassination - footnotes

1) One of the main proponants of the alternative narratives was no other than highly respected, mainstream, Tel Aviv University history professor Michael Harsgor (1924-2011)

2) Most view the assassination of Rabin and its outcomes primarily in the area of Israeli-Palestinian relations. In constrast, I view it as the start of a Robber Baron Period in Israel.  Over the next 15 years, poverty levels doubled, homelessness soared, while the economy was experiencing heatly growing. Today, there is no real middle class in Israel.  A recent routine poll shows that 70% of adult Israelis would not be able to handle unexpected NIS 8000 expense. (roughly USD 2,000).  An OECD report says that today, income and asset distribution in Israel does not match the pattern of democratic regimes...

3) The Tel Aviv District Court and the Israeli Supreme Court were central to the cover up through the official narrative.  For example, key part of the evidence in the trial consisted of medical reports.  The signed medical reports did not match the official, judicially sanctioned narrative.  But the court accepted as evidence unsigned, draft medical reports in handwriting with parts crossed off... (e.g. - the final medical report notes that Rabin was shot in the chest.  The amateur video of the purported assassination shows that confessed assassin pointing the gun at Rabinś back...)
The Tel Aviv District Court today is a key organ in robbing the people of Israel, through the conduct of sham process in major corporate finanical defaults (Haircuts).  The general  pattern in such cases is taking care of the interests of tycoons and large corporations, while leaving small investors high and dry.  The pattern, regarding compromise of the courts, is similar to that in the United States.  Once the judges are coopted and compromised for "state security", there is no way to keep them honest in financial matters, where they are likely to be beneficiaries...

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